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Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more in real-time. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time.

Why Waze?
◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive
◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time
◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your ETA is based on live traffic data
◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route
◦ Drive with Android Auto - use Waze on your car’s display
◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive

Be prepared, drive with Waze!

What's new for v4.46.0.2

This is a test release for open beta

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Version Min Android Version Date Size Download LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 8.0December 5, 201870.9MB, 4.1.1 - 8.0November 20, 201870.8MB, 4.1.1 - 6.0August 12, 201869.4MB, 4.1.1 - 6.0April 26, 2018 65.2MB

Reviews on Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Diesel is fuel not gas. Electric car selectsd but only "gas" types are diesel (not a gas at all), regular, plus & premium so im seeing ads for gas i have no use for. Waze EV drivers are looking for a better route planning tool that tells us likelihood we can charge when we get there. Please add city name not state to later trip planning destinations. planned trips to multiple evgo charging atations but can tell where they are
Hollis Tollefson
Really impressed , maps are always up to date, directions are given very quickly. Battery use is not an issue as i have in car power. Edit April 2019: occasionally the phone keyboard refuses to open when doing a search and I have to resort to voice control instead. However, the voice control works surprisingly well. I can just say the address after "OK Waze" and it will set a route for me.
Paul Darnell
Became even more useful after bought by Google, now Google Map embeds data from Waze. But using on Samsung Galaxy S3 drains the battery very fast, even my car charger can't keep up with it so the phone becomes very hot. Edited: Changed phone to S7 recently and haven't had any issues yet. Edit 2: upgraded phone to S9 and app works awesome. No problem with battery draining or data consumption.
Emir Tascioglu
I really like this app. I know there are limitations to a free app, but with that said Google maps is also free. this app really gives Google a run for the money!! the fact that it works seamlessly with my Ford Sync is a huge bonus. the fact that is ALSO works with Pandora at the same time is even more awesome. If there was one thing I wish that could happen it would be that street names were part of the instructions, or even just a tiny bit more notice when to turn.
Michael Duchac
Another victim of own success...Lately I can't get a route from my city in Romania to the place I want to go (in Greece). I always get an error message about route timeout. I found on the Waze forum a solution...break the trip in smaller peaces. Aham, yeah right! There are other apps I can go back in a second. I'll miss the police presence warnings... I have to admit, the routing was better than the competition but if I can't have it, why use Waze?
Radu Damian
Been using the app since before it was purchased by Google, and it's come around very well. Keeps updating and being better and better. Wish waze could incorporate some google maps features vice versa. Excellent keep it up. I think it's time Waze and Google maps combine just to make life a bit more simple.
Keyur Parikh
Tried it did not like it, in my view google map is more simpler and straight to point. too much distraction while driving for me on waze, sorry. plus the fact that it tries to keep you moving from back road to another is not always a good thing as if you wait few more minutes behind traffic in original route you get there quicker. anyway keep you moving (even if it takes longer to get to distination ) is not bad for all I guess i.e for taxi driver:)
Mr Bastami
why not the ability to carry more than 4 people on your carpool? my van has 12 seats... let people request / offer more than just 2 trips per day, you know, people need to run a lot of errands, not just home -> work and back...thanks.
I updated my Waze app and it doesn't work like it use to now. it freezes mid trip and u end up missing ur turn. I had to constantly stop on the side of the road for the app to work again then continue with the journey. I didn't have this issue before the update, I prefer the previous version as this current app has too many issues and I've been lost or late on my trips due to the delays.
cathrine maredi
So much better than Google Maps in every way possible. Google Maps lead me to backroads and sketchy areas. Waze finally fixed that issue for me. You can also interact with other users about traffic conditions and such and it can lead to some funny conversations. All around I just love how precise this app is and the optional social interactions that come with it.
I'm not sure what happened but after the last update this app is no longer performing like it used to.. The route given is always the farthest.. I've been using this to identify the best route going to work from home. It used to take me an hour or less travelling to work now its 2hrs and the routes given were all far from the main road. I checked my settings and everything looks okay but not the app.
Ar-Ei Lim
I don't know if I'm the only person who have thus problem but I've found through the years of using Waze and if I change my phone and reload onto the new phone no matter how I try to sign back into the account it never happens. Always always never remembers me and asking to create new acct. This is very annoying and this bug needs to be fixed. Other than that issue it's a great app.
Sandra Davis Barrow
It's a love-hate relationship. Waze will not say U-TURN. It will take me miles out of the way rather than just simply say "turn around" it makes me late quite often. because it takes me way out of the way to a very long set of turns instead of saying "wrong way" or turn around or "make a U-turn". I like it and use it everyday. But it is very very frustrating that it won't just say turn around if I goof it makes me late rather than telling me that I goofed.
Paco Vasda
Waze became useless, since they seem not be able to solve the known and reported by many issue of yellow maps, black spots, no roads. Almost daily resetting the app by cleaning data and cache gives a solution for hours or days only. Pls take care of this urgently and I will rate you 5 stars again.
A Google user
was great back when I rated it in 2015, until whenever the useless (and unusable where I live) carpool feature started getting in the way. nearly. every. time. I use GPS dozens and scores of times a day for work, and it pops up trying to get me to use it. intrusive, obstructive, distracting. give us the ability to block it forever, and I'll restore my 5 star opinion.
Mitchell Ensley
Disappointing lately. I had few times the GPS asking me to go around the block ( when traffic is bad) when it didn't change anything. Yeah defo not reliable in some routes... supposely to be the best route but then it isn't. Anyway moved back to Google 😏
Linda Naranjo-Hayakawa
This app is great! I would recommend this over Google maps any day as it's more up to date on road layouts, and will always provide the best route base on the traffic or road conditions. Although it's great, it's a common occurrence that the app crashes after long prolonged usage. Hopefully this bug gets debugged.
Ruben Gutierrez
After the update, all of my favorite locations were deleted without a trace. Can't even get them back from my Waze user (the only reason I made a user to begin with) or phone number. Edit: Next update, same dumpster fire with favorites and home &work addresses. edit: next update is the same issue.
A Google user
This used to be a good GPS (non offline) navigator about a year ago. Better than Google Maps. However, successive updates have made the Waze unusable. After selecting a destination to navigate, "no GPS signal" appears at the top. Under Settings, Location Mode is set to High Accuracy; and Waze is granted Location permissions. I don't know what else to look at in Android settings to diagnose. Help!
David Edelman
I really like this app. But only gave it 3 stars (would have been 5) because of the fact that it has a hard time and locks up when calculating longer trips, which I take often. Bummer🙁
Maui Girl
I love the app and it's social aspect. It gives me voice warning of all sorts of hazards to my car and wallet ;) Oddly missing is picture-in-picture and lane guidance. Visual cues coming from the notification pane would also be helpful including being able to report a missing hazard in that notification. Google and YouTube Music are also an odd omission
Angel Troncoso Garcia
I would appreciate the team adding a full screen option. UI design is not suited for landscape orientation. Too much of the map estate is covered by bars (bottom bar, street name and other in-app notifications), which greatly reduces the visible map area and makes navigation difficult.
Bogdan MARIN
Would be nice to see lane guidance and lane assist. For example an early notification on which lane to keep following a turn. Sometimes the map tells you to keep left and turn left but forget to tell you there is an immediate right turn or round about ahead. You then have to change lane and squeeze into the queing traffic or enter the roundabout in the wrong lane.Its not safe especially during rush hours
Sunand Kangath
Helping new drivers in your family. Remember to report more than one police man at a sighting to protect our officers. If you have trouble, write down your sign in information. Delete the app, restart your phone. Sign in again and everything should be fine
Marlene Morgenthaler
Please give us the option to toggle off the orange button, that you can already access via voice and 3 tap thats CAUSING screen burn in. Also how about that car info thing you added that almost covers the car and NEVER goes away??? Seriously POINTLESS. Pretty much stopped using this app for the issues mentioned above.
I want to love it but there are a few issues. Great for short distance driving but when you do long distance it tends to freeze or crash at the worst times being that youre driving. This has happened with multiple phone's ive used. Those have been the only problems I've had with this app. The live traffic route updates come in handy and are great. Also the way you can get live updates on the road from other people ahead of you is an amazing idea.
Matt Newman
Waze is a big help both in the city and on the road. Now I'm always aware of delays and hazards on the road ahead. Great routing too, with immediate real-time traffic into account! Many times it has routed me around a big new jam that just happened due to an accident a few minutes earlier. I use it all the time now. Keep growing Waze! You're the best!
A Google user
Though overall this app does its job well (baring the occasional crash mid-route), I am incredibly frustrated by the voice command feature, which I use heavily to remain hands-free. Some of the pain points include : - Needs me to repeat a few times before it registers. - Doesn't register voice input unless you wait 3 seconds after the beep. - ask for confirmation, even when it accurately heard 99% of the time. - doesn't handle interruptions as well as alexa or Google assistant
Daniel Nguyen
This app would be really cool if it actually worked. Unfortunately it cannot even get my GPS location right, not even within one block! Every time I try to use it it can't even figure out what road I'm actually on at the time or constantly says "no GPS searching for signal". Meanwhile Google Maps Works flawlessly. Complete and utter garbage! Update: now the app also crashes anytime you try to use it for longer than an hour or so. garbage!
Scott Lawson
Put a friggin compass on this App for goodness sake! thanks. yeah there may be a compass but it doesn't ever work. I'm saying put a compass on here that is a functioning compass that doesn't redirect you and think you're always in the opposite direction and you really are going every time you start a ride.
Jonathan Bonnette
Hi Jonathan, if you’d like to see the compass in the app, simply tap on the map and a compass icon should appear on the right side. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us here: https://goo.gl/lxJKS9.
You got to update the location to be MORE precise, it's about 2 seconds in the past... if for example I'm on a street, and I change direction to the right... I already turn the car and enter the street but waze is still changing the direction slowly. this thing can be update to be MORE fast... fix pls
From not downloading traffic information, to not being able to connect to the network or GPS, to outright routing me through accidents, I just can't use this app anymore. It's really sad, too, because I've been a loyal user of this app since 2012, but no more. Waze is no longer reliable and I no longer trust this app to get me to my destination accurately. Farewell, Waze!
James Barany
This app is bad ass! From roadkill to police and everything in between! Wazers keep you informed to the minute and are the best traffic monitors out there! Waze will get you safely to your destination and you'll know what's ahead while on your journey!!! I'd give Waze infinity stars if I could!
Kim Fernandez
Although I like WAZE the latest update is horrible. It was suppose to make things easier for the user.In my case it's made it worse. Which is why I will not do the update on my 2 other devices. I will keep the older version on them. If I could go back to the older version I would. Gives direction for a longer route although there is a faster route available. Also lately it says turn left all do I know I have to turn right. Please fix these bugs.
Creole Chef
With the latest update the notifications are not clickable... Terrible navigation!! Leads to off road too often. :( I miss the traffic lane option, which helps to choose from the lanes on the map. (and can be found in other map apps) Looses input field activities.
Mark Vermes
It would be fantastic to add a designate a lane of traffic feature, I mean how many lanes are going right, how many lanes going ahead and how many lanes are turning left and which lane I have to take. The other thing is the toll price. When comparing routes, it would beneficial to have the price that I would pay if I choose a toll road.
Ashraf Alattar
Was a BIG fan!!! Die hard.....swore by waze. But Waze is starting to PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!! 3x in a row, how isit when I am 5 mintes away from my destination waze gets lost?! And dnt even re route or gives turnings when you cannot turn!! The piss take is, it will tell you to go back from where the mistake was made to take you BACK into the SAME mistake and have you going round in circles. I have had to ignore Waze and find my way out of the mess for waze to then re route. FIX up!!!!!
Thelia Clifford
I jump between Waze and Google Maps regularly. I like how Google Maps color codes the traffic on the roads, whereas Waze just puts an icon which can be difficult to see. I wish Waze would alloe the ETA and minutes remaining to be show at once and its still a bit buggy with Android Auto, refusing lock to GPS infrequently. But police and road conditions reporting is still invaluable.
Miguel Nunez
Woe to the person who drives without this app, gnashing of teeth will be in their future. Unbelievably reliable ETAs. Solid search results for POI. Clean map making navigating easy. Would like to see a bicycle and motorcycle option as well - but for driving - this app is the bee's knees.
Eduardo Arias
I have found that the Waze directions are often not taking into consideration traffic lights or other common causes of delays. It actually happens regularly that I will ignore the directions Waze gives, and after missing a turn in favor of a different route, once it recalculates based on the missed turn, the new route that I forced upon it shaves 4-5 off the ETA. Lastly, I was using Waze for my Lyft driving, but the UI was so slow to update after a turn, I often missed an immediate turn after.
Pete Lehmann