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Last Day on Earth: SurvivalLatest Version 1.11 for Android

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Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots
Last Day on Earth: Survival screenshots


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But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is better compared to other free Action game and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Last Day on Earth: Survival "1.11". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Last Day on Earth: Survival on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.11.

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The survival shooter Last Day on Earth is set in a post apocalyptic world: in 2027 the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race. And it didn’t stop there. All those dead started turning into zombies and those few survivors that have resistance in their blood are trying to survive on the ruins of the once great world.

And now the survival of your character is only in your power! Keep an eye on your character’s life stats such as hunger and thirst, collect valuable resources for crafting, create weapons and transport of different types or use what you have at hand: a bat or a road sign. Everything will come in handy for killing dozens... hundreds…thousands of zombies!

Defeat intruders to your land not only with your power but also cunning – construct fortifications with traps or go raid other survivors’ territories for the sake of rare loot and resources. After all people can do anything to survive.

Hardcore fans will have plenty to do in tough seasonal locations. Before going to a desperate trip, equip your survivor with the most crushing weapon to hunt wild animals and destroy crowds of mutated zombies. One can reach seasonal location on a transport that’s available for crafting. Moreover if you pass the wall on the west of the map you will enter an online location where with a special costume on, you will be able to interact with other players.

Explore the large and deep-laid world of Last Day on Earth! Upgrade your hero, equip your house, loot abandoned territories, hunt wild animals and other survivors – the new world has new rules.

Will you survive in conditions like these? If so, what price are you ready to pay?

What's new for v1.11

— New event! It is accessible for survivors of level 7 and higher. We prepared everything you’ll need - we crafted snowmobiles, brought snow, built the track.
— Everyone loves gifts! Santa zombie have run through all locations and scattered magic boxes for all those who have been nice this year.
— You can set up a Christmas Tree and get gifts every day.
— New zombie types. For killing some of them you’ll get ornaments that can be changed for Christmas food, clothes and flare guns.

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1.11 LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 9December 3, 201869.8MB, 4.1.1 - 9November 15, 201868MB

Reviews on Last Day on Earth: Survival

Very nice crafting system - it could be something like crafting skills tree, but it's not bad as it is now. Need some balance in the game. Zombies are scaling much more than your items - some of them do almost no damage to you, some of them can almost onehit you. Also, usually you put almost all loot to craft new armors, because they wear down so fast. Need some more interaction with other players - it almost does not feel like it's online game. But overall the idea of game is nice.
Mantas Smičius
Hi, Mantas! Thank you for your attention to the game. We'll definitely pass on your ideas to our developers - it will help us to improve the game. We're working on multiplayer. Already, you can join the clan and visit Sector 7 with your friends. Stay with us - it will be interesting ;)
I love this game!!! You know you it says you have to buy a puppy in real life? But I really did not! I found a person. A real life one. Then we killed each other and I got a puppy! But haha I have to reach level 10 to reach the dog crate! So yah. Im catching up! Im just worried that the zombies are gonna kill me about 20 or 19 hours! Hahaha! Dont believe the other players they just want to bully you! So have fun with the game! Enjoy!
A Google user
Hello! Thanks a lot for your review and high rating. You're right - puppies can be found at locations. If you'll develop your own strategy, you'll become a successful zombie-fighter ;) And if you need our help - we're always waiting for you at the Support section in the game settings. Good luck!
AMAZING! This game is so challenging yet so fun. Everytime I die, I want to scream my head off, which is an excellent thing to achive in a game. However, I wish that more things grew in your base, and more random animals/ zombies get there aswell. But, the one main flaw is...........DOGS! Not them in general, but how you cant interact. I can't play with them, train them, or do anything! I wish dogs were more interactive. Despite that, this game is definetly one I'll play for several years.
Hello! We thank you for the high rating and your interest to the game. We'll share your suggestions with our development team. It will be very helpful for us ;) Stay in touch, there are a lot of amazing adventures ahead!
The graphics are good. I am quite impressed. Btw I hope this game will be a lot more better. This game is really addictive. I wish this will be PVP soon. I've been playing this game since late 2017 but unfortunately I uninstalled the app so my account got deleted. But that's because it is my fault. Thats all. Thank you for this awesome game I was disappointed because I used to store items on a survivor's house near the oak bushes, but when the game updated my items are gone. Sad
A Google user
Hello! Thank you for your high rating and kind words. Contact our team by tapping Support button in the game settings. Tell us more about your situation with items and your problem with the account. We'll try to help!
I started playing this game as I found the graphics nice and seemed interesting. But this game is impossible to just play if you don't pay. Ressources to upgrade are ridiculous to get if you just try to play fair. Armor and weapons quickly break, the horde forces you to rebuild again and advancing to a higher tier is ridiculous. I went all the way to lvl 40 but I cannot build anything of that level, making this game only a "pay to play". A trap for those that want to grow on their own. Uninstall
Dragos Cacio
I'm not a fan of MMORPG games but I think this is one of the best MMORPG game I've ever played. Challenging and unique style of gameplay perfect for some hardcore gamers like me. Been playing this for a year and I'm still expecting for some new, cool and surprising updates. The only concern that I want to raise is the mod players who disrupt the fair flow of the game. Hope you give them more attention and proper action to make the game much better. Anyways good job Kefir for making this game.😆
Joshua Tagayun
Hi, Joshua! Thanks a lot for the feedback and kind words ^__^ We'll send your opinion to our developers, our game becomes better because of attention of such players like you. Stay with us!
EDITED SINCE DEVELOPER'S REPLY: BEWARE OF THIS GAME. If you intend to spend actual money to purchase the full version of this game, BE AWARE that this "full version" you're purchasing is only a 30 day trial, or if you hit level 60, whichever comes first. Once that's up, your purchase is literally worthless as the game reverts back to the same version as any non paid player. I'm not sure why, or even how the developer gets away with that, but if I can help a couple people save their $, then great
Mark Newsome
Hello, Mark! The Survival Guide disappears once you complete 60 levels or if the timer for 30 days runs out. But if you're sure that you have time left, send us a message at our tech support section in the game settings! We'll be glad to help you!
Had this game for about a year, it never improved. Extremely low return for money and time invested, and I have no further desire to continue. Much better alternatives out there that actually reward f2p players, respond to complaints, and have better community interactions and bonuses. Just wanted to put this out there before I uninstall. Kefir is garbage.
Truly a unique approach to MMORPG and I love it! Wish I could the developers give them all a huge hug! This is as close to the game I've been waiting my ife to play as I may ever see. It has enough single person challenge to keep you occupied for months building up your base and character. You can get slammed by the HORDE at any time. Not to mention Raids from other players once you start striking out on your own.. Balanced fighting zones keep the game interesting for everyone!
Leigh Hodorek
Hello! We thank you for your detailed review and high rating. We're giving a huge hug to all our survivors, we love you all <3 We're very glad that you like the game so much! If you have suggestions or questions for us, you'll easily find us at the Support section in the game settings. Have a nice day!
honestly a decent game for what it is. i was enjoying it until i realized just how big of a pay to win gap there is. To basically advance you need to attack the hardest part of the game(alpha bunker) and hope you find the loot you need to craft. if you are a free player you might have like 3-4 pistols you found and some melee weapons. which isnt enough to get to where the good loot is in the bunker. so its almost impossible. if you paid you have a bunch of machine guns and its easy.
Ryan Sweeney
Hello! We understand that weapons are difficult to find. Especially when it comes to firearms. But you may easily find weapons during various events (Crashed Plane, Destroyed Convoy, etc.). But it should not be understood that Bunker Alpha is the only location that contain valuable resources. Don't forget to pay attention to PD and Farm! Good luck!
Great game. Lots of different locations to fight zombies and collect materials to build a huge variety of things. When you die you revive back at home but you lose whatever you die with, but its easy to build back up and be right back where you were. In game purchases are inexpensive for the most part. It has a realistic post apocalyptic view from an alone survivor but not so intense that it takes the fun out of just running around collecting and getting new equipment.
Dane Thorpe
Hello! Thanks a lot for your kind and detailed review. We're planning to add a lot of new content in the game - visit our communities to know more about our development plans. A lot of new events and locations have been added, try it by yourself and have fun :) Stay in touch!
Good stuff. Keep it up. Been playing for about 5-6 months now and have nothing bit good things to say about this game. Updates have been great and gameplay is really fun. I dont normally spend money on mobile games but i just did tdy with this one. I know it helps the devs and honestly they deserve it. As i said before, keep up the good work kefir. Changed rating from 4 to 5 stars and will most likely spend a little more in the future. Thanks
A Google user
Hello! Thank you very-very much for your kind and detailed review ^__^ We're glad that you're surviving with us. Our team is constantly working on the game in order to make it more interesting for all our players. If you have suggestions or need our help - you'll easily find us at the Support section in the game settings. Stay in touch!
I love this game, but I had to reduce the rating. I undersrand that developers need money. I am a developer as well. However, what is going on with the dogs is ridicolous. I have already paid a fortune still I am getting nowhere. The gender of the puppies are clearly not fair, not 50-50%. I can't see the reason to play on if all the dogs on the same level are one gender all the time. If I am paying, I want to enjoy the game, but what I get is more and more and frustration. And nonsense answer ;)
Béla Pál Marin
Hello! Thanks for your comment. In order to get a dog with a higher rank, you have to crossbreed two dogs of the same rank. For example, by breeding two dogs of the second rank you have a chance to get a puppy of the third rank. Explore the locations more often and you'll find a lot of dogs. We wish you good luck ;)
I liked it the first time I played around and until I levelled up. It's kind of like a nice rpg. But, after you level up a bit, you want more. Better weapons, armor, equipment etc. That really requires fast movement across the map many times i.e a bike. Which you can't build without paying money (realistically). OR you're stuck grinding and collecting the basic stuff. That broke the game. Hope you guys fix it in the final release.
kanu mitra
Hi! You can find weapons by exploring the locations and don't forget about air drop and trader ;) Chopper parts are rare items, but it's possible to find them, a lot of players have already finished their choppers! If you have ideas for us, we'll be glad to get them at the Support section in the game settings. Stay tuned!
One of my favorite games out. Would be way better if more items were available. Any reason why the game is still beta? Or why i cant craft the higher level things? How do i know which items are in the game already and which ones im wasting my time looking for. Also another survival guide or something of the sort should be added. Thanks guys keep up the good work and PLEASE and all items😭😭😭
Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words ^__^ We're planning to a lot of new game content in the next updates. Visit our communities to know more information about our development plans. Stay tuned!
I have many ideas! I think the next step to this game may be an advancement in multiplayer. To be able to survive with a friend and help each other grind. A vehicle such as a boat to access locations surrounded by water. Maybe form a party of friends to go on missions together such as surviving hordes of zombies to gain more rewards, with the option of keeping your current reward or continuing another round for better loot, with the risk of dieing and losing the loot u previously had.
Hector Jose Santana
great. First off, it is a revolutionary gane for the mobile industry. It's like an actual game, you have to spend time, and you have to conserve that time using many tactics. The looting system is just about perfect. obviously its pay to win, only way to make a game have profit. only knock i have on the game. I love the bunker system, and especially the raidung system where sometimes you can raid a person. but unless you talk to the raider, you're raiding A.I. so i feel less bad about raids.
Max 43
Me and my brother play this game and we love to play. I think it takes too long to build things like the radio tower. I think its kinda pointless to have levels for it. I think that some of the zombies need to be more balanced and it should be easier to find guns. But my least favorite part is the dogs. oh my gosh the dogs are the worst. All I want is to have a dog that can roam around with me. But I need to breed 16 dogs to get one that actually gets true friend. No joke after all the time feeding them and accumulating puppies. And then at rank four I don't even get a pet dog I can bring with me. It aggravates me. And then I have to do the whole thing over again to get another chance at getting one. I think your advertising is misleading by saying have a buddy join you. Overall I love the game but these tweaks would make it so much more fun and I talked to other people that play and they agree totally.
Sam Moessing
This game is the best. I am only playing this, ONLY. Hope the next update is coming soon!! Before it lagged a bit or sometimes there can be funny moments when my husband disappeared last night at his base lol. This stays the best game ever. Kefir you must not stop with this game. I am sending the links to everyone I know because if I could give more than five stars I would. People who is not playing this game does not know what they are missing. Fantastic game !!! :) If you ever wonder what is addiction this is one of those, but a good addiction. :)
Monica Coetzee
The game itself is fun & entertaining. My main issues, & why I'm putting 3 stars, is the crafting & energy costs. In the recent update they spread out places so they now cost more energy. I play the game a lot so that lessens playtime & you can only watch ads so many times until it costs coins (only 15 energy per video). Less than 20 minutes ago, I had placed my ATV so I could start building, but it is outrageously expensive. 500 scrap metal, 320 bolts, 200 engine parts, etc.
Rinny Rin
Hello! Thanks a lot for your review. Energy is the part of the game process. You can replenish it with ads, healer and energy drinks. ATV needs a lot of parts, but it's not a little vehicle ;) In next updates we're planning to add ATV in the game. Stay tuned!
Great and fun game, one big problem though. Every time I open the build option on my base my game gets stuck. I can't build, close out of building, move my view, anything. Sometimes I'll be able to place a wall or remove something before it freezes up, but after that I have to close the game and restart it. Even then it continues to do it again and again. repairing after a hoard takes over a dozen trys. Again great game but please fix.
Kylle Arnold
Hard-core fact: This game is a HUGE, HUGE time and money sink and not rewarding enough. If you decide to spend your hard earned real money the time sink is still very large. Stay away from this game unless you do not value your time and RL money. I purchased the extension and still you basically have a tiny bit of progress. Just a few (Breakable) items for reward for spending your RL cash. The only thing that goes fast is the decay of your items (which you buy in store.. Go figure). Uninstalled!
Arnaud Oz
Hello! We understand your disappointment! Sometimes our game may be challenging. We'll definitely share your emotions with our development team for further updates! If you have any ideas on what we can add or change to make our game better in future, you may share them with us here or on our official pages in social networks. Have a nice day!
i can honestly say that this game is so far THE ONLY one that i have spent a decent amount of money to get items !!!!! I have sought knowledge from youtubers!! This is the second time that i have downloaded this game. its staging this time!!!! i wish there were a way to earn FREE gold. GREAT GAME!!!!. I actually get nervous when doing certain missions from fear of dying. lol!!!!
John Jackson
Been playing LDOE for 4 months. my only complaint that I don't feel as though the boxes are actually random. the free one NEVER lands on anything of value. the boxes I have purchased didn't really help me out too much either. I don't mind buying items for this game but only if it's worth it and I feel kinda cheated honestly... :(
Buttered Rollz
"UPDATE" great game. best that I Have seen in the google play store. However at the higher levels the game becomes to difficult to be fun. you can not retreive your stuff if your killed in a yellow or red area. it is way to time consuming to gather the resources nessesary to build weapons and clothes just to have them to vanish in a blink. this game comes very close to being the best game of its type.
A Google user
Hello there! We understand your emotions, but in the cruel world of survival you can lose all your belongings after the death of a character. But it doesn't always happen and not at all locations. If you have ideas for us, we're always glad to talk at the Support section in the game settings. Have a good game and stay tuned ;)
Game has a lot of potential. Crippled by the pay to win game play. No grace period for new players. Constant "connectivity issues." If you're killed, you lose everything with no way to retrieve it. Can't carry much with you so you spend a lot of time running back to base. Can't build defenses or good weapons til a high level. Even with full game unlocked, you're still expected to pay to win. Graphics are tight tho.
Bria Bee
Hello! Thanks for feedback! Sometimes our game may be challenging. We'll definitely share your emotions with our development team for further updates and continue to work on improving the game. We hope you will be satisfied with our further updates more! You may also share your ideas with our developers in our official communities. Good luck!
Please add an update where you can retrieve your loot when you die in either of the forests. Also this is just the best moblie game there is when coming to time consuming. Great on graphics, challenging, and fun. The only reason you should make an loot retriving system in the forests because I lost my only tacticle backpack and I can never get back what I lost. :((((((((
A Google user
This game is great! I played this once on vacation, just to try it out and I got hooked. I ended up getting rid of it and downloading it again so I can play with my cousin, but we found out we can't add each other until we get the radio lol. We have been having fun, but, of course, there are problems with it. I think this game is a good 4 star level, but the weapon/armor durability sucks, and I've died and lost my stuff without a chance to get it more than once. Otherwise, great game!
Happy Dragneel
Hi! Thanks for your kind review. Don't forget about gunsmith's bench - it will help you to improve your weapons. And you can always find more durable clothes in the craft menu. We understand your emotions, but you can lose all your items after the character's death - these are the cruel rules of survival. Be on alert and stay in touch :)
Incredible game and I love it, it reminds me "The Last Of Us" on playstation totally impressive and addictive. And im gonna play till you decide to delete it. but I'm encountering an issue since yesterday night for about 3 days I've been playing now... I'm running the app on an galaxy s9+; internet connection in point (I'm able to watch videos on YouTube, do other stuff) still does not work. and after being loaded, they mention that warning message. PLEASE!!! help me fix this🥺
Benaja Atchie
Hello! Thanks you for your kind review ^__^ We're glad that you're with us! If there are no problems with your Internet-connection and your device has enough of free space (200 Mb), but this issue still occurs, tell us more here https://kefirgames.helpshift.com/a/last-day-on-earth/?p=all&l=en&contact=1&s=how-to-contact-us&f=how-to-contact-us
I love this game since it was literally the first mobile game I've ever played that actually let's you move around but, yeah occasionally the game makes me salty. It has its funny moments and bad moments like when I was at the farm, I was one shot by something invisible when my health was at a 110 at the time. I had army clothes and that happened. Just was shocked, questioning what happened. Salty moments, being cornered by something and gets killed by a boss. Happens at the police station.
Mei Tsubaki
I used to love this game a day ago. I had to remove the app . I tried reinstalling it it was completely done then I can't find it back here I am and it says to install like I didn't just wait 10 min doing this again. Update it is working exquisitely now. I thank the editor and creators your hard work is gratuitous for us to enjoy.
no way
Hello! If you can’t download the app, try following these steps: make sure that the device has enough free space. Check your Internet connection. Force stop Play Market and clear the cache. Update Google Play Market. Restart the device. If the problem still occurs, contact us at our support website kefirgames.helpshift.com/a/last-day-on-earth
Most probably the worst servers. I desperately wanted to play but everytime it loses connection. I have a 4G connection of Vodafone. My device has 2 gb ram and enough space yet this sucks.Moreover I use a vpn. I have no issue with the graphics but at least we should be allowed to play. I tried every server but nothing works. Therefore I request the developers to have a look on my problem and solve it ASAP.
Irshad Ahmad
Hello! We are sorry to hear that! If you have any connection errors, but your Internet connection is fast and stable, please write to our tech support at: kefirgames.helpshift.com/a/last-day-on-earth. We will try to sort your problem out as soon as possible!
awesome game so far. works perfectly on my google pixel 3xl. its very close to h1z1. satiates my thirst for waiting on dead matter. the only reason im giving it a 4 star rating is because of micro-transactions. but that seems to be the norm for mobile games. overall not bad game for a mobile platform. also ai players are a joke. and same with real players at this level. but that'll probably change at higher levels. only level 27 at the moment.
Donovan K
Hello! Thanks a lot for your kind words about the game. All items and materials can be found in the game or crafted by yourself. Visit to the game store can only help you to speed up this process. Survival isn't easy, but everything is possible with a good strategy ;) Stay with us!
if you want to constantly feel like you need to spend money to get ahead then this game is meant for you. besides the constant feeling of needing to be a pay to win person and the 900 different ways you die from almost everything being stronger than you in the beginning the game wouldnt be so bad. The gameplay is nice but is completely unbalanced and lacks the occasional good times where it makes you want to keep playing. all in all you would get more enjoyment from eating paint chips.
Cody Voss
Hello, Cody! All materials and items can be found in the game or crafted by yourself, a visit to the game store only helps to speed up the process. When you are looking for rare items or tools, try searching red wood and stone locations, the Bunker Alfa, the Crooked Creek Farm, Floppy with Coordinates locations, etc. Have a good loot!
This game has a great concept, and is a great game over all. However, it pretty much requires you to have a gun to get things that you need besides basic survival, and if you think you can just a get a gun, besides a pistol with a few bullets, good luck. The game play is over complicated and extemely frustrating. There needs to be another way to advance besides spending money. Right now, its just another game that requires money to do anything past a certain level.
Jackie Alderman
Hi! You can find all items in the game or craft them by yourself, visit to the game store can only help to speed up this process. We really love your ideas and be glad to share them with our developers. If you'll have another suggestions for us, send us a message at the Support section in the game settings. Have a good game :)
Kinda better than a ~year ago, but still too many illogical decisions made. Like the focus on making events appear when you are low on energy, spawning events too far away to reach with your current energy, spawning relatively close, but setting the time until it disappears to 5 minutes or lower to force you to use energy. Unnecessarily hard recipes, steel bar for example needs iron bar, aluminium bar, copper bar AND coal even through iron and coal are the logical recipe. Why? To make it unnecessarily hard of course, to push you into staying at the lower gear. Even though the armor isn't much better than the previous tier armor, it requires considerably more rare materials. You are in a way directed to stay at the lower level instead of getting better. Why? You need to BUY the better armor from the shop! Why? To earn more, for less work. The game is in development for too long. YOU can't honestly expect to have the game in development for so long and not to enrage the people who bought those items from the shop at THOSE prices. The money grab is obvious to me, but make the gameplay more enjoyable, everyone is suffering from those greedy choices made in the development. 3 stars.
Always loved this game. My all time best ever played. Wish i could recover my old account from the first release but it has improved since then so im ok with starting fresh. Awsome job on this platform. Simply the best most inovative game hands down! Even with its minor flaws nothing compares to it. Extrodinary job Kefir! Keep up the great work! Should be number #1 Google Play game of all time! Simply the BEST! DEJIN
A Google user
Hello! Thanks a lot for being with us ^__^ We're working on the game and trying to make the game more comfortable for all our players. Tell us in details about your problem with your account by tapping Support button in the game settings. Stay tuned!
once you die you lose everything not in a box. I used my box sparingly so I ended up with no gear and no way to defend myself and was unable to do anything without dying. every time I would go to the same forest with the same wolf's and roaming zombies, they would swarm me well I look for stuff, and then I die. it's the same thing each time. I will keep trying though dangit! and once I get back on my feet, I will succeed!
Melonylynn Kaylor
Hello! Sometimes our game may be challenging. Could you please write us what kind of problems did you face with? Maybe we could somehow help you!
This game is overall fantastic! The graphics are amazing, The game runs smoothly (On my device at least) and the gameplay is fantastic with lots of stuff to do. I also really appreciate how it a little easier to level up in this game more then most MMORPGS. Leveling up and unlocking news things is what keeps me coming back. There is 1 Problem I have with this game, it's how rare some vehicle parts are, I still haven't been able to finish the motorcycle. That's just my opinion.
Evan Eleven
Hi, Evan! Thanks a lot for your kind review and high rating. We've simplified the craft of the chopper and increased the number of locations where you can find parts for it. Visit Bunker, Farm and other dangerous location more often. We're sure that you'll finish your chopper soon ;) Stay with us!
lovely game. i got hooked to grim souls a year back but eventually dropped it because it was taking up too much time in my life. this game is a definite improvement on it, with lots of new features. loving it so far but it d be nice if the energy replenished a li'l faster. i m sure you guys get this a lot, but its a bummer when you have to sit around and wait till the avatar hobbles to the next mission.
Oink Art