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Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action is better compared to other free Action game and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action "4.9.3". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action 4.9.3.

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Easy and intuitive controls: get a hang of the game from the get-go and start climbing up the ranks!
Vivid graphics and support for older devices: stunning visuals will keep you glued to the screen, while the hardware requirements remain very moderate.
Engaging PvP battles: enjoy team-based fun across numerous maps and game modes. The adrenaline-filled action never stops in GoB!
Character customization: create a unique hero by using a combination of various perks and equipment skills, and find the perfect look with hundreds of cosmetic items. Creating a flexible build for your play style is as easy as ever.
Regular updates and events: with constant content additions, new features, and colorful themed events, you’ll never be bored. This game just keeps on giving!
Pro Play Mode: eSports events with players from globally acclaimed teams. Can a mobile FPS be truly competitive? You bet!

Guns of Boom is a competitive multiplayer FPS with awesome 3D graphics and gripping gameplay. It’s so simple that your cat could learn the controls, but the skill-cap is high enough to spark the interest of competitive eSports players who’re used to extremely challenging and clutch tournament-style battles. Engage in online PvP battles on a variety of maps, utilizing different cunning tactics. Get the ultimate FPS experience with fast-paced matches that take less than 5 minutes on average. The game is on!

Notice: Please note that Google ARCore, which is used in our game, may collect and process your data: www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/

What's new for v4.9.3

Here’s what’s new in update 4.9:
• COPTER: a super profitable offer for players level 3-16!
• Rent a cool fully-animated copter that will bring you gold
• Claim gold EVERY DAY for the next 10 DAYS!
• Other fixes and improvements.

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4.9.3 LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 9December 11, 201891.3MB, 4.1.1 - 8.1October 29, 201896MB

Reviews on Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action

This is a TERRIFIC game,and I highly recommend it if you like fps games! This game is incredibly addictive,but in ALL the right ways. The fact that it is fast-paced,and with easy auto-shoot controls,all you have to do is aim and have fun! I love how quickly you learn how to play,and even if you aren't "The Best",once you get into it it doesn't even matter anymore. Just click battle,and you will be engulfed in a beautiful scene,and all worries will melt away...except for your battery charge!😂😂😉
A Google user
Hi, we would be happy to add female avatars, but such features require a lot of time and affect many sides of the game. We don't know if or when it could be implemented. But we appreciate our female players, and the game itself is developed and supported by dozens of women in our company. And we appreciate your feedback! 🙂
It's a nice game, however little bit of P2W type. It would be better if you add Barracuda perk in Thanatos because 5-6 bullets sometimes finishes too early and make it more F2P friendly. And also, make it easier to switch between the accounts and let us select the quest while rolling. It keeps on giving the same quest after rolling and it's really irritating. Overall one of the best FPS games.
Pankaj Kumar
Hi! Almost anything in Guns of Boom (except for some skins and costumes) can be obtained for free (by simply playing the game, completing daily quests and participating in events). And skills mean much more than any purchases!
I have played this game for almost 2 years straight and this is a scam because for 2 years the same hackers have been reported several times and its been 2 years so u pay like 300 dollars full price 4 the best guns just 2 get beat down by hackers u have 2 record 2 prove they are cheating so u spend good money just 2 get destroyed by hackers that this game cares nothing about GOB was fun but every gun and power up support these hackers so basically u get scamed hackers use all perks!!!!
Jionni Davis
A really fun and addicting game but having to buy items and fight people who are way out of you league is just super annoying and unfair I just find my self having to buy more "items" to get more "good" and have a "fair chance"
Zelda Generator
I held off on writing a review because well, I never do. And, most games don't survive more then two days on my phone! But, here I am and I will try to be fair. As with most of these games leveling is easy and fluid at first. But, as with most games, pay to...well, be at all competitive, will be a choice you make! And, of course loot boxes(useless and expensive)! And plenty of them, it just will cost you. U w!][ f;nd [email protected]$ @nd [email protected]! Game play and graphics are beautiful! So, yes or no?
Paul Heck
money grabbing developers who don't take customer issues seriously. Really, don't waste your time or money. You could buy a console instead of this utter rip-off. The 5 star reviews are from people who have only played for a short time. I'm at level 49 and can confirm that ALL THEY WANT IS TO EMPTY YOUR WALLET. I can shoot people 3 or 4 times in the head with a maxed shotgun at close range without them dying. I get shot once with a lesser weapon and i die. This happens every game. Farcical.
Darren Wilkinson
I had a very good K-D ratio of 2.93 and W-L of 84% till level 17. After that my matches were often against players above level 22. They had better armour and higher level guns. I started losing matches and my stats went down. The developers only wan't your money. The more money you put in new weapons, the more matches you win. A lot of players uninstalled this game because its totally P2W.
Piyush Guha
I love this game. Although lately every game loses connection half way through and reconnects. I know my network is just fine. It's the game. The players are running around but cant shoot(like the start of the game) and suddenly the game is disconnected. Sometimes it won't reconnect and I'd lose 90 trophies. Happened for like every game that I've played lately. This sucks and it has made me delete this game now since its not been fixed in about 3 updates. Such a shame.
Viral Bhagat
This game is garbage. It deliberately matches you in with enemies that have these expensive ass insane guns and blow you away in two shots. An obvious, shameless money grab, as players are forced to buy premium currency in order to keep up with the enemies. Highly addictive at first, then impossibly frustrating and altogether unplayable. Every time i go back to check it is the same. Fix your game or you will continue to lose dedicated players
Kimberly Cardona
Played the game 1 time and now it won't even load. It gets to about 45% and gives an error message. Problem has been fixed and am now loving the game. It still gets annoying when you have to go up against the ones that have spent real $$$ and have the really good weapons and armor. Warning, try out the weapons for free before you buy them. I bought a rifle that I wish could sell back.
Jeff Gerling
This could be nice if they fix this 1st the enemy shouldn't be able to throw a bomb after they died but i still died because of this 2nd it always send me the pop-up of lost connection,reconnecting and loest server but in the end i didn't get to get in tge fight because of it lastly you guys should fix the problem above
Captain Wolf
Game was fun, nice graphics for a phone game. But when you get to higher levels you would have to spend a good amount of money to have weapons like some have just to keep up. As an adult, I would never spend $100 on a cell phone game, rather spend the money on FPS games for PC/Game counsels. This game can be somewhat unfair, more especially when they have events, top 10 players would have thousands of points after 1 hour from the event starting.
Michael Kautzman
Would recommend you to play this game only if you're connected to NASA's WiFi. It keeps crashing and telling that you're not connected to the Internet even if you're on a pretty fast 4g network. Edit: the latest update has really helped the game to become impossible to play. The game now shows error message every 30 seconds after which it takes 1 minute to get back into the match and again after 30 seconds it shows the error.
Rohan M
I used to love this so much but when i went to level 28, i am not able to win even one game when i have remedy level 2 and jacket level 13. I have lost all my tropies. When i was in level 27, I had 900+ trophies but now i have 200+ trophies. This game was my favorite but now i have stopped playing this game.
shriya k
it's great besides being a PAY TO WIN. I am glad to spend money on games to support the game and to have a bit more currency. but when you play so much and barley get in game currency to buy the expensive gear and weapons. not fair to the people who dont or cant afford to spend money on a game. having barley any in game currency makes this game garbage. fun overall tho
Mitchell Eros
I was charged $99 for a purchase that I had no intention of making. I asked for a refund and even said I would forfit my account to get my money back. Unfortunately, they said this was not possible. I highly suggest that you do not download this game. I have no knowledge of ever making the purchase but I can see that it can be possible to do by mistake by hitting a button accidently. The risk of this happening is simply not worth playing the game. They should be ashamed of themselves.
Aryeh Goldsmith
this is a GREAT game!! u should totaly get it! other that the fact that u not to wait for it to fully load the game and that u need to be at a certain distance to shoot someone i suggest this game!! fun and has lots of guns and skins! kinda remindes me of PUB G MOBILE because u can pick up other peoples guns! plz get this amazing game!!
hayden king ching
great game it's just that skins are way too expensive. there is one in the shop now that costs 1500 gold, which is equivelant to about $42 aud. and that's just crazy expendsive, especially for a mobile game. I'd be fine with paying around $5-$10 for a skin, but not over $40!!
Isaiah Ursulich
This game is sort of fun but the matchmaking system isn't good, i get matched with people who have played the game several months longer than i have, there should at least be a permanent bot function like COD where you can pactice and even get in-game currency towards better guns, the only reaaon I'm not deleting the app is cuz i paid $10 on it -.-
Jovita Gigon
They dont care about there customers who even pay, and matchmaking is a lot of times in already loosing team, and 4-5 levels of difference in players while PVP. Controls are getting worse, PUBG didn't freeze single time on my phone but this game freezes atleast 4 times a day. After level 16 dont expect to win if you don't wanna pay, and this level is attainable after 5 hrs or less gameplay.
A Google user
after today's update, everything returned to normal. ping is more stable, and more smooth. Good job! I hope it stays like this, because I'm tired of editing a review every time there is a problem.
Maxine Millian
Stay away from this game. It's a sham starts off very good lures you in when you reach level 27 and above then for some reason players kill you with one shot I had level 28 health bar of 2300 and still players with weaker weapons kill you with a few shots. Game developers try and pray on your desperation to purchase bigger and better weapons which cost money. Stay away
Raging Demon
The game is starting to lag way too much over cellular network, like sometimes it takes forever to even start. Reducing two stars !!!!!! as even i lost many points.
kaustubh mhapankar
Pretty fun game, though it really needs more gamemodes, other than that, just keep adding more guns and cosmetics and you're golden. - EDIT: Brought it down to 3* because as you progress further you notice gun stats being much more relevant than before, allowing better equipped players to perform much better with less effort.
Yuri Esteves
its cheap i cant select my battle mode. what if i dont want to play king of the hill and i want team death match. Now i have to leave the battle lose trophies and rejoin hoping i don't get put back in king of the hill just to have to leave again. The limited ammo is also useless, i paid for the gun now stop limiting my use of it. the fact you lose trophies for leaving a battle that hasn't startet yet is weak.
Jason Mullis
This game is awesome and everyone should agree to that but one thing I don’t like is that you can’t get a refund for guns. I just recently accidently bought the lifestealer and the mamba I was trying to get the Jack Frost. But again this game has been a blast and just wishing that could be a feature in the game
Julian Caldwell
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!Great at first, then you cant win unless you spend money and buy a gun...not fair if you dont want to spend over $100 for a gun and gold to upgrade it....hard work doesnt pay off...PAY TO PAY.......NEVER get your coins in fair???? otherwise..great game...
blaine haggie
i was really liking this game, a bit hard to gain enough coins without paying to afford a gun able to compete against most players, but free play was still fun. for some reason ii can no longer play because it loads to 10 percent then says no internet connection. i know my internet is working fine, i hope this is just a temporary glitch. is anyone else experiencing this problem?
Matty Zimz
the amount of hacking going on in this game is rediculous. they say its under control but it is not. cant tell you how many times ive killed someone only to have the kill go to another player. ive been shot through walls. the list goes on and on.....
Jeffrey Kress
this game is amazingly sick I wish I could sponsor it and it could be compared to fortnite which would be impresive I think u should add some more cool things like apex and fortnite and loads of games compared to fortnite and apex combined all together thank u for this game and I hope it can improve a lot throughout the years
omario and ojustice o
Great game at first with great controls BUT after Rank 28 the power balance shifts significantly towards paying players and the items are VERY expensive to upgrade. The weapons could use some balancing and some options for scopes such as ACOG and Red dot would be nice. Overall it's a fun game.
Jeremy Keiper
the game was good where u had to save gold for epic weapons (so everyone was still able to get),now those weapons are no longer epic and, u have to pay for upgraded weapons or play insanely long just for one upgrade.and wait for it to comeback. Most dont want to spend long hours to upgrade one weapon.
Gami tachi
AMAZING I Love it amazing but the only thing I wish you could have done in the game is joining, yes joining I wish I could join my friend when playing I have tried to join her by telling her "press the battle button when I say go so we can do it at the same time and join each other" I say , but I never works.
youwas attheclab
Everything is awsm in this game. Except purchasing weapons concept. To earn just 1k gold, you will have to play so many games. And finally buy a weapon. I wish either increase the gameplay value or reduce the weapons value. If u do this then its really awsm
Nadeem sharavan
Pros: • Actually fun 5-min battle • Cool weapons • Nice graphic and animation Con • Definitely poor in-game currency system (i think it force you to use micro transactions) • VERY unbalanced battle match, almost every time if you are above lvl 10 • Is a pay-to-win. Really disappointed by this game. I really wish the developer fix the in-game currency or AT LEAST make the battle more fair! Actually this game is really fun to play, but the desperate money grab ruined the game.
rony untoro
i would have given zero stars if i could, your match making sucks, the opposite team had guns fully upgraded that hasn't even been unlocked to me, liquidator, porcupine and jack frost, you guys are fixing battle of a player having 1121 trophies with a player having 13166 trophies, that is more than 10 times, what is the basis of this match making it sure isnt trophies or level
Aman Sinha
I love the game but my phone does not have enough storage for the updates when they come out. I had to delete every game I had to get this new update. so please make the updates less magabites. They shoild be around 50mb not 250mg.
Jordan Bezemer
I had been looking for a good fps game and i tried loads but they were never any good. Then down from the heavens came this game. Its edictive and fun and the controls are easy to get used to. Well done on making such a great Fps OwO
Alyssa G3m
Great game! Graphics and gameplay are SUPERB, however, the game has a discouraging pay model that leaves non or low payers at a severe disadvantage. Correct this, and I will play this game forever, put the 5 stars back on my review, and would be willing to add on to the $35 I have already put in. Think of the kids, y'all!
A Google user
Love the gameplay. However, you can't have beginner players match up with top ranked players. Takes the fun out of the game. I will uninstall this game until you fix this (if you do fix it). Peace.
Fabian Zendejas