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Golf Clash is better compared to other free Sports game and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Golf Clash "". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Golf Clash on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Golf Clash

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The sun is shining, it’s time to play the real-time multiplayer game everybody’s talking about!

Game of the Year 2018 - Mobile Game Awards
Game of the Year - TIGA Awards

Play on beautiful courses against players around the world in real-time as you compete in tournaments, 1v1 games and challenge your Facebook friends!

Upgrade your clubs and unlock tours as you master your golf skills in the quest to be the Golf Clash king!

- Quick-fire 1v1 real-time gameplay.
- Revolutionary shot system that’s easy to learn but difficult to master.
- Thousands of live players online waiting to be challenged.
- Progress through more advanced tours as you “raise the stakes”.
- Earn promotion in weekly leagues to win club card bonuses.
- Compete against your friends via Facebook to earn the bragging rights.
- Unlock chests as you discover and upgrade to premium clubs and balls.
- Save and share replays of your jaw-dropping shots.
- Banter your opponents with chat and emoji during the match!
- Advance through challenging courses and weather conditions.

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What's new for v118.

Hi, thanks for playing Golf Clash, here's a brand new update for you!

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Version Min Android Version Date Size Download LatestCurrent4.4 - 9November 6, 201867.2MB - 8.0May 8, 2018 78.2MB

Reviews on Golf Clash

Game is pay to win, but still addictive.
Justin Sudbeck
Some players want to change the name in the game but to do this it's losing all progress then will need to start again to zero. Some problem with upgrading I was upgrading last week then this week I want to play but the game is stopped I was checked then the answer...? Upgrade again then again. So every time you want to play you need to upgrade again then again then again!!!???please fixing this problem with upgrading the game. It's very nice good game.Thank you very much
ioan faghiura
Disappointed that after all this time playing golf clash, you now force me to download Google games to play your game. Doesn't make sense to me at all and I'm not putting that app on my phone. I shouldn't have to download a secondary app to play another app. I hate to do this, but thinking it may be time to uninstall. Don't know what other option I have unfortunately.
Steve Hays
The game itself is fun, but now at near a 20 game losing streak and getting ads to buy more coins. hmmm, a ploy to get people to spend more money in the game by having their shots miss on purpose? I'm thinking so. After the first few games I thought bad luck. but now I can't believe my timing is so far off that I lost nearly every game the last 3 days. I admit I'm not great, but at a near 50% win average, the odds of losing so many games in a row is ridiculous. Something is afoul, prove me wrong
Ed Remington
I think you shouldn't be allowed to see the opposing player setting up their shot. I feel like it's cheating. I think the player that waiting their turn should only see when the ball is hit. I wish there was a golf club swing or something other than you seeing them pull the ball back. It would be nice if there was a person or avatar with a club other than just seeing a ball. I would also like to see some more natural elements that real golf players have to deal with in this game etc birds & more.
Starts out fun, then you realize the flaws : they constantly raise the price on chests based on how much you spend. When your opponent makes it to the hole first, they place a large opponents Icon over the hole so you can't aim for it. Even if you're on a large connection, you'll randomly get stuck on the loading screen and lose your money (it's happening more often lately). I noticed something new, they change mechanics to keep you spending more money, wind shifts that don't affect opponents.
A Google user
I love golf clash because it teach you how to play it at the begining . I love golf clash because I play golf it so much fun but im only 9 years old.Thank you for having this game on google play make more of these because my dad play this game all the time oh and my uncle to. (Thank you so much you guys I am so proud of google play because they have the coolest games on earth)Thank you have a great day or night or evning and afternoon. And all an good night for me because I'm going to bed.Happy
No'Ella McKnight
It is a fun concept. However it's a pay to win game. New player currently second in the beginner league. It's started match making me with people in leagues above me, better club set up. Just played a game in the beginner tournement, oppenent drive it 320 yards onto green with ease, finishes with a simple put. max distance with over-power perfect shot, wind against was 265 yards for me! got to chip the ball in from 100 yards from pin to draw!😂👍it reward those with the bigger wallet, not skill.
Daniel Hamer
I love this game. I have literally played this game since it came out and yes I have spent a few dollars on this game but u get a hole lot more out of this game than what u put into it. I would highly recommend this game to everyone. Great job to the developers. Keep up the great work..................
Dusty Shirley
👎USE TO BE 5 STAR'S.. NOT NOW!! After last update this game has lost its 'Fun and addicting game' for MANY people due to not having fair, win, lose matches. The loses outweigh the wins ENORMOUSLY, in turn many players are leaving the game.. The wind effects are most definitely the worst part of the last update.. The game sure took a turn for the worst.. Such a shame, LOVED THE GAME before it became a game of MOST LOSE with no real winning like before that made the game fun for all leagues 😔👎
ATrue Dreamer
been playing this game for a month and its quite frustrating o erall. main issue for me is the putting, its far too easy, resulting in far too many draws. also, constantly matched against players with far more experience than you is demoralising rather than inspiring. to top it off, this pay to win game is seemingly rigged, the better you get, all of a sudden, you will go on a downwards spiral, loss after loss after loss. just looking for your dollar...
Simon Humphries
Just has gone to poo!!! Since 3/19 they cannot getan update that will work. Takes forever to load. Glitchy. They claim it's due to FB not working with there software. I have complained, and just get the company line. "We are sorry, doing everything we can to fix the problem. Blah blah blah." Was fun, but will spend money on good quality games!!!!
Mike A
this game is so bipolar. seriously need to address the accuracy of the timer. I get down to 0 and it is instantly "out of time" countless times my opponent gets down to zero and it stays there literally for up to 3 seconds before the person STILL finally gets their shot off. such BS
Joseph Maggard
Since the latest update on my Android phone you have create a google game account to start the game. Always used to use Facebook to log on. I don't want to create an account as Golf Clash is the only game i play on my phone. Time to delete the game off my phone.
A Google user
Good news! This issue has now been resolved and you no longer require a Google Game account to play Golf Clash. You can simply cancel this option when you load the game. Be sure to grab the latest Golf Clash update from the Google Play store.Happy swinging!
Why lose your money and trophies when your signal is poor. Some people doesn't have good signal and still wants to play. I understand if you lose the game but 50% of the games I play gets forfeit and it's back to square one. Just give the money that they bet back to the players.
Anneke van der Merwe
Have played this game for just over a month and worked my way up to tour 7. I'm an average player not the best and not the worst either but this game took 900,000 coins off me in less than a week because it is rigged! I hardly got any wins and was losing to miraculously long chip in's, the shootouts were rigged too!!! I am so p***** off with it that as soon as the clan season is over i will uninstall it so as not to lose the points for my clan! Do not play it!!
David Seager
id like to give 2.5 , that is not a thing.i had progressed very far in this game...had my info under FaceBook, less then a year later i re log onto Golf Clash, log into FB and low and behold....all progress lost. Great game you guys, love it, my top 25 mobile games 4 sure.... juzt maybe, just maybe, ill work just as hard if not harder andgo farther...jk btw yall def get a full 5 starts from me. would give 7 but thats not an option lol
Stone Ledge
very fun game, i do wish there was just a little more control on how you want to hit the ball, like loft hit to pop the ball up or a low hit to go under trees, and to be able to use any club i want, and needs more courses just feel like I'm playing 4 courses over and over again, but those are just preferences the game is a lot of fun
Subie Love
Fun game! Editing my review. I will leave it with 5 stars because the game is fun at times. I feel like the game decides who will wins before your round starts. You either have good luck or really bad luck. I did a face survey saying the game made me angry and lost like 45 trophies in 2 days and the losing streak has continued.
Matt Webster
The game is fun but they need to work on their matchups. Majority of the time I am playing against people with 1000+ games played when I just barely have over 100. With the better equipment you get with time they can make shots that I can't match. It would also be nice if they added a practice function so you could play without having to wait for someone else to go.
Ryan Wolfe
Had an issue with an update and was fixed fairly quickly as well as was replied to after it was fixed. Not giving 5 stars as there seems to be an issue with most updates but overall fun, addicting and frustrating game (in a good way).
Junior Chics
Good news! This issue has now been resolved and you no longer require a Google Game account to play Golf Clash. You can simply cancel this option when you load the game. Be sure to grab the latest Golf Clash update from the Google Play store.Happy swinging!
If you're not worried about getting good you'll like the game. Otherwise, the game is rigged. It's a cash grab and uses algorithms to ensure that the majority of players stay about equal. You'll begin to see both winning and losing patterns. Perfect shots that go horribly wrong, miracle chip-ins etc. I've downloaded and uninstalled this game four times. I know how it works. The shootouts are where you get screwed. Play and have fun but avoid buying any packages a waste of money.
Mark Edson
I originally gave this game a five star review as one of the best golf games I've ever played. Unfortunately after the most recent update the game is almost unplayable. Extended load times, Disconnects, No Chat between Clan, Missing Avatar pics.... the list goes on. The way it is now I'd give it zero stars if I could. I won't be playing much longer if it continues like this. Playdemic screwed this game up BIG TIME with this recent update that's for sure! I'll change my review if it gets fixed.
Trumpy 959
Addictive? Ooh yes... but I am in agreement with all of the reviews mentioned. Spend a small fortune, still with lastest update, it freezes, reloads etc... game has potential to go far, but no real efforts from the technical support to assist, regardless of the fact we have spend so much money and time into it... just to have fun and relax??... It is bullsh#t!
Leon Swanepoel
Initially addictive but the more you play and move up the ranks the more you'll find it increasingly frustrating. Frequent disconnects, freezes and frame rate hiccups, often while you're mid-shot. The game physics are ridiculous, especially when putting. In this game a 30' putt with 5' of break is the same level of difficulty as a 1' straight in putt. And then there are the hackers and cheaters that dominate at the higher levels. You won't be competitive unless you put in lots of hours and $$.
Tom Shomaker
I love this game, but it is consistantly getting worse. I haven't been able to load in a week and was relegated from pro to rookie III. SORRY I have spent my last money on a game that will not not work. just lost again due to reconecting. I will be deleting the game and never will return. I posted this issue before and not one reply from tech support. So if you love the game, and it works for you, awesome. I wont waste anymore of my time or space on my phone. good bye.
Larry Heck
Updating my review again. All the people complaining that something has changed in the game to make the wind etc inaccurate are 100% right! Lately I have been unable to dunk with my DownInOne wedge, a highly accurate club. Dont tell me I'm doing something wrong because I have well over 100 dunks with this club. But in the last couple weeks I keep missing. It's like the game is adding a random number to my shot, and one far larger than the accuracy of the club indicates.
Michael Sapper
Your last update just ruined your whole app. My friends and and myself included, are no longer interested in playing Golf Clash. We are not interested in downloading another app to play with this app. Greed will destroy you. Get back to basics, that's what's helped you get this far. Bad decision guys.. Good luck with your stuff up.
James Skop
This game is a scam. Pure and simple. When you win "Too much" it will force a losing streak upon you until you've lost everything. You will have to pay to win again. The only possible explanation is that you are playing a computer program during the forced losing streaks. The phenomenal shots made by the opponent during these times are not possible by human players, and you only encounter this type of opposition during the enforced losing streaks. Stay away.
Dan McClincy
almost perfect. best golf app there is really. though i do wish they would release new clubs, could make them more abundant as well. also would be nice if you could just practice. overall well designed and executived, just considered "bad business" if they gave us more. proves they're not willing to take the lead and change the typical gaming platform in favor of the consumer.
Jarret Moody
changed my rating based on a couple factors. First, as you progress you get to a point where you play players everytime with 300 plus more trophies and way better clubs. Makes it extremely hard to win. Second they seem to make the smaller player go first 80% of the time or more. Lastly, the game seems to be rigged to make you spend money. They will put you on losing streaks where the players that have obviously spent money will get very favorable bounces and you will get hosed on a good shot
Dale Geis
Meh. Does not have practice mode, they want all your friends to log in with the dinosaur (Facebook) and you still can't play any course you want, and it counts as a real game. Last update ruined the game and they released another update that fixes the previous update but it does not show in Play Store. Only option given is to uninstall and I'm thinking of taking that route. Do not spend real money on this one fellas.
Acolyte of Kek
I loved the game until the receny update. The game continually crashes before/after every hole because of the update they made. They then blamed it on Facebook!!!... even though everything worked perfectly prior to their update. Rather than admit their update messed it up and fix it, they point the finger... Lol, well, 12 hours after I posted the initial review above I proceeded to lose 16 straight matches and all of my coins. Guess they get the last laugh. Game is fixed, dont waste your time.
Big Poppa
Just like most, this game is a cheat as well. It doesn't matter how well you are doing. The little things the game does to force you to have to spend is enough for me to say nope. bye bye. One cheat in particular is the aim arrow speed, this instance while putting... The further you pull back for power the faster it swings which is normal. What they do is recognize your swing and tap, your control patterns, and adjust the speed at which your aim/power arrow moves, causing a miss hit.
Sam Dodd
Game is very FLAWED!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS APP!!!BUYER BEWARE!!! The developers of this app are here to take your money and they'll use other people's profiles to make it their own as if they are legitimate challengers, but are really experts at this game. I've spent a lot of money just to get to the top (Master 3) and if you don't keep playing, you will be stripped of your title. Look at all of the other reviews before you get hooked on this game.
Nelson Rodriguez
Was entertaining with a few annoyances. that is until the latest update where you are forced to create a Google play account on android phones. It is really annoying and I don't want to create an account to play a free game. thus I will delete and just stop playing. If your an android user and don't like being forced into accounts don't bother.
If you play this game DO NOT give them your credit or debit card for any purchases. They charged my card $18.99 for a purchase i didnt make. I had made 30 previous purchases, all for $4.99 or $5.99(and never over that) I had sent a message saying i felt the game wasnt giving enough to people that played it all of a sudden i get this unauthorized $18.99 charge. When i contested it Golf Clash told my bank they would not refund it. Im done with them. Do NOT give them your card number Buyer beware!
William Gullett
waste of time. you make a judgment on angles and spin etc, then the challenge is about timing. But the mechanics of the game are sloppy and random so you really have very minimal control over what happens. sometimes it goes immediately like you're not there, sometimes it takes a few moments before reacting to you. glitchy to the point of random.
A Google user
was a great game at the start. but it seems like of you don't buy into it then you tend to lose more. this is something I've heard from other team members and others that play it. also it seems a recent group of players that have found a way to hack the game as they got shots that land in water but aren't water hazard. Edit: they now force you to have the Google play games which i don't care for. so if you don't want to do that don't bother with this game!
A Google user
Good game to start with but then when you get so far into it's all geared up for you to spend money, it's amazing how many times you're ball just goes into the rough or you're opponents just clears the sand bunker. It's clearly designed so you lose games in the hope you part with some money, this game has become terrible it's insane that all of a sudden I can not even win a game for 800 yet before i was playing for 100k and winning regularly.
Brian Hodlin