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To begin downloading the APK file of Horizon Chase - World Tour 1.6.2 ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of Horizon Chase - World Tour move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Horizon Chase - World Tour is better compared to other free Racing game and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Horizon Chase - World Tour "1.6.2". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Horizon Chase - World Tour on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Horizon Chase - World Tour 1.6.2.

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- New Hawaii Cup!
- 9 New Tracks
- 2 New Cars: Enjoy the 6 nitros(!) of Janis and the highest speed of Elite 275
- New Car Upgrade: Bodykit
- Google Cloud Implemented. Finally!

This is a PAID game, but you have the opportunity to try it before you buy. Enjoy 5 tracks and 2 cars for free to experience the "Android Excellence Game of 2017".

Horizon Chase is a love letter to all retro gaming fans. It's an addictive racing game inspired in the great hits of the 80's and 90's: Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES), Rush, among others. Each curve and each lap in Horizon Chase recreate classic arcade gameplay and offer you unbound speed limits of fun. Full throttle on and enjoy!

- Metacritic 88
- Gold Awards on Pocket Gamer
- Best Game on BIG Festival 2016
- Best Mobile Game 2015 STUFF - Nominee
- Best Brazilian Game on Brazilian Game Awards
- Best Brazilian Game on BGS by UOL Jogos
- Best Brazilian Game on BGS by IGN Brasil
- App of the Week - STUFF
- Big Indie Pitch - 3rd Place

Horizon Chase brings back the graphic context of the 16-bit generation and creates a style that is inspired in the past without letting go of its contemporaneity. The apparent polygon and secondary color aesthetic accentuate the visual beauty of the game, resulting in a unique and harmonic atmosphere. You'll feel the retro soul of the game on a completely modern body.

Horizon Chase is a race around the world. With each new cup you'll pilot your car through extraordinary places, watching the sun setting, facing rain, snow, volcanic ashes and even severe sandstorms. Be it day or night each track takes place in beautiful postcards from across the world.

Horizon Chase presents Barry Leitch, the musician behind the soundtracks of classic arcade racing games Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES) and Rush. As you play the game, you'll be hypnotized by his charming tunes that compliment the graphical ecstasy of each horizon.

- Try it before you buy: enjoy 5 tracks for free!
- Classic Arcade Gameplay
- 16-Bit Graphics Reinvented
- Barry Leitch's Soundtrack
- Challenge Your Friends
- Google Cloud Support
- 21 Unlockable Cars
- Car Upgrading
- 10 Cups, 40 Cities, 92 Tracks
- 7 Input Methods (MFi Gamepad Compatibility)

- Android TV controller and remote
- Google Nexus Player controller and remote
- Green Throttle Atlas
- NVIDIA Shield
- OUYA controller
- Samsung GP20
- Razer Serval

What's new for v1.6.2

- New Hawaii Cup
- 2 New Cars: Enjoy the 6 nitros(!) of Janis and the highest speed of Elite 275
- 9 New Tracks
- New Car Upgrade: Bodykit
- Added cross-save support with Android TV via Google Play Games
- Fixed controllers on Hawaii Cup

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1.6.2 LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 8.0September 4, 201834.1MB, 4.1.1 - 7.0March 9, 2018 27.4MB

Reviews on Horizon Chase - World Tour

There is no denying. It's Top Gear when top gear was fun. The gameplay, the music and the feel of it's speed, they are all present. Everything you can think of the game its based on, is present with a plesant 3d look. I feel anything more to the graphic would be to it's detrement and they kept it to a low detailed beautiful stylistic look. You gotta love minimilism. Absolutly a top google play game. Especially for the retrogamers out there. My hat to the team behind it. Cheers
Niyazi Dibcin
Game states that you win new cars when you come in first in all the races! After I eventually got all number ones I never got the new car! just three new levels to race on! no reward for all those hours of play! just a bunch of options that are never going to be available to me! enjoy playing the game but very disappointed in the results! I would be playing now if the deception didn't give the strong urge to post this 1 star! it's really disappointing the way any old 'SCAM ARTIST' can do this!
Gary Georgia
It's a great game that really needs more love! My only ptoblem is that I'm having input problems most of the time, especially when I try to steer. I can't exactly describe it, but my touches just wouldn't register when I try to steer, thus costing me some 1st place wins.
Beatrice Santello
The download is like a demo, where you then can get to buy the full game as an in app purchase. It's great. Buy the game and enjoy everything without any more IAPs or ads. beautiful cartoonish graphics and great soundtracks. the only reason why I give 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the external controller support only supports a limited amount of controllers. the developers should add support for more controllers. however it's a great arcade racer and the touch controllers works well.
Hans-Fredrik Vestereng
I like this game, but I miss the old 16 bit style of Top Gear (the game it's based on). The low poly environments feel a bit too whimsical for my taste. I'm disappointed by the lack of pit stops and manual gear shifting too. Other than those three gripes, though, I'm enjoying my purchase.
Samuel Andriacchi
This game would be 5 star, except I have to set my controls for every race! There must be a way to set the controls to a default setting! Otherwise, a great racer! Lots of cars, tracks and challenges to keep you racing. Well worth the investment...just fix the controls!
Jeremy Roll
This game is a lot like the arcade racers of the 90's, but the graphics are better and its really fun. When I decided to buy the game, I wasn't surr if it would be worth it. I was wrong. This game is amazing. Gameplay is great, and the graphics are post-2015 but they domt look bad. 😄
Professor Phil 1
I actually discovered this game on Steam first. I had no idea it was a mobile game lol. That being said this is the best mobile game I've ever played! I always avoid touchscreen controls like the plague, but the this game's controls are spot on and perfectly placed. The game runs very smooth on my GS7. About the game itself; if you liked Top Gear on the SNES years ago you will absolutely love this game! It pretty much is Top Gear 3. It even stars the original Top Gear music composer who also brought back some tracks from the original. I cannot recommend this game enough.
I'm rating this game low because Aquarius broke compatibility with Android TV, and gave me an odd response when I emailed them about it. It was along the lines of not knowing what to do about it. Then they pulled it from the Android TV Play store rather than fix it. I suspect it has something to do with them releasing a version of this game on other platforms where they can charge more. I was considering buying it on Steam but when they broke it on Android TV, I changed my mind. I think charging people to unlock the full game then breaking so you have to pay more for the same game on another platform is bad business! Either they fix it, or I refuse to buy another game from this publisher!
Wally McCarty
Fun, until you stumble upon a dark track that you can't even see where you're going. Use the best car to win it? Nope, car stats has minimal effect on your performance, how can an obviously slow car outrun the highest stat sports car (yes talking about the last map's bonus car). The only way to get gold on every track is pick the best handling car, save up your nitro to boost your way through the fastest car in the planet and don't ever crash (or bump your opponents as it will drastically slow you down). Do all of these in a narrow track where you can't see anything and pair it with an AI that tries to blocks you all the way. Algorithm in my opinion is bad, again car stats will not guarantee you a win, it's a matter of performance, and I'm talking about not crashing/bumping at all. Basically all the cars are faster than you, until you get to the last lap, that magically slows down all the cars so you could race the fastest, best handling car and hope not to crash midway because that guarantees you a lose. They designed this to make the game challenging, but that makes it unrealistic, your opponents' cars doesn't reflect its stats, rather it's handling and speed are controlled by the game algorithm, so your'e not trying to beat the cars, but beat the game overall.
Rol John Torralba
The game play is great and honestly addicting, like pole position but better. Would be five stars but there are some issues. The first issue is I have to change my control scheme before every race because it defaults to bluetooth controller every time a new race is started. This wouldn't really be a problem because I would prefer to use my 8bitdo n30 pro controller to play this game, however the game only supports a set few controllers for whatever reason and that is not one of them.
Ethan K.
I just hope you know how hard it is to win, whenever i try to overtake a car. I bump into his trunk and would eventually sped off, whenever i hit obstacles my car would spin for a second and will slow down it is very hard to play this game, even my friends complain, and its all because of this stupid damn game!
A Google user
Does anyone else having problem racing Chapada Diamantina bonus track in Horizon Chase !!! When i am in the lead (1st ) in the 3rd lap close to winning the bonus car, THEN.... my car automatically slowed me down for no reason (while I'm still holding down accelerate pedal - I lose my 1st place and got so annoyed I lost. It happen several times.
Justin G
absolutely fantastic game, except it doesn't remember the control scheme you specify, so every race resets to gamepad (the default) control scheme. for a mobile game, having the on-screen virtual controls NOT be the default is ridiculous. Fix this bug and it's 5 stars for sure.
Mike Wuetherick
Great fun but I'm experiencing a bug where my settings always default to Gamepad controls for each screen. I have to go into Settings at the start of each race, which is really annoying. Can't find any solution online, hopefully the devs fix this issue.
Chris Cho
Great game but something wrong with acceleration controls. Car will randomly brake while accelerator is applied, therefore losing lots of time and ruining races. It's game breaking at the moment and extremely frustrating. Will give the game five stars if this issue can be sorted.
J78 L
I am not a car racing game fan but this one got me hooked. If the developer can fix the following, it would be five stars: it constantly asking for the latest version of google game player each time, Redmi Note 4. Second: It forgets my selected track.
Aldah Masemola
Fix the bug where it forgets my controls! This is a great game but I'm forced to select my preferred controls before each race. The game constantly forgets which controls I have chosen and it defaults to a Bluetooth gamepad (which I do not have).
Major Hayden
Imo, the best arcade racer on mobile. I love the retro aesthetics and the background music is simply adrenaline pumping. There are no in app ads or micro transactions and the full version is very reasonably priced. We need a sequel!
John Smith
Seemed like a good game, my gamepad doesn't work with it. It's the 8BitDo N30 Pro, and I can't even move. All the racing games 'compatible' with controllers don't let me move either! 😢😭😡😠
A Google user
I'm pissed. It is a great game and I even purchased the paid version. But after uninstalling and then re installing some time later. Lost my saved progress and my paid version. Even when I click to recover purchases in the setup nothing happens
André Marion
This game should've been amazing, but it isn't. On the positive side, the artwork is gorgeous, the soundtrack is fun and the game itself is fast paced and breakneck. On the negative side, while the levels look good, around mid way through the game they get immensely unfair, and it becomes a chore trying to get gold. First, some levels have blind inclines and turns which ends up being a cheap way for you to crash. Second, the collision system is broken. Other cars can nudge you out of the road. Further, they will frequently turn up right in front of you, making it impossible not to collide, regardless of skill. However, collisions reduce speed immensely. This wouldn't be an issue if there were fewer cars or wider tracks, but the devs have obviously gone for the more in less route to add a challenge, which only turns out be stupid because, being an arcade racer you don't have super sensitive control. The worst bit is that I've see other cars hit me from behind, and not loose speed the way you would, if you did the same. Third, when adding weather, they've gone too far in reducing visibility. They will usually combine low visibility weather with darkness and blind turns. It gets immensely frustrating. Finally, the latter half gets really cheap with difficulty. It primarily amounts to cars bunching up in front of you offering no path to pass, and you just end ramming into them over and over, during sharp turns, resulting in enough loss of speed that getting first or second becomes at matter of luck over skill. This is especially evident in the Hawaii Cup (one of the last cups) . The hawaii Cup also has a lot of stuttering and graphical glitches. Especially one where the lead car is invisible except for the wheels, until you get close to it. In the heat of a race, this can really hard to gauge, and more often than not I end up colliding because it suddenly pops up. This is on a note 9. I really want to give this game 5 stars, the graphics are gorgeous and there are no microtransactions, with a ton of content for a one time purchase. But the difficulty in the latter half of the game has too many cheap moments, and when a game doesn't respect a player's time... It cannot be praised. Still a buy though. The first half of the game is really fun, and the second half while frustrating is still fun if you don't obsess over finishing first. For the price, there's a ton of content here.
ashutosh potharaju
great but bugs will keep you from winning. for instance. you are nearing first place when suddendly while holding the gas, the breaks come on slowing you to a stop. dont like the ai activity blocking me from a clear pass.
Mad Power
I just recently brought the game, hoping that gamepad feature would work but it isn't, i am using ipega pg 9087. Kindly work with this issue. If so i would definitely rate it with full stars.
acy miro
My pro stamps got deleted from some races even tho I have achievements for completing all races with pro stamps in that region. Fix that and I will change the rating to 5 stars, really good game except these few significant bugs. I can't 100% complete the game if I need to win same races over and over again. I don't want this to happen when I pay for a game.
Aleksandar Vukovic
I loved it but I am not getting handle it properly. How can we unlock all those levels? If you could tell those queries then it would be an excellent game for me!!! How can we unlock los angeles sequoia national park and others??? Plzzz tell the information! !!!
Gagan Basnet
Love it but bug fixing is needed when i hit someone's front it glitches me thru them,when i collect fuel,tokens and nitro i goes thru me instead of collecting them,The Elite car keeps sinking up and down,the Royal's wheel texture is incorrect and Westbound have glitching textures,the first track of the Golden temple has 2 same cars,the cars keep glitching off the track,pls fix these bugs i will give u 5 stars.
A Google user
I had purchased the full version of this game. Now I cant restore it back. Every time when I try to hit the restore to purchase version option the app crashes and nothing happens. Hope you guys can figure out the problem and help me get the full version of this game back
Gaurav Sunal
Hello, can you send more details to our support email? [email protected]
BE WARNED - This game: Does not force you to play it online; Works with your controller OOTB; Runs smoothly on low end phones; Brings a tear to me eye :'-( The only issue I've had with it is that even when using a controller, you cannot make a pop-up disappear ie when a new car is available. You have to touch the warning to make the message go away. Speaking of things this game needs, it's begging for MOAR NEW STUFF! Give us monster trucks or modern, more updated cars such as the Bugatti Veyron! Keep up the great work!
Rodolfo Ferreira
Can you please put out an update so that it works on the Shield TV again? Version 1.6.2 remains stuck on the loading screen
Awesome game that plays a lot like Outrun and older racing games from the SNES/Genesis era. The game has a modern twist which keeps it fresh and it's totally worth buying the full game. Fair warning that this game is tough as nails.
Nick Ferguson
It's so disappointed, when I know this game must purchase for continuing next many tracks but still good graphic and good amusing if not a paid game. Sorry about that.
Sangsan Nissapanan
Nice game But you didn't told that this game should be bought to play. Its just a demo. Just 4 races.
A Google user
One of a must buy game. Very well made and definitely deserves a place on your phone. Very easy to learn and great variety of race tracks with awesome musics.
I used to play this game so much on my older device and im just now remembering it. this game is amazing and seeing it has been last updated on Sept 2018, I get to re-live my experience. Easily one of the best mobile racing games if not one of the best car racing games period.
A Google user
No support for the IPEGA-PG9087 gamepad outside emulation which is not good either (No Play Store login). Otherwise good game. Great throwback to the early days of racing games.
David Waiters
awesome...I love the old school racer game done up modern like that...the graphics are amazing and gameplay is great...I hope the company that made this game makes many more like this with the same type of graphics
David Wales
I really like this game, but the limited support for gamepads is annoying though. If I could play with my ipega 9087, I would give a five star for sure.
Alyson Brito
This was the best arcade racer. But since last update it no longer works on Nvidia shield TV. I hope the devs are looking into this.
Ed Richardson
This game very hard you start from behind cant hit other car if you hit you be stop..unlock new car must be 1st place upgrade 3rd place..think before you buy
rudy henry