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Personal stickers for WhatsApp screenshots


To begin downloading the APK file of Personal stickers for WhatsApp 1.11 ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of Personal stickers for WhatsApp move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Personal stickers for WhatsApp is better compared to other free Communication app and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Personal stickers for WhatsApp "1.11". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Personal stickers for WhatsApp on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Personal stickers for WhatsApp 1.11.

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Send any image from your phone as a WhatsApp sticker


What's new for v1.11

-- create custom sticker packs from your files
-- share your packs to other users

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Version Min Android Version Date Size Download
1.11 LatestCurrent4.2, 4.2.2 - 9December 6, 20182MB
1.104.2, 4.2.2 - 9November 15, 20182MB

Reviews on Personal stickers for WhatsApp

It just doesn't show up any folder with PNG-images in my smartphone on it but some. I don't know why that happens, and when it comes to create a pack with images on the gallery just don't show all of the PNG files... I only use PNG pics. But it's pretty good though, I'm really appreciating it. Resolve that little problem and that will be fully alright.
A Google user
Great app. Improving day by day. One small suggestion. Allow the user to delete any pack from the app, if he wants. Because it is scanning all the folders and adding packs, some of which I dont want to use as stickers. But I could not remove them unless I delete those images from the phone's storage. Hope you hear me.
Rafi SM
Amazing app to add your own images as stickers. Just save your pics (min 3) in either png or webP format and then save them in a subfolder in your Downloads folder. Then your 'sticker pack' should appear in the app, ready to be added to WhatsApp. The only problem is that some sticker don't get installed cuz of an error, and the app doesn't tell you how to fix it. Other than that, perfect.
César A. Morillo
Good App, easiest sticker maker to use. Would like give it five stars, sometimes the stickers that has been added disappear. I found the solution, it seems this app need run in background to keep the stickers. Thank You!
Super App.. Just one suggestion, It's just shows created by "You" when we click a sticker in WhatsApp, There should be an option to Add a customised text there... After the recent update we can add name to a sticker app. But it still shows created by "YOU". There's no option to change that. And also there is no option to delete a sticker pack.
Midhun Unni
I created some stickers, and then started to show them to my friends; however, after pasting the third one, they just became invisible. I still see them in my gallery, but when I tap on one of them, nothing appears on the WhatsApp conversation, only an empty space. Is there a fix to this?
Gustavo Bonanni
To all the people who are giving it a bad review, please note that in order for this app to work, you need a png format ( actually just the extension, so even a simple rename would do) file of the image you want to load as a sticker. Admin please make this instruction a little more clear.
It's great, but it crashes very often. sometimes I add a folder of 5 or 6 files and just 3 or 4 get added successfully. then I uninstall and reinstall or just clear the cache and try again, try with the exact same png files, and the ones added successfully are not the same as before. tried like 15 times until I got to add all of them at the same time. again, I did not modify any png files in the process, so I think it's just random
Eric Rozán
Need a lot improvement, 1. Add the edit option to cut, erase picture backgroud. 2. After editing we can save to png so we can use it directly. 3. Need more space in one pack for more sticker to save. 4. Can deliver or share our saved pack of sticker to other contact. If developer do this i'll change my rate to 5 star specialy only to U!
Disky Hardian Boer
How many stickers can be stored in one folder? How to make new folder? Currently I have approx 30 stickers in the folder, and I'm unable to share the new ones which I just created. They are not appearing in the sticker icon at whatsapp, but are visible at this app. Please help.
mahesh dhir
Can not add all PNGs, it would show only 2-3 from almost 15 PNGs, tried with different size in KB and in Pixel but still some images are not reflected, I did not find any specific instructions regarding specifications of the PNGs that can be used as stickers, if anyone or Developer have any suggestions then please tell me. Thanks.
Rakesh Darji
Neat. The app is nice enough to provide notices about some limitations of WhatsApp's sticker implementation. I do wish it offered the option to install bigger packs by splitting them into smaller ones. Let's hope that WhatsApp continues developing stickers and allows for animated ones and a less restrictive limit.
Pwnage Block
A great start. But it's just, how do I modify the folder? There are some more folders that I've own but aren't shown here. What's more, some of them just show only a part of pictures instead of teh whole pictures in that particular folder.
Fathi Chan
This app is great. Does its job very well. 👍👌 Please add a feature to add sticker pack's publisher name instead of "You" & tag emojies to stickers. And also feature to select custome tray icon & when adding whole folder as a sticker pack feature to change pack's name instead of "Stickers". Thank you.
A Google user
I do like the app actually..... I kinda make alot of stickers 😅 didnt realise it n got tired then....i wnt to put into another album stickers bcoz it can not contain more than 30 stickers.....had to delete/remove whole album frm the whatsapp itself ..sooo how i wish u guys make one album(which hold all the stickers tht made), then can select them freely n put into another pack album stickers...also pls add abt can select which stickers we want to delete too ( as in choose which stickers,not the whole pack stickers to be delete) I do hope u guys do something abt it.sorry complain...its really not quite convenient.i wnt it to be organize and have the options like tht.
A Google user
noice!!! edit: it appears to be a problem, which some of the file images (stickers) can't showed up when sent, and only showed transparent squares. Is there any fix or this? Was it because the resolution is too low for 500x500px?
Machida Ueno
Good . I want to tell haters that To use this app you must have some .png files (to create sticker) but some dumb users dont know about it.This is very good app i use it... Just add support for multiple whatsapp accounts I'm using 3 whatsapp accounts but i can ads sticker pack to only original account.. pls resolve the issue I will put 5 stars
Niket 99
It's not showing all of the images on my phone to add them as stickers. Just a handful and that too in different folders. I can't create even a single new pack, as at least 3 images are required but the app can't find em
Chaitanya Bhardwaj
The app is nice enough to provide notices about some limitations of WhatsApp's sticker implementation I do wish it offered the option to install bigger packs by splitting them into smaller ones. Let's hope that WhatsApp continues developing stickers and allows for animated ones and a less restrictive limit....!
This app is always import the sticker in my WhatsApp original app but i want the destination in my WhatsApp Business... Please add an option to choose the destination when we are using Whatsapp.... And one more,,, this app doesn't work if we are using GBwhatsapp or Whatsapp Mod that although Already support stickers feature....
Putra Ahmada
It works! For those who gave bad reviews, I assume y'all didn't do it properly... It has to be png format with transparency and also each folder in downloads is a pack. It updates once a new png is added to the folder.
random guy
Sticker frequently deletes itself from what'sapp for no reason. The amount of time I need to add the sticker again and again is frustrating, especially I have a lot of sticker pack. You guys better fix this !
Celes-3 Production
You can't actually choose your photos from the gallery, so this app is basically pointless, also... all of this is inferior to what we have on telegram, from a company like Facebook I expected better.
Pregno 21
It's nice that the app recognise the images without background and turn them into stickers by itself. But it's absolutely awful that only 30 of my stickers are allowed to appear on WhatsApp, what makes send the stickers to myself through WhatsApp, delete them from this app and save as favourites as if they weren't mine. And when I try to create a sticker pack, it doesn't allow me to select the stickers I have, only full images. Not that useful.
Mayara D.
this do not allow to all images to convert in stickers. on some of of my pic are shon in app tu to convert in sticker. i have try to resize some of my pic but they are still not accessible. please resolve this and guid me how can i convert any of my image in whatsapp sticker. thanks.
A Google user
I used this app for making mu own stickers with my bestfriend, it's really useful! We both have the same stickers of our art and I want to share it to everyone that they want some. Thanks!
Devy Relliani
The best app to add my own stickers. No complaints at all but I think there should be an option to choose option from where the png will be picked. I mean by default download is okay but if we get more option to choose the directory it'd be better
Prakash Roy
This app need a PNG file, not JPG/JPEG image that usually came from photos/galery. So you need to Convert them. Perhaps adding converter inside the app will help those stupid people that didn't read the in app notice at bottom side of the screen. (Or the developer should move the text into top side of screen, so those stupid people would know what the requiremend) Waiting for version that can use gif as animated sticker
Alkaf Muhammad
just the one i need, you can make custom sticker packs to add to whatsapp, put your own png files in folders, it'll appear in this app. Don't put too many files in one folder, 20 should be good
Harianto Lie
I'd give ya 5* if u can fix the sticker previews because, it keeps disappear or keeps on loading for a long time after a several minutes been used, i couldn't choose from all my cust. Stickers cause the previews are suddenly banished, pls fix this
There is literally no functionality apart from enabling you to import stickera from your gallery to whatsapp. You can't create packs in any way that is comfortable, can't remove unused stickers, can't organize stickers into folders...
Noga S
I'm unable to add sticker to Whatsapp. Reason for which I don't know .I have more than 3 PNG file in one folder. I want the developer to fund the reason and fix my issue
Priyank Jain
You need to let us browse our folders and Sd cards & also it needs to be able to recognise more pictures. Pictures in the same folder as the ones which appears in the app are not comming up and I'd like a solution and maybe even a crop feature.
This is a great app. To save the stickers you like, and to prevent them from dissapearing, you can add your stickers to favorite. That way, the stickers wont dissapear. Hope this help u :)
Caca Haniyah
Useless. Doesnot do what it should. They ask us for whatsapp beta. Now why would any one downgrade their WhatsApp to the beta version. You need to upgrade the system. Useless.
Pinkesh Sanghvi
Awesome. this is what i was looking for. no need those bunch of apps of different stickers packs.. no limit to stickers provided by apps.. create your own packs as per requirements.. to enjoy unlimited stickers install this app
Kishor Jena
Can't detect all my png files, can only detect up to 12 folders only. Even tho I deleted my unused folders, it still can't show more. Please add setting option instead of 'search for sticker' option
It allows me to convert my images into sticker, but complete folders are only converted, further many pics of the folder are not converted dont know wht. Nor does it allow me to selectively delete or select
Niraj Shah
"ONLY THE FIRST 30 STICKERS ARE AVAILABLE IN WHATSAPP" in my album , got many pictures . I cant choose what sticker i want to put in whatsapp. Please make a new features for selecting picture to whatsapp . Thank you
Affiqz 7
didn't work for me.. No idea how to make this work, a tutorial would have been nice. In any case, it's the developer fault. Either it should work intuitively, or developer should've provided instructions