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To begin downloading the APK file of Battlelands Royale 1.1.0 ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of Battlelands Royale move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Battlelands Royale is better compared to other free Action game and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Battlelands Royale "1.1.0". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Battlelands Royale on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Battlelands Royale 1.1.0.

Battlelands Royale Android game is the property and trademark from Futureplay and all rights reserved by Futureplay. You have given direct downloadable connection underneath to download the original free apk file.

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Fight for survival in an epic last man standing multiplayer battle royale - but not as you know it!

Made for mobile, Battlelands Royale is a casual gun game for everyone to enjoy. With 32 players and 3-5 minute battles it’s pure non-stop carnage! No waiting in lobbies; no complicated menus to navigate. Just play, parachute, loot, shoot and survive! ✊

Dominate the arena in Solo or join forces with fellow battlers in Duos. Choose your landing spot, drop in, loot weapons and armor and get ready for the fight of your life! Battle it out on a huge map with awesome locations like the Hideout, Ship, Maze and Trainyard. Or maybe you’ll hide away in Camper’s Paradise? Whatever your strategy, don’t get caught by the storm! ⚡

As you play you’ll unlock customized content like parachutes, emotes and special skins by gaining XP and levelling up. Get the Battle Pass for even more rewards and be the envy of your fellow battlers. Strike fear into your enemies with Rare and Legendary characters that will have them shaking in their boots and wishing they’d stayed at home!

With a variety of guns you can perfect your shooting skills and become the best battler in town. Will you choose the sniper, shotgun, rifle or pistol? Remember to race to supply drops to compete for the special minigun and bazooka!

Super simple controls, a fun and quirky art style and pick-up-and-play gameplay make Battlelands Royale the best free game on mobile that you won’t want to put down.

Battle Royale. On mobile. Done right. This is Battlelands Royale.


— Real-time fast-paced 32-PERSON BATTLES against players from all over the world!
— TEAM PLAY! Join forces with a Battle Buddy and conquer the arena together. No friends? No problem! You can play Random Duos too!
— MEGA REWARDS! Collect new characters, emotes, parachutes and Battle Flags as you level up.
— EXCLUSIVE BATTLE PASS CONTENT! Unlock the very best rewards and flaunt them in the arena with the Battle Pass.
— HUGE game map to explore. Parachute into your area of choice and control your landing.
— Tons of WEAPONS and ITEMS to loot, including armor and med kits!
— Race to SUPPLY DROPS to discover special rare weapons like bazookas and miniguns.
— SHRINKING play area. Stay clear of the storm!

Coming soon to Battlelands Royale:

— Loads more customization and awesome new characters
— Destructible environment! Blast your enemies’ cover
— More weapons
...and much, much more.

Are you ready? See you in Battlelands Royale. #LootShootSurvive.


Thank you for playing Battlelands Royale! We’re constantly developing the game and your feedback helps shape the game’s direction - so whether it's bugs or feature ideas, please send them our way via [email protected]

Don't miss the chance to connect with the Battlelands community on Discord and Facebook.

Discord: https://discord.gg/8hkjguw
Battlelands Official Players' Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/battlelandsplayers/
Battlelands Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/battlelandsroyale

We'll take each and every comment on board and really appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience of playing!


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Season 3 is here!

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1.1.0 LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 8.1December 12, 201885.1MB, 4.1.1 - 8.1November 21, 201882.7MB

Reviews on Battlelands Royale

very, very, addictive game. its alot like fortnite when you parachute into a battle zone...land...collect equipment then use the territories and surrounding structures to tactically take out 32 other opponents before time runs out and the area in which your allowed to be battling in grows smaller by the minute. its fast action gameplay and alot of fun! I love this game!
Alex Zajacek
devs, why dont you let your players invite people they have recently played with. Secondly no reward system if you dont spend money. skins only for people that spend $. knuckles do more damage than a scar. you drop bullets when 0 bullets left and die. find shields and win the game. find the legend weapon and win the game, AR does 7 damage per bullet and the legend 50. 1/5 for the graphics.
People team on solo, thats not fair Need to add squads so more people can play together, also you can't see the name of your stuff from your items and make another way to cloud save e.g. through Google Play Games. Don't make the battle pass up to tier 100 because then it wouldn't be "a fun twist on familiar battle royale". Also the basic pass is really bad
Zain Faiz
Hi Battler, thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear about the negative experience you've had in our game. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve your in-game experience, please send us an email to [email protected] and make sure to reply to the first message. Thanks!
At the start, I was loving this game as it was very addicting and have a variety of modes. Not only was I able to play it on solo but also with my friends. The controls was very easy to use and enjoyed accomplishing new challenges, levelling up and obtaining new characters, emotes and etc. Unfortunately, I have recently purchased 2 characters, an emote, and 1000 battle bucks from the offers that pop up once you have opened the app and I have not received it. I would like to get a refund.
Kizzie K
Greetings Battler, we're terribly sorry to hear about the purchase issues you've experienced. Please send us an e-mail at [email protected] and make sure to reply to the first message and we will further investigate the issue on our end.
I am going to be honest... this is not the best game in this genre, but I personally think this is one of the best I've played! This is the pocket arcade version of Fortnite and I absolutely love it! I can't get FN on my device so this makes the game ven better. The devs for this game did an outstandingly phenomenal job on this game and I give it the rating I did for that reason! It's not Fortnite, but it's right up there with it in my opinion! I love this game and I am glad someone made it!
Ominous Overseer
The game is really fun to play, but a few things can be improved. Firstly, the amount of bushes (especially in the centre of the map) in the game can be reduced. I experience too many people camping in bushes till the endgame with shotguns. Also, some people lag out and kill you almost instantly seconds later. Have also seen people teaming up in Solos and even in duos. Why is there no report feature?
Akshar Bhatnagar
Thanks for the game and thanks for taking time out of your lifes to make this game better and i support this game but i hade some ideas for it 1. a weapon dropping system so if we accidently grab a gun we didnt like we could pick it back up 2. plz add legdendary skins and more items in the store 3. i have a great time playing this game and i just want you to know i will buy anything from the game if i have the money Thanks, Devloper's of battlelands Royale
кσЯη 1994
It was a great game when I had it, unfortunately I have experience playing battle royale shooters, and in this game the weapons didn't feel fun and they didn't do enough damage. I would do 30 damage with a shotgun and barely 20 with an AR! This game would have a five star rating if it weren't for the damage, either than that it has great controls and outstanding graphics (for a mobile game) I also wish they could add a faster way to play duos with a friend
A Google user
I love this game and if I could I would give 10/5 for being a simple and fast game you can play anywhere. If I could add one thing to the game it would be for a way to add random buddies to your friends list because you found a really good partner and want to play with them again. Sadly, you can't add them to your friends list without their battletag(and the number after their name, which you cant see when you die or win).Ex. Spike#1234
Wesley Soto
I couldnt play any longer I was in real pain just pressing the install button to download this absolute burning heap of a game I mean really a battle pass! I have never felt so disappointed in my life but you might be thinking "you're over exaggerating" but this is unbearable for me. Fortnite was bad enough! This has just wasted my precious time on earth and the reason I'm typing this is in the hopes that the reader will look at this game and sigh in disappointment while exiting the app store.
Ninjitsu 992
Hi Ninjitsu, thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear about the bad experience you've had whilst trying to download the game. Please reach out to our Player Support team and they should be able to assist you with getting game installed if you still wish to play. It's [email protected]
Great and fun game! but we need to be able to add anyone on the game to our friends list. Right now the only way to add a friend is to know their gamer tag. How do I know a players gamer tag if it's not shown in game? And like I said.. there's no option to friend request a player I just played with. that needs to be fixed.
Gene Belcher
Crazy addictive game! Cute graphics and easy controls. Best thing of game is short timespan for one round of battle royale. Now for the cons: level balance system (match-making) is just not there... lvl2 users could be put inside the arena with lvl50 players. I would love to see more variety in firearms and their customisability too.
Taha Ali
Just want to request a communication with your buddies that you've added. For example: After you have finished a game with your buddy it would be nice if you could message or something like that saying well done, can't play right now etc. So it would be a perfect game if they could add that. Possibly in the next update. Would have been 5 stars if they had that feature.
Kristin Rasmussen
The game sucks don't even bother plus it's filled with cheaters every game. People who have infinite health. People who camp, people who team, people who hack to shoot you through Walls, people who move 2x as fast, people who play dead somehow. And the problem is that futreplay never do anything about them and they need to start banning players, it's a paradox of cheaters!!!!
Tomanddad robb
this game sucks so much, first of all 99% of all people are hacking, all weapons do the same damage, punches do more damage than most guns, and I get shot through walls, I cant do it but other people can, afk people are invincible, and we they come online they are still invincible, the controls suck, ingame money is a steal. the developers just want to make money and they dont care about how good they're game is. the developers all suck
this game is pretty fun not gonna lie. just got a bit annoying for me cause I bought a Google play gift card so I can buy a $3 bundle for this game. Once i bought the card about 1 day later a $3 bundle came out. I clicked on it to get it and it said error occured. Then it exited me out and the bundle wasn't there anymore and I have been waiting for another $3 bundle ever since. Other than that issue that I had the game is super fun. I would totally recommend getting it.
Daniel Jcbo
the first two matches that i played were fun. once you start playing more you realize how extremely frustrating it is. i have a golden snipet rifle and am shooting somebody close range, there should be no reason for somebody to be able to eliminate me by punching me. other players bullets are nowhere near me but yet i die in 4 shots by a shotgun from long range.
Aaron Couture
i really like this game however it does have its issues. - please address the issue of players teaming up in solo mode. its very frustrating and breaks the game. - the scar is greatly overpowered. since this gun came out it bas pretty much rendered the two snipers and the assualt rifle useless. it has virtuslly the same range and a higher fire rate than the snipers and is simply more powerful than AR. i dont want to use the scar all the time but i feel i have to, to have a chance of winning.
William Durkacz
battlelands 4. cant play this game anymore. between the cheating,and one hit deaths or the annoying celebration screams, or the guys that stand there and tou unload a gun on them and they dont die, or the guys with bad connections that you think are running away but all of a sudden they appear and you re dead. good concept. Too many discrepancies. I'm finding something else to play
A Google user
this game used to be fun, but now is bad, horrible, hate it, ugly, disgusting, eww. Everytime i shoot, the person glinch for no reason then i die and the person didn't even shoot me. i hate this game and hate the person who updated, it's so horrible, trash... ewwwwwwwwww i hate this app/game, i am deleting this game!! bye idoits,stupid people who messed up the game. now i can't even win a solo, throw the whole game in the trash, ugly, disgusting people.
A Google user
good, but no real incentive to play. no award for log in every day, long time to earn any money in the game, and no good dividing of players. team match sucks one player is playing strategy and the other team mate is walking around like a idiot. also only one stupid map no others lame ass hell. sucky game
Douglas Weaver
Hi Douglas, thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear about your negative experience. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve your in-game experience, please send us your thoughts at [email protected] and we can pass it on to our Game Team. Thanks!
A fantastic game! I wish there was a jump button so you can move around faster and easier so when you get a chance I was hoping you could add a jump button, that would be great. Thank you. If you are wondering want you want to call me my name is Jet Boy 1. I have a question. How do you get more battle money? Bye!
Giovanna Padas
75% of players are using mods and hacks (some are even "pro" players), 15% are actual pros and dev team, the remaing are "regular" players... thus chances of winning are very low. If you play random duo, you are paired with bots who pickup SMGs and don't take hp kits and you go up againt pro duos. Obviously pros and dev team have inflated stats. They need to make this game more fair. Many top players with Scandinavian letters... most likely the dev team. Game is made in Finland.
DJ punknfunk
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Juan Delgado
i give it four stars because you can only hold 1 gun and if you change you cant get that other gun that you just switched with that gun please make more storage for gun and coooool graphics and cool characters and cool guns and cool maps but also 4 people on your team cant be allowed in others games they have but why dont you? not to be mean AND THE FREAKING GUNS DO LESS DAMAGE THE GOLDEN DOES LESS THE NORMAL DOES LESS I HATE IT!!!!!!
amanaki halafihi
This game was awsome in the beginning, because you could play and add friends. now you can't even play with friends on line, it makes the game even more worse!!! I do not like it at all!! They should have just deleted it if they were gonna do that!! I hate the game now!!!!!!!!
A Google user
I think that Battlelands is the best mobile game yet. It gives me something to do while u have nothing to do. I would highly reccomend you get this game if you are in to battle games... Not only i play it, but i have got other members of my family to play it and they think it is amazing 😊☺️☺️😊
fvnnypvp123 jones
I have been playing this game since season 2 and I do love it, but, lately I have noticed the quality of the game has slipped and lag and connection has took over the game I get disconnected every single game (almost). I am now considering uninstalling the game because of futureplays issues
A Google user
this game is terrible, if your thinking of getting this as a battle royale game like pubg or fortnite, DONT its trash requires no skill and the weapons are not balanced correctly at all, using your hands does as much damage as weapons and the developers response to this was because its harder to kill with bare hands, OBVIOUSLY its supposed to be harder to slap people to death then it should be with a gun, not equal. also players who pay for the battle pass get treated drastically better than norm
Eddie Norton
Hi Eddie, sorry to hear about your bad experience in our game. Being a part of the Battle Royale genre, Battlelands will have genre-specific features. In regards to the damage difference between using a weapon and using bare hands, it's more difficult to attack someone without a weapon, so the damage will be higher. Hope this makes sense.
Okayy this is the best game for me in this world i saw the poster of Mr . breach and started playing . In season1 i didn't liked it that muck but when i updated it on 17 septemper 2018 for season 2 and saw my favourite skin Mr. breach on level 50 i started playing it like a additicted person. I am mow a pro in battlelands and i have Mr breach and its a very good game . Thanks future play for a wonderful game . True fan and a additiced person of BLR
A Google user
good but it becomes a bummer when your Internet is not strong enough and should have some offline training so that even if we have no WiFi we can still play. Maybe that is a good way to get five star rating. Also if this becomes a big hit, please send me a level 20 battle pass.
Thierno Diallo
The game is astonishing! ! I don't really understand why you should pay for the money and for the battle pass but it is an extremely fun game. I wish you could have more than one buddy but it is still fine. I also learnt a trick on how to win when you are playing single. All you just have to do is hide in the grass for the entire time until it is a duel between you and someone else, then just fight because that guy must have really low health by that time. Anyways, I am giving this five stars!!
A Google user
I'd like to say that if you could add clans( 25 people per clans) for further updates squads (4 players per squad with a total of 5 teams which is 20). Add a zombie mode where people have to survive from others though you have to go to certain spots in the map in order to stay alive ( 2 min, all survivers win the game), a special mode for snipers only or a fort defense where teams of 5 have to protect their bases. W base,E base,N base,S base. if their bases get destroyed they can't respawn.
A Google user
I love it but why it's not working for me... I want to play this game all day at school, in a car with Wi-Fi, and anywhere I wanna go but it's just stopped it's started on a week by now and it's been doing this alot lately and now I don't know what to do cause I have slot stuff going on at home
A Google user
To be honest this game's gameplay is ok....but the matches r unfair...can't even win once even in the first game,Bazooka is too op,can even go through walls,Ammo is too high,It should be at least 4ammos for bazooka,Once a player get this bazooka he has 90%of winning rate,I like it being hard but not even getting bots to win once in the first game is too much...I have played 25games but 0 wins...M not good with the game but at least u guys should give some bots in the game...UNINSTALLING ...sorry
InstaGamer 7
Can you add "Random Squad" ,because the game is so boring when you are solo or play with random duo, and please let us know what is the id and the #???? hashtag number of other players so we can add them as a friend.And add chat for friends,please make it for us players...Thank You...
Ian Ditan
It's loads of fun but I've found it super glitchy in a lot of aspects which forces my removal of a star. I often am unable to choose where I land which sucks in duos, I've sometimes found that two people can get the same weapon in a drop, sometimes wins won't count or they will count for my battle buddy but not me, etc. Please patch. Otherwise, a great mini Fortnite ;)
Elizabeth Hasses
Awesome Battle Royale with quirky fun casual theme. Dangerously addicting gameplay, simple controls, quirky animated graphics, top-down view makes this a masterpiece. If you're bored with PUBG's hard control, bugs and frequent lags then try this out. It will surely bring some fresh air.
A Google user
This was my first experience wth this type of game. I gotta say, its hella fun. my only regret is fhat i didnt try it sooner. Everyone in my circle was sayin good things abt this game....and they were right. thank you for the great game and a great time. Take care
BrokenSlippah 1234
WORK ON YOUR PING PLEASE. I USE A 4G CONNECTION AND GAME IS UNPLAYABLE. Edit: Hey thanks for responding to me. I play in Ghana and use a 4G wireless connection often as good as wifi. The ping appears good often, but spikes often as well (Same thing doesnt happen with Fortnite and PUBG). Why not open up a server in South Africa or North Africa? It would help a lot with the latency.
Hi Battler, sorry to hear about the connection issues. We recommend using a secure and stable wi-fi connection as opposed to mobile data. We also recommend checking to see if you are playing on the recommended server region. Thanks!