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Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader screenshots
Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader screenshots
Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader screenshots
Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader screenshots


To begin downloading the APK file of Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

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Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader is better compared to other free Comics app and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader "". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader

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Manga are Japanese comics(manhua) with various themes and unique styles. In Japan, people of all ages read manga not only younger audiences.

Manga Master is a free application for reading manga online.It’s updated every day and easy to use with the following features.

-More than 24000 free manga
- Variety of genres
- Auto update when new chapters are available
- Various manga sources
- Load image quickly
- Download manga to read them offline
- Many popular anime videos
You can also leave awesome comments on any manga to recommend to other guys!

Manga Master supports so many mainstream manga origin sources: Mangareader, Mangakakalot, Mangakiss, Mangapark, Mangapanda. More will be developed in the future.

Here are more than 24000 manga translated into English(español,Français) to read for free! All your favorite manga are here, enjoy them whenever and wherever with the best user experience!

What's new for v1.1.7.2

0.You can report inappropriate content in app easily.
1.Advanced search

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Version Min Android Version Date Size Download LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 8.0November 9, 20184.9MB

Reviews on Manga Master - Best manga & comic reader

I used to read Shonen Jump, and got hooked on Manga/Anime in middle School. Now I can finally read all the manga I enjoyed as a teenager without having all of the books taking up space on my shelf (Actually I need more shelves anyway lol) I'd appreciate it if the app could sort through the chapters better, and not repeat past chapters.
Drake Vladus
The best manga browser! Has many options for your taste.. Now it has advance search option to filter.. I can also download manga nonstop with this browser.. There are also manga sites to choose from..so if the default site is say site no1 and the manga is not updated there, then you may switch to site no2, or no3.. I just have a suggestion.. Please repair the way the title of the manga was read.. Some of the manga titles are too long for the space provided for it.. Say a manga has 4copies or 4different books in w/c you should read it in their order. The title is then written in for example: 123 13746 1736 - 1 >for book 1 123 13746 1736 - 2 >for book 2 123 13746 1736 - 3 >for book 3 You will read it in the browser as "123 1374...." >for book 1 or 2 or 3..you wont have clue.. You can still improve that part sir. Thank you very much for this app And God bless you.
Israel Estigoy
It IS a damn great app for mangas so far. I am reading bleach and one peace pretty activly since 2 days now and its not even soaking up my internet. Its a really great app in user prospective. Adds are not annoying at all infact I dont even notice them half of the time
Christopher Fiala
I used to enjoy this app until the other day then the lasest update came, all the shounen ai's and bl's were gone. It would have been better if you just put an age restriction policy and considered all the readers. Wish you could just bring it back the way it was, cause thats better. I thought I could keep using this app. It was a total disappointment.
What the hell? Why are all Shoujo Ai manga getting deleted? I know that the app is trying to get rid of inappropriate content but most shoujo ai manga are quite normal. You should take the reader's preferences into consideration. Also, when reading with the wi-fi on the app becomes slow and blurry. And some popular manga such as Shingeki no Kyojin and Promised Neverland take forever to update. I was depending on this app to read manga but it keeps ruining itself.
Yusra Ajttar
I gave 5 stars to EVERYTHING. I find this app awesome and it's easy to use. I can find litreally EVERY Manga in there. Just a little problem...there were some chapters which i couldn't open...and I'm sure it wasn't ANY Wi-Fi connection problem or stuff. Anyway I love this app, thank you soo much!!
Raven Queen 412
This app has a lot of manga i couldnt find on other apps. Three things I dont like: takes forever to download manga to read offline. When you read on wifi some or most of the pages dont load or are blurry and you cant see them. And finally whenever there is an error or notification it's in a different language and I can't see what is wrong.
Bobbi Preskitt
It's really good overall but needs a little tweaking with regards to downloading content. There is no way to mass select a set amount of manga. (as in from 100-150). Another issue with the downloads is there is no way to arrange the que. Other than these issues it is a great reader.
Haamin Hassan
I really like it, but there's a minor issue. I'm not sure if it's just Suicide Boy but when I was reading it some of the pages got blurry and it was really annoying. If this could be fixed, my review would be changed to 5 stars. Thanks!
Tapping the edge of the screen to change the page is great... when the directions you chose work correctly and when you don't suddenly tap an ad. Which takes you out of the app. And when you go back into the app, you're at a main page instead of the manga you were trying to read. I'm not even going to bother trying to learn the gimmicks here, screw this
Emilia Rudzinska
The only complaint I have about the app is that I wish with the search button I could just type in the name of the manga I want to look for. I could do that 1 week ago but now the future is gone. It just gives me a couple of options of the genres available and not the possibility of typing the name manually.
MMyraa M.
Contains a great collection of comics/manga that are updated and defintely sure to keep your attention for hours! Only complaint is the search function isnt as robust as im used to using. (typing title) unless i overlooked, but will def update if found
Cotton Ball
It's very effcient but I think you should try and update certain manga more often. Plus sometimes, pages become hard to read since the text is too small and it grts blurry. You should fix that
WhereIsTheInvsibleGirl Star
I gave 4 🌟 because the favorite list not sorted out by the latest, instead by how we listed and it stays like that and Everytime I have to scroll all the way down to check the updated manga. Second, not all my favorite mangas listed in the app. Anything else is fine.
I used to like it but the update ruined it for me. The manga that I'm trying to read won't show at all. And then they change the new search engine so now you have search according to the genre. You can't search the names of the manga anymore and that pissed me of. I want the old manga master back. Then I'll probably put 4 or 5 stars
Mercy Darlucio
1. The search is horrible.... Can't search the individual names in the search bar. 2.is the pages getting blurry a thing or is it just me? 3.generes that used to be there aren't there anymore. Shonen ai and the like. 4.but the search needs a second mention because why? 5.besides that it's your basic, decent manga app. The format isn't that bad either so that's there. Might change the review after update.
Noraskye 007
I like this manga app and it's almost as good as manga rock, the only problem I have is that new chapters for some anime, mainly one piece take forever to be released. I don't know if it's just me but chapter 924 isn't even on the app
Zaion Graham
I thought it would be the best manga website where i can read shounen ai's love story or bl's story. But how come it turned to be like this, so disappointing, I thought I could keep this app to read my favorite demographics yaoi but then it nonsense for me now since the things that I always wanted here is nowhere to find. But please I hope you can take it back to the old version, I wish so.
A Google user
I really want to rate this app five stars.. however, I am having some troubles from some manga comics from your app. Some chapters from the manga that I enjoy reading, the chapters are so blurry. I couldn't even read what they're saying. Please fix it and put more clearer and readable chapters.
A Google user
You will find no better manga app and I whole heartedly mean that. Kudos to whoever developed such a blessing. The app is so good it forced me to finally summit my first rating and review on the Play Store! Keep up the good work, you are doing a lot of Otakus out their a huge favor.
ShoNuff Valcun
I really prefer this app. It has a lot of anime. But the only problem I find is while downloading it gets stuck midway and the downloading does not proceed. And the notification of "manga master is downloading" does not go until i delete the app. Otherwise It is a great app. So pl consult to this problem...
Aqua regia
Why is there no option to reset your pattern? I forgot my pattern so now there is no way I can get into my acc, there is no "forgot pattern?" Message that there normally is on this sort of thing. So frustrating.
rosemary murphy
I can totally read mangas. My only problem is, the stories are limited. I was looking for a manga that I have read the half in computer already, but can't find it. Same goes for the other mangas I know and have look for.
Clarisse Dioquino
Fell in love with the app when I first downloaded it. I've been looking for a good manga app for a while now and I think I've finally found it! :D still on the first few days of use, so more feedback to follow~
lilly lin
Do you guys read the reviews? There are tons of manga missing from this app. It's going to be inappropriate that's why the app is rated 18+ We want a bookmark feature and a notification of updates feature. Your old app was way better than this pos
Eli G
The app had great options for yaoi manga but as soon as the thing for inappropriate content came onto the app. All the yaoi and shounen ai manga are gone the only ones are the ones I favourited. I feel that the app should be age restricted if there is gonna be such a problem with there being yaoi/shounen ai manga content, that some viewers may not like. Please fix this, the app could be so much better. I expected so much more from this app now i have to find another one that is better which is so difficult.
A Google user
This app is really good! There is one problem, however. Sometimes, entire chapters are blurred or pixelated so much that it's impossible to read.
After the last update they offer a chance to report offensive or violent content. It is a manga app! When I went to search for the same manga I read the day before, they were gone. Loved the app until this recent change. Looks like I am uninstalling it and looking for another manga app.
justins gal08
I loved this app but something went wrong. I was reading My Hero Academia and after reading quite far, I started reading My Hero Academia Smash. When I went to the main manga series again,it kept showing me the smash one. No matter how I tried it won't show me the main bnha manga.
Catherine Hollister
It's a cool app, but the search function needs to be fixed. I can barely find the manga that I want to read without scrolling through the app's entire collection. Really annoying. But the amount of manga that the app has is really cool.
Shawn Gray
Would give five stars if the ads didn't sometimes cover the actual panels. Other than that it's a pretty easy to use manga reader and I haven't encountered any problems that have broken the app
William Jordan
Horrible. Mangas always late. Now new issue when opening new manga chapters, only loads black screen with arrow. Checked 5 different manga with 2 different devices. Doesnt work.
Gerardo Padilla
The translation quality is great! I've been looking for manga apps but a lot of their translations are so poorly done that I can't even follow the story lines.
Alexandra Richter
I like the app but recently I saw you can mark manga as being inappropriate or offensive. If this app starts censoring it's uploads I'm definitely deleting it.
Sean Adams
Nice and clean app. No annoying ads and easy to use. If i can suggest few new feature: 1. Adding more tags: mature, violence, 18+ , crime, adeptation form novel. 2. Can show related manga in same genre/tags Thanks dev
Blasius Putra
I have always liked this app, however, as of late pages refuse to load and no matter what I do those same exact pages never load. This makes reading very difficult. And I can't download anything anymore either. Normally an amazing app, but these issues make me consider finding something else.
Megan Webb
Why did you remove most of the bl manga like killing stalking? Shouldve just put a warning or something. If it wasnt for this last update i wouldve given it 5 stars, the app has no issues running or loading the manga for me however i am disappointed in this update :/
Good app to read manga. Facing slowness while loading new chapter after completing a chapter. It takes few seconds and several swipe ups to load next chapter. I have good internet connectivity.
A Google user
Two reasons this isn't a full 5 star review 1. There's no BL/Yaoi category which is what I mainly read 2. The report a manga system sucks. I haven't used it yet because I disagree with the connotations it suggests. I think that it could be abused as someone could just report a manga just because they didn't like the manga when someone else wanted to read it but it had been removed. Overall I really like and regularly use this app but I believe that those features need to be included in the next update. I've only been using this app since August so I'm not sure what it was like before but these are just some improvements which I think would benefit this app.
This sucks. There's no BL or yaoi, annoying. I'm pretty sure I found it in the beginning, but then i never found it again. I'm dissatisfied.
A Google user