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To begin downloading the APK file of Score! Match 1.44 ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of Score! Match move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Score! Match is better compared to other free Sports game and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Score! Match "1.44". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Score! Match on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Score! Match 1.44.

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The Road to GLORY awaits! From the award winning makers of Score! Hero & Dream League Soccer comes the real-time multiplayer soccer experience you have all been waiting for!

Dribble, pass, tackle and shoot your way to the top with Score! Match! Play YOUR way!

Recruit your friends, customise your team, choose your tactics and hone your skills.

Download and play today for FREE!
• Real-time fast-paced 1 on 1 matches against players from all over the world!
• Addictive, easy and fun Score! engine gameplay
• Advance through multiple arenas on your way to the top
• Earn packages to unlock new player types, formations, boot designs and much much more!
• Upgrade players to reach their full potential and showcase their skills on the pitch!
• Stunning 3D graphics, intelligent AI, and hundreds of unique animations
• Recruit Facebook friends to join your team!

Match, Score, WIN!
Please note: This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money.

This game requires an internet connection, and contains third party advertising.
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What's new for v1.44

Version 1.44
* Gameplay Improvements
* Bug Fixes

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Version Min Android Version Date Size Download
1.44 LatestCurrent5.0 - 9September 26, 201891MB
1.435.0 - 9September 20, 201891MB
1.425.0 - 9September 12, 201891MB
1.315.0 - 8.1July 26, 201892.9MB
1.105.0 - 8.1May 21, 201891.7MB

Reviews on Score! Match

I got slide tackled 11 times in one match. In a tournament qualifier, all three people i ran into were arena six with level 7 and 8 players. I'm arena three. You get punished for doing good with bad players. It also forces you, instead of running up farther, to take half field shots with about a 1/25 chance of going in. Total mess. Players don't jump and randomly stop going for the ball. The matchmaking is literally the worst in any game I have ever played, Events are a joke.
A Google user
Fun and addicting game. However, you better have a lot of patience and be ok with losing. You have little control over your players and their movement or effort. With that said if the game wants you to lose, you're going to lose. Some games your players are Pros other games they play like a Recreation soccer team. In addition you better be willing to spend some real money to buy packages otherwise your just target practice for the players who do spend money or have game friends who share players
Kristopher Leach
was a great game but now way too difficult due to the fact your players run away from the ball, you cant see where the opposition are passing because of the screen viewability. Cup games are way too difficult im only on level 6 but keep getting level 8 players. Could still be a great game but the developers need to iron out a fee issues. Not everyone has 100's ££££ to spend on games which you need if you want a team capable of competing in the matches....
kobi Randall
Sick of being stuck in area 6 of the game. getting no where with it. I pretty much feel that I got pay to buy gems to then get a bunch of Diamond Packages to upgrade most of my players. Needs sorted! Ideas for the game: It should be free to play with your friends without having to use gems. Trade players with friends or other people. Would be a cool feature to try sell and buy players using cash and gems. Either Longer game time like 5 mins or make a 5 goal max. Co op matches with friends.
Alexander Robertson
The game is a joke, it would be a great game if it wasn't for the let down of the connection problems constantly, forcing me to lose the game even though i was winning. Before anything is said about my connection. I am running a fast, working, reliable wi-fi and never have any problems with any other game but this one. The sooner you fix this, i would gladly rate 5 star. As for now i don't believe it even deserves one star.
Jay Green
《1》Everything is determined by the system. If the system don't want you to win, you will hardly to win the game. If the system wants to do penalty, both teams will never score a goal 《2》Tackle PLAYER -> NO FOUL. But tackle the BALL -> FOUL. 《3》Ball is in front of the player -> Player: 'Ah its okay, no want asks me to get the ball' 《4》I don't know why this is the only game that often LAG on my phone (Samsung Note 9) 《5》While the soccer player dribble the ball, they stupid-ly face and bump enemy.
Alvin Naldo Grady
game has become much stable. Still the hardest thing is to earn gems and there is no way to exchange game currency with gems. I have played more than 7000 matches and have accumulated 5 million game currency but still they are useless. please either put an option to exchange game money with gems or reduce the money and increase the gems in prizes and in crates.
Laxman Kumar Hembram
game play is lame and depends on luck, so many bugs that need fixing , worst football game ever .... and they created emojis so everyone can try to piss off his opponents instead of the fair play... OH and one more thing , you're playing against bots mostly not real people so they make sure you lose some points trigger you to play more and win what you lost.
Ahmed Alaa
Theres bugs where you get fouled and theres no flag called or when your player begins a pass from offsides and then crosses the line but they still call you offsides. And the Final Kick shouldnt end with a pass to a volley / header.. It should stay in play so long as the ball doesnt touch the ground. Its a fun game but could be so much better than it is today. Needs work 3/5 stars
JaminPDX Santana
Not happy with last update - too much advantage for attackers. So easy for attacker to run behind the defence line. And still hammer and commander could jump over 3 players and score header after corner. Defender if not selected to slide will not try to do anything to stop attack. I was really hoping to see game developing in better way.
Ivan Novakovic
THIS GAME SUCKS!!! The game is fun at the start, but as you grow and improve the game play just gets stupid. The AI is pathetic. The players run from balls, dont go after free balls, and just suck. I played up to level 4 and will now delete the game. SUCKS!!!!
Kirk Young
good tackles always end up with a foul or a penalty, players run away from the ball and players will just keeping running and running untill tackled at times it just get frustrating to the point where you dont want to play. needs fixing. also attackers will be unmarked but instead of running towards goal there run away from it also very annoying.
JordyNFFC 23
how is it possible to lose 9 out of 10 games for weeks. my players run into trouble. my strikers don't run into space or onto passes. I had R50K buks at one point, now I've had nothing for weeks. Literally. deleting the app because it's just boring to play now.
Scott Wilkins
bad 2/5 i rate it. strikers dribbling away from 18 yards instead of tappingthe ball in the net. haaibo! 2min game time its fine but let it not be concluded by who scores 2 goals first. you deprive us draw opportunity in that way. if can have extratime it will be more fun. an option of half time to sub the players and change formation would be appreciated. Fix the tackles that referee don't call, this pathetic. M
Jim Tau
I love this game and thus I have some suggestions and feedbacks Feedback 1:- Their is a problem in your game A. I.that whenever corners are taken our team players standing on goal poles don't react or even try to guard the ball, they just stand just to give reality.. Kindly improve this. Feedback 2:- When our team players are selected to tackle, many a time it happened that their tackle was way too early and too far or too soon and too far.. Suggestion :- If we could see live matches of events.
Divyansh Chauhan
this game is stupid. The developer doesnt even know how football is played. 1. The player is given a specific radius and angle where he can pass but there are several other spaces he can pass and other players can score. 2. after the ball is defended by the opposition the player doesnt go for the ball he just falls back. 3. Same team players just bang each other and lose possession.
Pranav Ajgaonkar
1.AIs are dumb, they run away from ball. even if they're closest to the ball. 2.Minimal pass options which doesn't make sense 3.tournaments are broken now with expensive entry fee & new ranking brackets. after a arena 5 its pretty much pay to win love the concept of the game though. I had high hopes after playing Score Hero
A Google user
This game is a pay to win game. It is based off of rng and luck. The AI is also terrible as they are so predictable and are the cause of most of the goals being scored.. for and against. Given that FTG is a high quality developer, I expected more from them
GianMarco Parente
great game,but you should involve: 1.extra time with 1 minute 2.possibility for playing 3,or 2x2 minutes game. 3.possibility for customizing your other players,so all teams will not be filled with same players. 4.loading screen with opponent formation wich shows player levels 5.Less fauls when its need just to kick the ball far from opponent which tackling(even if is kicked into the crowd).
Sasa R
Third class game. all are fixed. Who will win match is not decided by you or your skill it is decided by game consoles. It's a simple to understand during game you wouldn't decide to give pass its decided by console.. Please don't play this game its not gaming its only gambling...
A Google user
No way to contact support or submit feedback. Every game is pre determined, especially if you give bad feedback, so goodluck. Seems the game is very inconsistent. Players wont pass sometimes and run into players and others times have all the space and time in the world and try to pass. Game needs to include a 'when to pass' button.
James Dickens
You should increase the goal scoring capacity you should be able to score as many goals as possible. Also increase the time limit to like four or five minutes or more include more players in corners in good positions and increase the number of players in crossing/long free kick situations and add left and right corner to roles and long free kick and left and right long and short and then you should be able to change your player stronger foot you should be able to pick any position you wantatfirst
Olu Olufemi
I like this game its addictive and fun but there is issuse I hope u fix soon. first one is the ads about 60% of the time it stops and the game just hang there. Sec &this is V.I. for this game to be realistic the players mustnt be so dump &act like a tool. for ex: the speedster mustnt just run like an idiot untill he loses the ball& the guard must have high jumps, quick respone &speed &mustn't abandoned his place.&it isnt fair to play vs Lv.8&9 w I still Lv.5&6 bc I'm nt in full control of players
Ahmad Sadek
the most inconsistent app game i ever played. where the RATING of your characters does not even matter. your opponent skill to draw a line to the goal can out weight the skilled and money you inversted to each characters to defend your opponent or even to score. an example of my opponent is easly 15 yards from the box he kicks for the final kick my goalie literally watches the ball go straight at him amd right before i think he gonna grab it he literally moves out the way for a goal, I LOST
A Google user
The game's idea is interesting, but the execution is dumb af🤣 It does stupid things like forcing you to pass to an offside player (with no other option) or score towards a quarter of the entire goal's width. sometimes your striker is past every opponent's defenders; stops, turns & forces you to pass backwards. Also, it's like I'm playing with an AI; my players don't react same as opponent's players (tackling, jumping or sliding to intercept, & when they slide they almost always lose the ball).
Ton Emanym
Good game but could be better. Restrictions on passing angles should be removed to open up more options. There are times when players are open but it doesn't allow you to make a pass. Also if your matched up against a higher ranked player you have no chance of winning.
i would've given a -3, had it been possible. tbh one of the worst games, the players just don't move around, it doesn't even function properly. they would just go on running in the field, get tackled and possession goes to the other team. really dissapointed
naruto luffy
Love this game, but lags madly in Note 9. Once I got used to the controls I really enjoyed it, upgraded to the Note 9 and send once or twice every second the game freezes. Uninstalled, reinstalled, nothing. Developer, help?
Mario Gravina
vvvvvvbbbjvvvx a few of my life has breathed a sigh of relief and healing and any attachment to get a chance to look into getting a new one and only then can you please send me a call from X myfghgbhhhggt a few etc and then delete and notify us by telephone or email me a call from a virus-free to get back in time and money to get a chance to look at your convenience to discuss my qualifications in greater depth to get a chance to get to see you soon and will have limited internet access and use t
A Google user
Since the latest update you have scored an own goal. This game used to be good fun but now you've changed it so you have to spend to be able to do anything. Players pass to nothing now and dont expect your strikers to challenge.
Alan Mcphail
Good game and very addicting. However, there are a lot of connection issues. It results in either my game reconnecting or my opponent reconnecting which makes me believe it's a server issue
Tyrus Govender
(the game's great but this new update just isn't happening.. it downloads the data and starts allover again.. maybe its just my device.. I'm using honor play by the way. please help developers.) Issue resolved.
A Google user
Game is terrible. I require refund for wasted hours of my life through which I tried to find atleast one thing this game does well. Answer is none. Avoid this mess like it is radiation zone.
This game is pretty dope. I think u should make it so after the two minutes u can decide whether to play an extra min or shootout, after go to shoot out if nothin. And make hammer have more clearance he getting mossed by little ass dudes.
Anthony Silveira
A paid to win game. The higher you climb the more obvious between AI and human players. Opp team's sliding tackles is 98% successful, players auto challenge for balls when they are close whereas my team players wont react or running ard like monkeys even when no players are activated to close in. i could get matched up with a lower ranked "player" with 4, 5, 6 levers players higher than mine on the field. I did spend to support. But the more I lost.
Gary Wee
Trash since upds. Fails to load most of the time. Player's running half of the pitch and runs over the line without being challenged to give a goal kick. This game is a fix. Fix=money
lee pike
I have never seen a IA that study in all video/mobile game history. They are always doing the wrong choices, that's terrible. Don't download it unless you're the calmest person on earth. Garbage. THIS SUCKS
Thibaud Rahire
I originally gave this game a higher score but after playing for a while i can say definitely do not play this absolute piece of garbage ,do not waste your time ,the game has absolutely nothing to do with skill or even the stats of your players, every matches result is clearly determined by the system , for example some matches it will be impossible to go forwards and even shoot while your opposition can always have someone in acers of space waiting for a 60 yard pass to score a goal, pathetic
Wayne Rubery
Awesome!!! must add injury for players, so gamer need to switch player. Add yellow and redcard. Home match and away match for events mode, so gamer can apply different formation.
Rustam Yu
It's fun to play really BUT a few things: First of all, the keeper seems to be always bad. Also offside doesn't seem to work properly at all times. These two things combined really give the attacking team an adventage that's way bigger than it should be! Fix this and it'll be five stars :)
Thomas Kuijpers