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Version1.1.21 year ago
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Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots
Golf Battle screenshots


To begin downloading the APK file of Golf Battle 1.1.2 ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of Golf Battle move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Golf Battle is better compared to other free Sports game and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Golf Battle "1.1.2". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Golf Battle on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Golf Battle 1.1.2.

Golf Battle Android game is the property and trademark from Miniclip.com and all rights reserved by Miniclip.com. You have given direct downloadable connection underneath to download the original free apk file.

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Challenge real players from around the world, and make it to the top.

Gather your friends and play 1v1 or with up to 6 Facebook friends all together.

Super easy controls. Fun & intuitive gameplay.

Beat your opponents to the hole and prove yourself king of the golf course!

Compete & enjoy multiple game modes:
Take your time & relax in Classic mode – get to the hole in the fewest shots possible.
Or race to the hole in the fastest time in super fun Rush mode.

Collect and upgrade awesome clubs and custom balls.

Play, progress & unlock loads of cool levels.

Come on in & join the minigolf putting party!


• Innovative 6-player online multiplayer.
• Play together in real-time with real players across the world.
• Play with your friends. Just with 1, or up to 6 all together!
• Relax and take aim in Classic mode.
• Race ahead in fast & furious Rush mode.
• Simple, intuitive controls. Fun, addicting gameplay.
• Awesome 3d graphics.
• Win prizes & powerful golf gear.
• Unlock & upgrade your clubs.
• Level up and progress through 40+ holes, courses and levels.

Download the best pvp sports game on mobile – get Golf Battle NOW!

This game needs an internet connection to play

What's new for v1.1.2

• New and upgraded holes!
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Other versions

Version Min Android Version Date Size Download
1.1.2 LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 9November 20, 201835.6MB

Reviews on Golf Battle

Make a super shot....disconnected. Top the leaderboard....disconnected. About to putt the winning shot....disconnected. This would be a fantastic game if they would only....DISCONNECTED
Glenn Jagger
great game
Will Coleto
Love the game it keeps me busy and is great for a quick play here and there on the go and also if you want to settle in and play a good game for a while but you have to be skilled to keep going! Only thing I would change is to allow gems to be able to be used to buy custom club upgrades. Id rather not spend my money on a club when I could be using them to play more. On the other hand I have over 200 gems that I don't use and would like to spend on something.
Michael Rodriguez
Good game need to win more coins on 1st level when you try harder courses you loose most of your coins in couple of turns. So forcing you to buy coins to progress. Even though you get a 100 coins free every couple of hours. But it is a good game. Oh and free bonus game every 24 hours is impossible to win anything not won once on it but the game is fun. Oh should be able to rematch people in the round instead of finding new players every game.
Phil pargeter
THE GAME ONLY HELPS THOSE WHO SPEND MONEY. The game is inconsistent at times as well. The join in cost to get into games are too high for the users that play every now and then. the good thing about it is thats its fun if it was more even paired or selected based off in-game purchase users vs free users. cant compete with someone who spend $50 dollars gaining beneficial clubs versus your club that only has a bit of guideline improvement. its neutral until they can level the playing field.
Mike Jimenez
Should be called Camera Battle: camera is no issue in normal mode, but in rush it becomes a nightmare when left to auto adjust; why doesn't it point at the hole when only cm away? Needs addressing. Also progression is very steep without spending.
Fergal Harrington-Beatty
Camera is sensitive. Facebook login stopped working, so I lost all of my gems and coins. Fun game. One of the best mini golf games in the play store. But the upgrading clubs seems to do nothing. The only upgrade that you can see a difference with is the guideline.
Brittany Oyster
I absolutely love this game. Very addicting to be able to compete with everyone. But lately there has been a problem with the game freezing up when u try to enter a battle or race. It takes my coins but locks up before I can battle amd I lose my coins. I'm forced to exit the game and reload it. Hoping this can be fixed.
Carol DeShazier
cheating galore. just like every other game. it started off fun and one of my favorites. Now 5/5 of my last games all had people cheating. Taking everyone else 50-70seconds yet people are finishing in 9.3 seconds. Lost all the games, and coins. Guess just like every other game that starts off fun, ruined due to poor management of the game by the creators.
Jonathon Hilvers
Fun concept but I don't notice any difference between regular clubs and upgraded clubs. I also don't notice any difference between different balls. If there's no difference, why should I care. If there is a difference, why don't you tell users what that is. Additionally, the view and shot direction controls can be painful. It makes it frustrating when the upgrades aren't explained and the functionality keeps you from competing half the time.
Jeff Mullen
The best way to win at this game is to not play. It is a super fun game and really addiciting. However, the more you play the faster you level up. As you level up, you get paired with better players who have better equipment and knowledge of the courses which results in you losing a lot. If you dont play and wait for your chests to open then your equipment and currency will scale with your level. If you level up too fast you just fight for coins and continue to get beat so you never advance. Either chests need to open faster or the "buy in" should be removed/reduced so you dont get bank rolled trying to playmore. I want to play this game more, but it is frustrating to lose all the time so I am forced to stop playing to allow time for chest to open.
John Keller
Crashing more frequently. Snowy course. Have lost entry fee (1500) countless times in last two days, at least a dozen. Mayan course costs way too much to play. Please restore my cash & fix the issue.
Fred InFlorida
It's a fun game. Graphics are pretty good. I've been playing for quite awhile, and I realize upgrading is ridiculous. As long as I've been playing, my highest club is still only 4. I've got over 400 gems and they are useless, unless you want to waste them on a chest. NEVER. I wish I could spend them to upgrade clubs. I just keep using them to open 3 hour chests, but still have too many. I'm rating it average, 3 stars.
Brian Holland
One star because of cheaters. This game is awesome until I found some players get cheating in Rush mode. Average of fastest time to finish the session around 24 to 27 seconds (depend on size of randomly spawned yard after scoring each hole), but how some players able to reach below 20 seconds? I have experience that other players finish up with 7 seconds and below which I think too impossible to do so if play genuinely. May consider to stop playing and uninstall this game...
Adzlan Ahmad
I was addicted to this game til your last update. The sensitivity is too high. the gameplay is not fun anymore. It really just makes me want to throw my phone against the wall. i used to get 1st alot in Rush and now it is very hard to do because of the sensitivity. You must wait til ball completely stops before next shot otherwise screen turns around and you end up losing. Very, VERY frustrating!!!! If you fix, you will get 5 stars.
Joseph LoBianco
Buggy mess not worth downloading. Broken collison detection has balls bouncing in random directions off of walls and ramps. "Accuracy" mechanic randomly affects aim AND power. Was entertaining at first but becomes increasingly infuriating when a ramp becomes an invisible wall or the ball sticks to a wall instead of bouncing off.
Grimn Nyhtz
Poor control seriously hampers an otherwise excellent game. Choosing how hard to hit the ball is too difficult because of the power indicator being too small with too few markings. Trying to hit the ball over a drop results in multiple shots falling too short or flying too far with what feels like minor adjustments to your power. Not fun.
Neil Sanford
This game lacks motivation after you reach your first million... I've got 15 million and nothing to spend my money on. All I do is upgrade my clubs rarely. Mostly, I'm waiting for chests to unlock after hours. Give us things to spend our in-game money on. Make higher bets courses. Let the thrill come back to the game. Other than that, this is a good game with a few glitches, mostly very tolerable. Thanks. BTW, big Miniclip fan since 2003, good to see ya.
Gustavo Alves
It's a very manipulative game. The makers of the game understand the gaming psychology to perfection and one never wins more than a few games on the trot.. Even if one is playing well, invariably the game makes sure u lose some.... By changing the timing of fellow players or making technical adjustments.. It's fun for a while until one discovers how one is being manipulated to play the game more.. Really disappointed
rutvij shah
Please help!! fun game but the past few days have not been able to play with my girlfriend. Tried inviting each other over facebook and using the in game challenge button. The notification is sent but when clicked on it says the "friends room is unavailable". Please help as we have lots of fun playing this game would hate delete it for something so dumb as a notification error.
Michael Willison
I love this game for the most part. Only things I don't like about it is in classic mode, if you're not first in the first round, you won't become first in any other round. Example, you could be in second place first round, then in the second round get the ball in 4 shots and be the first player to do so but if the person that was first gets it in after you and you have the same amount of shots (so my total would be 8 along with theirs) they are still in first. Even though I sunk my ball first.
Sasha Hartigan
best game ever invented. this game has literally destroyed my life because I'm so addicted. the wife. the kids. all my family and friends have left me...but it's all worth it for the game. 10/10 would give my life away again just to play. better than heroin!
Stefan Salvalaggio
i enjoy it a lot more then i thought i would! fun game! UPDATE: Went down a star because im tired of getting duplicate prizes (clubs, balls, trails,ect) in my chests. Keep it interesting guys
Kelsey A
i enjoy playing in game but so many cheater player here.. when a player get out of bound the ball will respawn on that area which is not the right way.. please make an action for this.. thanks! any update miniclip devs?
waray leyte
poor physics in terms of consistency. also, why does my ball now have a shorter flight path after I spent 10,000 coins to upgrade my club's power? balls constantly get stuck on slopes that they have no gravitational reason to. a good idea with poor execution.
Luke Lyons
the game is pretty good. there's flaws in it such as, it logged me out of Facebook then changed my password. stopped downloading the courses at 98%. instantly timed me out after 1 shot than allowed others to finish.
James Barron
Latest update ruined gameplay. like may have mentioned, the camera is Way too sensitive now since the last update and has ruined many follow up shots. Very well could be a deal breaker, it was fun but it is losing its appeal.
This game is the best and that is why I rated is 5 stars. It has no adds and you should get this game. Egnor the other people who say it is bad because it is not bad YOU SHOULD GET THIS AWSOME GAME. P. S it does need a new game mode we're you can do anything you like for no coins.
A Google user
I really like the courses but don't understand why the shots aren't regulated better. I barely pull back & it goes wayyy out of bounds. But on the Lucky Target wgat shoyld go farther doesn't. Not really fair that way.
Leann Randall
So many other players glitching on the course. You will see a player hit their ball out of bounds, then their ball winds up in the hole. Not sure if players are cheating or it is server issues. It is a shame because the game is so fun!
Brady Johnson
the app is a super fun game the reason i leave only 4 stars is because tge only thing missing is being able to practice on the maps. Yall should add a practice match you can join that isnt timed to be able to practice shots!
A Google user
game has a lot of potential but it's completely inconsistent with gameplay it seems like the physics in the game change mid-course. if your ball ever takes a bounce near an edge you can be guaranteed that you're going over gravity stops working in the ball floats over regardless. this would be an incredible game if they could just fix the consistency problem.
Derrick White
This game is so trash. Maybe sometimes im in 3rd place and when the match is finished i appear in 4th place and why????. I dont understand how is that possible and you dont do nothing to help your community. I know some of the others will say that this comment should not be here. But hopefuly some of them be with me. Do something to fix your game because those are no the only problems that have, and you need to fix it!...
Muelles Ángeles
Latest update totally ruined the game. Can't challenge friends at all. As for all you saying it randomizes who wins if you tie, it goes by who did it the fastest. Pretty obvious by the little stop watch symbol that appears.
Jed Hamilton
the game has become very glitchy last 3 days. it would freeze and you would have to exit out and you lose your coins. please fix this. i really enjoy the game but if it isnt fixed i will have to fons a new one. thank you.
Renee Gagnon
Keeps kicking me out and taking my coins! I'm aggravated. It sucks because I REALLY like this game. 2 months later and the problem is still not fixed. If it's going to kick me out at least let me keep my coins.
Tierra Freeman
Please fix the power meter, it's so inaccurate that it ruins the game. add a percentage instead of that terrible arrow thing. otherwise it's a really well made game
Peter Corlett
add the option to see how many cards of each club a user has. it's very confusing atm (the upgrade button hides it). all in all fun game, time burner.
A Google user
Buy-in's are far too expensive. 900 buy-in for a 2000 prize, with 5 players? The devs either can't do basic math, or just want you buying coins to play a basic level.
Liam Jones Old
Such a good game but could be massive if it wasn't for a couple of crappy mechanics. chests fill up quickly, so now all slots are full and there's no point in playing again for now...I'll probably just not bother for a couple of days. Also could really do with a tournament mode or just something that takes a mix off all the stages to keep things interesting. Could have been a really addictive game but these setbacks just make it more of a play every now and then sort of game
Chris Mac