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Viber Messenger screenshots


To begin downloading the APK file of Viber Messenger ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of Viber Messenger move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Viber Messenger is better compared to other free Communication app and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Viber Messenger "". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Viber Messenger on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger Android app is the property and trademark from Viber Media S.à r.l. and all rights reserved by Viber Media S.à r.l.. You have given direct downloadable connection underneath to download the original free apk file.

It would be ideal if you know that we just offer the roginal and free apk installer bundle for Viber Messenger with no changes or any modifications inside the .apk file for illicit exercises.

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Viber Free Messenger and Phone Calls: Connecting millions worldwide! Write a text message, call, chat and share with anyone, anywhere!
Viber is your go-to free messenger, allowing you to message or call anyone in the world through your Internet connection*. Send a text message to friends and family with Viber Messenger. Call your loved ones using Viber’s live video chat or voice call, all part of Viber’s free and high-quality phone calls. Express yourself with cool stickers and emoji icons, share photos, and send your favorite videos. The free messenger also lets you make international phone calls for free.
Connect with friends and family using instant messaging, voice calls, or live video chats
Choose a contact from your phone book or simply enter a phone number to add a new contact on Viber messenger. Send a text message, or take advantage of the other amazing features that Viber offers beyond just free messages! Share photos and videos, enjoy emoji icons and cool stickers, record audio messages, and even send files.
Group chat with up to 250 people!
With Viber messenger, it’s easy to create and join group chats - with up to 250 people at once! Chat with your favorite people, ‘like’ any user’s voice, or text message.
Why users worldwide are choosing Viber Free Messenger:
★Hassle-free, long-distance calls- Viber Messenger is your free international calling app! No need for a username or login information, simply activate by entering your phone number.
★ Voice or video - Make your free phone call now! - Choose between the basic voice call or go with our live video chat if you need a face-to-face! Whether you make a phone call domestically or have international calls to make, all phone calls boast HD quality sound.
★ Instant video messages - Tap and hold the instant video icon to capture the moment with 30-second videos, release to send.
★Secured communications - Viber messenger automatically encrypts text messages, video and voice calls, photos, videos, and group chats.
★Express yourself with stickers - Bring your text message to life by sending playful emoji icons and cool stickers.
★Your personal messenger with “damage control” - Delete a text message or voice message even after it was sent.
★‘Hidden Chats’ feature - Choose to hide specific chats from your messaging screen and access them later.

Install Viber Free Messenger Now - Start Connecting!
Facebook - http://facebook.com/viber
Twitter - http://twitter.com/viber

(*) Wi-Fi or data plan - network data charges may apply.

Viber is part of the Rakuten Group, a world leader in e-commerce and financial services.

What's new for v9.9.1.12

Mark messages as unread in your chat list, so that you can reply later.

Edit messages that you have already sent, by long tapping on any message.

Translate messages in-chat - Long tap on a message to send it for translation into the language of your choice.

Introducing Viber Communities!
A brand-new group chat experience - with unlimited members, more admin controls and new ways to grow the conversation.
Create your own Community to share your interests with people on Viber.

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Other versions

Version Min Android Version Date Size Download LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 8.1December 9, 201840.3MB, 4.1.1 - 8.1November 21, 201840.4MB, 4.1.1 - 8.0August 22, 201835.2MB, 4.1.1 - 8.0May 7, 2018 41.2MB

Reviews on Viber Messenger

This app has been nothing but literal trouble. The only reason I have it on currently now, is that all other Communications have been compromised by hackers, and cost far too much to call anyone else where I need to have calls made. whenever actually on the line, I send snapshots or any kind of picture oh, it will not send unless it disconnects, which in itself is already frustrating, especially when those conversations are both for business and highly important. If possible, -15 Stars. FIX IT!!
Clayton Shea
After I purged the disease that is Facebook out of my life, I needed a new messenger. Since RCS isn't the universal standard yet, I had to shop blind. I stumbled on Viber, and by joe, its pretty great. Customizable, fast, easy to use, and doesn't require a bunch of personal details to sign up and use. I did knock a star off for not being able to set individual ringtones for chosen chats, since that's a pretty common and widely used feature in countless others, but this one falls short.
Andrew Dresden
A little annoying. 1. No, I dont care about who joined Viber, and no, I dont want to say Hi to him. 2. No, I dont want to backup. Never. And if never, I probably selected 'never' means also never ask me, especially no once a week. 3. PC app should be light, not heavy as Excel. Slow, and sometimes stuck. Voice quality is good
Dmitri Azralski
over the last three days, app says there seems to be trouble connecting to viber services check your connection. I am not able to send or receive anything via viber. I do have connection, all my other apps work. I uninstalled and installed again. It did not fix the issue. now it will not sync at all.
Elena Boteva
Why are all my viber stickers gone? In the previous versions you had sync my stickers button. Which automatically downloads all your previous downloaded stickers. Now you have restore my stickers and there is nothing there. Now I have no downloaded stickers, even my paid one are gone. I have to download them manually all over again and I can't return my paid ones. How can I restore my stickers, I need an answer. Please reply. Other than that app is great! Thank you
Sanja Ivanovic
On Samsung A8, the in-app message sound is tied to the media volume. This means that you cannot listen to music while chatting, because you get spammed by deafening message sounds. There is no setting to disable the in-app sounds. There used to be, but now it just takes you to the out-of-app notification settings.
A Google user
Dark mode is good. Works. Although constant nagging to turn (decrypted and open to 3rd parties) backup on while blocking any access to app is bad. So if i want to read an incoming message - I can't, first I have to again as 100 times before choose backup off. Fix it - save my choice once and let me change it in preference if i want.
A Google user
nice I have! The excellent quality, but there needs to be some serious redesign of buttons accessibility wise. On Android, there's the other box when composing a message, and literally about 6 button set SimpliSafe unlabeled, and a v PTT button, at the very end. There's lots of unlabeled controls for those of us who use TalkBack screen reader on Android. Or any other screen reader.
Tim Isfeldt
my voice echoes when the person on the other end of the viber call puts me on speaker. the problem is not my phone because it doesnt happen when i call via WhatsApp Messenger, or when I call them directly (not via viber or any other app). i have spoken to friends and family and they have also encountered the same issue with viber.
Anam Aziz
Solid app but be prepared for two glitches: 1) Imaginary missed calls that make your heart skip. Imagine opening Viber and seeing 20 missed calls from grandma at 3:30, 3:32, 3:34AM.. But she never called you and your phone never rang. Happened to me multiple times with multiple contacts. Also was woken up at 5:20 today by someone seeing nonexistant missed calls from me so thanks Viber. 2) While recieving phonecalls it ocassionally doesn't ring or vibrate (sound is on) making you miss calls.
Alexa Culum
Very awesome app, but there is really something annoying when you push and hold on any message to see information about it, please put delete away from info. because when I try to see an info. about a message I delete it instead, for an official group conversation it's seems unprofessional at all.
Saman B. Qadir
It's not that bad app, but few things annoy me too much. 1. Inconsistencies between keyboard emojis and viber ones. For example whenever I use the "😀" emoji from my keyboard, I get a smiley face instead of laughing one. 2. I can't turn the sound for liking a message off.
Bogi Kolarov
Only giving it 3 stars because it's missing two major things. "Most recently used emojis", and a clear signal that someone has listened to another persons voice message. It neeeeds those two things. LOVE the video messages, love the dark mode, love the look itself. just fix this please 😊
Marija Stankovic
Viber is promoting Spam, Scammers these days..😡 Why is always automatically added to unwanted group chat when downloading specific Stickers.. We don't want automatically added to any group chat. These type of groups increase risk of thousand of, fraud, Scammers, illegal activities.. Why is Viber team promoting this unwanted group chat.. If anything goes wrong to peoples life due to fraud, Scammers in that group. Total blame will goes to Viber team..😡. Please make clean Viber without Group Scams
Benil Shakya
Introducing the new Viber 10 - Simpler, Faster & Safer! Make a free group voice call with up to 5 participants. Tap the phone icon from inside a group chat or add participants to an existing Viber call Dark Mode has arrived! Take a walk on the dark side with a new Viber theme Find previous messages in a chat by searching inside the chat itself Save money on calls to landlines and non-Viber mobiles with a monthly Viber Out unlimited plan
Koy Chanty
Viber has been the only application i use to communicate with my friends and family since last 4 years. But this last update is the worst ever. it has become so irritating and difficult to find GIFs now. It used to be so easy but this new update killed it. Honestly, I don't know what were developers thinking. I could rate zero stars just for this terrible terrible update. DISAPPOINTED!!
Anand Soni
I want to block all messages from Michale..I always have somthing..Stop it.. Im not intresting if she changed backround or somthing else..all this messages bother me all the time... Almost everyday I have a notifications about update.. and I already updated it a week ago.. I hate it.. How I can delete this Michale chut from my contacts???
Leo Grand
Shoddy reception. I don't get notifications for texts. I have to constantly restart my phone for the app to halfway work. Find a different app to use if you want to actually communicate with someone that you want to hear from.
Emily R
hi. I am here in Thailand. I activate monthly subscription. but now. I want to deactivate. I try to find the option for deactivate it. but I didn't. plz give me solution. help me to deactivate my monthly subscription.
amarjit singh
Do not use this app. Even if you back up your data, if you go from iPhone to Android, you will lose all your chat data. The support does not help you. They send you an email and tell you to reply if the issue is not resolved. Even if you reply, you get an automated email telling you your case has been closed.
Heather Schmidt
Excellent app for exchanging messages & speaking face-to-face with people both far & near. But when there's a tag indicating that there are, say, three new Contacts, I'm unable to locate them! Please help.
Gerard Saveri
last time I buy some credit balance. I buy new mobile and I install Viber app again in my new phone. but I not get my money back. @viber messenger team is theft my money 2 times. so I request every one to don't keep your money in Viber app and don't spend money here
Siru Raja
over the last week it has crashed every single day, been using it from the start and been great. now loads of us having to delete and install again every day. Why????? works fine on pc. Not on android. Galaxy S8
Pete Rowbottom
Why does app remain open in my Notifications menu ? I do not need a "Return to Viber" link in my Notification menu nor do I want it there. Turned off Notifications and looking for a less intrusive messaging app then talk my contacts into following me.
Keith Le
Updates are regularly done and so far everythings good. Night mode is possible. This is often used in business transactions as what I've observed. I look forward for better updates.
Dorothy Finn
awesome! you just stole my heart♥️ DARK MODE and SEARCH OPTION!!!🕺 you actually applied our suggestions.. here's a new one: group admin should be able to see WHO added a new member.. he should be the only one able to add someone whatsoever..
Filip St
really love your app especially the night mode. a little can be done, the apps seems bulky and the process of replying to a specific message is just slow on like WhatsApp thats only a swipe. make the app faster and the reply and your app is game
oshone Shokpeka
Even you are in contact with functioning wifi without opening app the message is not being received on timely basis i.e. Delay in receiving & delivery of message. Further during video call mostly call auto canceled & new features to swap the review box during video call in any side of screen needs to be added along with seperately kept front and back camera press button😃 Nowadays even there is full function networks on both sides Connections lost in most time😣
Divakar Neupane
Great application and the new design looks good. As a suggestion, please add true dark mode (i.e. black) for us with amoled screens. Also would be nice to have chat bubble notifications as an option.
Mihailo Crkvenjakov
I have problem loading the GIFs in my viber account. Be it in the my phone or pc, the GIFs option does not load any GIFs and even those sent to me by my friends face the same problem. please help me with this.
Utsav Dhungana
very disappointed! how on earth I can't log in my harvest island games!??? and it won't connect in to my viber login ? did you all know this? is someone hacking my games!!!!!!! please fix it!!!! I wasted money on that games and I will sue you all!!!!!!!!!
An Alarcon
I'm using Viber Call and am disappointed. Most of the times there's no connection at all, so I have to reopen it to get connection. Secondly once the call is on, most of the times the other party doesn't hear me, so I have to redial. Time to fix those Viber!
Tim & Tom
There is an awfull high pitched shrill sound in video calls and clls on speakers and this happen every time no exception despite our good Internet connection and speed app just vant be used anymore. also when i receive a call and that call interrupt my game (Real racing for instance) when i close viber after call end i have to restart the game and sometimes the phone to get the sound of that app or game back.. This is something that wasn't happening before please fix it
I'm done wirh giving a good rating to Viber. These devs cannot make a decent update. Lates one kills CPU and battery on mobile. Analyics/telemetry on by default, backup notification spam app, every week you need to select no backup.
Saša Šimunović
Has annoying notifications (new stickers? I don't care!) and keeps pestering me to backup my data even though I keep saying no. Also doesn't respect phone settings for volume/silent mode.
A Google user
Great app! My only 2 problems with it is that you need to download videos in order to watch them, and for some reason there is no way to save pictures sent through the app.
Faraaz Nadeem
What is going on with that backup? How many times do i have to decline? I DON'T WANT ANY BACKUP! Make that option permanent. And change that annoying double check, it is hard to see if message is read. Only good thing is dark theme.
Emil M
Viber has been my second daily messageing platform. Great work guys, however the dark mode is not in my app on my samsung Tab S3 even if I have already updated it. Any suggestions?
A Google user
I found a bug. When you are deleted from a hidden chat there is no possibility to delete this chat on android. It happens because when you're deleted from a chat You have no access to chat info menu. Please fix it.
Артем Медведев
This app is amazing!We can talk,send photos,voice message,video call and so on.But I don't like one that is we can't make group video calls.
kokyaw gyi