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To begin downloading the APK file of LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics 2.1.2 ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics is better compared to other free Comics app and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics "2.1.2". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics 2.1.2.

LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics Android app is the property and trademark from NAVER WEBTOON CORP. and all rights reserved by NAVER WEBTOON CORP.. You have given direct downloadable connection underneath to download the original free apk file.

It would be ideal if you know that we just offer the roginal and free apk installer bundle for LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics 2.1.2 with no changes or any modifications inside the .apk file for illicit exercises.

Note: All the applications and games are for home or individual utilize only. On the off chance that any apk documents download encroaches your copyright, get in touch with us. LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics is the property and trademark from the NAVER WEBTOON CORP. team.


LINE WEBTOON - The Best Way to Read Comics, Manga & Manhwa on Mobile

Join the largest community of comic fans with millions of readers worldwide.

- Read over 170+ Featured Comics such as Tower of God, Heroine Chic, Bluechair, and Siren's Lament every week for FREE!
- Discover over 7000+ comics in Action, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Superheroes, and more
- Mobile optimized scrolling for an uninterrupted reading experience
- Subscribe to your favorite series and never miss an update
- Download your favorite series and read offline
- Enjoy FX comics that feature sound and animation

For Customer Service: http://hyperurl.co/CustomerService
Website: www.webtoons.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/linewebtoon
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/linewebtoon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/linewebtoon
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/linewebtoon/

We are LINE Webtoon and we believe that comics are for everyone - for the tall and the short, the young and the old, the ninjas and the robots. We’re the home to thousands of creator-owned comics and continue to launch the careers of the next generation of great comic creators. We’re available anywhere, anytime, and always for free - because comics should have no boundaries.

What's new for v2.1.2

* LINE WEBTOON 2.1.2 Update Notice
- Minor improvements

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2.1.2 LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 8.1December 12, 201819.7MB, 4.1.1 - 8.1November 20, 201819.1MB

Reviews on LINE WEBTOON - Free Comics

I'm very mad you can no longer take screenshots. I actually used to convince my friends to read Webtoons by sending them screenshots! I absolutely love Webtoons, but now I'm really disappointed with the app because of this. Also, everything on Webtoons used to be free with just an ad can at the end, and that's what set it apart from other web comic apps. But now they added a feature where you can pay to view episodes faster. I'm scared this may be only the beginning of several paid features.
Melissa Pepper
I hate people being angered over the coins. Everything going on in the world, including the majority of advertisers becoming more and more strict, ad revanue just does not cut it. Not only that, but fast passes support creators as well as giving you more time to theorise about things before you can release it. Please, do all of us a favor and dont complain about coins. Those with fast passes still have to wait for new updates, plus we have to pay for it.
William Harrison
The app is very easy to use and filled with original stories to read. I'd give this a 5 🌟 review, but whats holding me back is some things in latest update. The biggest one is fast pass, where people have to pay 💰 so they can see the lastest installments of certain comics sooner than the general audience. It actually makes me scared to go through the comments in fear of seeing a spoiler. The second thing is the sudden disability to take screenshots. I don't understand why these were implemented
Auden The Ice Dragon
This app is great! Im glad I downloaded it, if your worried about the adds, dont, they arnt pop-ups, they are just there. (edit) I love the new update! Im glad I can subscribe to more than 100 discover storys now! I do belive some people need to calm down on the coins, I think its a nice addition to pay money if you want to quickly go on to the next page! Because without the coins you would still have to wait 7 days!!
Fire Lynn
This app is easy to use and great to read from, and full of great original comics for fans of every genre and art style. With a lively community and the option to support the artists and writers you love with ad profits, Webtoon is great! My one negative point is the new coin system, where you have to pay to get the latest episode of the comic, but they soon turn free so it's no big deal.
Polly FuzzyCat
It's a great app but I have a little suggestion. Can you add a webtoon wallet or something like that which can be payed in 7/11 stores or any particular stores worldwide? or maybe pay through GCash here in Philippines? I really want to purchase coins but I think it needs credit card and I'm doubting the payment methods. It's also warned there that you can't cancel it. So, I'm really afraid to go further in the transaction. Try to think of an easy way for everyone to purchase coins please. Especially for students like me.
Khryss Dale Lumaday
Wouldn't mind paying the fast pass once in awhile but it won't allow me to even purchase it one time. Keeps saying "server error". I've restarted my phone and reinstalled the app. Still doesn't work. Looks like Webtoon is gonna lose a lot of customers over this. Hate seeing good apps go to trash over money. Oh well!
Ariel Powles
it was actually great at the start. I enjoyed reading it and i actually had fun that i can read amazing comics drewn by amazing artists. The only problem is be more specific on your name. 'free comics' where it's not really free because you have to pay for the next episodes or wait for 5 days to read it. I know its worth the wait but I'd rather prefer to wait for the updates than the 5 days wait or pay.
Christienne Faith
I like that it never asks you to write a review lol. Jk... The comics are super good!!! The authors do great job, and necer cease to amaze me! I love how anybody can make a comic! Comics come in multiple languages. I recommend Unordinary, Tower of God, God of Highschool, Sirens Lament, Safely Endangered, Cat Loaf Adventures, and Watermelon! The authors are very nice and try their best, and make you laugh, cry, feel anger, whatever emotion you can imagine!!! So PLEASE read those comics!!! 😁👌👌👌
Ayla 15
I'd like to add on something here.When you delete the app,and re download it,you have to find from where you left off.And its been really stressful trying to go back and find your place.I switched phones and now I can't find my place again.Though I'd like to say to please include signing in with your email and such,I'm sure you guys have that in mind.other than that,its a really good app.
I love this app. It has really good comics and NO ADS! (watchable ones anyway) It keeps me occupied and takes up a lot of my time. Most comics have their upload schedules written in their bios as well. Sadly, even though my notifications are on, I never get them. That is why I only rated 4 stars.
I honestly really enjoy this app. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to wait three weeks without paying. You wait one. 3 weeks for three episodes, yeah. But think. When they buy fastpass, it makes them wait an actual 3 for the fourth to come out. Either way, nothing wrong with FastPass. (Other than spoilers, but that IS NOT WEBTOON'S FAULT.) It does crash FREQUENTLY, however. No bookmarks are saved when this happens So hour long episodes, like Tower of God, gets annoying. HEART!
Tyler 'Schnitzel' Schultz
Fast Pass is going to be the ruin of Webtoons. Sure you can fast pass up to the newest episode but what about after that. Now you can fast pass one episode a week to stay caught up or wait 3-4 weeks to catch up normally. Once you fastpass you cant go back for most people. It will also cause fans to drop off at a faster rate if they did fast pass. I'm immediately going to go one star this app till they remove this nonsense and sadly may not come back to a webtoon I absolutely love cause of it. :(
Tiler Brock
I really like this app and it was great and all when I first downloaded it but recently it does not notify me anymore when there is a new update, won't allow me to download chapters and a lot of them won't even open. Please fix this as soon as possible. Edit: it happened again -,-
Ari a
If you're going to lock content behind a paywall, at least give the option of a subscription. If you need money that bad you could give us the option of watching ads to make coins for free. That way you get more ad revenue, and those of us that can't (or won't) pay still get to read our comics.
aimee debert
It is an excellent webtoon app, the coin thing is the newest thing for me (I used this app even before that) we don't have to pay anything to read it unless we want to read some webtoons quicker so it is still good but i have a problem i always download webtoons but now when i download webtoons i can see it in downloads part but i can't read it cause it says "you should read more online" will i be able to read offline again. And if you can add bl and gl genres it'd be more usefull :)
billoria cipher
it is really good!!! i love being able to read so many comics with such ease! I even want to make my own comic!!! although, i find it kind of tedious that in order to post a comic, you have to go to the computer version. I, for example, primarily use my phone because my computer is currently not working and it us easier for me. it would be nice to be able to post comic strips on the app. it would probably also be easier for some webtooners(?) to post when on vacation or away from the computer.
Rocket 721
Great app truly it is but now they have made it to where you have to purchase coins to read certain chapters before they apparently become "Free to read" I chose this app because it was optional if I wanted to be a premium member or whatever but I could still read all the webtoons anytime I wanted. We already have to wait for the release of chapters by the creator now we have to wait even longer just to be able to read them?? that's messed up and totally not what this app used to be about.
Kayla Langley
this app is so perfect sometimes I just wish I could kiss it!!! the stories are well written and how they are presented is perfect, my 2 favorite stories are Oh Holy! and UnOrdinary, If you get the app and see this review then those are the first 2 that you should read!! Awesome app
The Arabella Show
the coin system is okay but IT'S WAY TOO EXPENSIVE and you got like a dozens of comic to read, each fast pass chapter require 5..at least give us option to either pay or watch ads to gain coin,it's not because i couldn't afford but it's because i read a LOT not just one or two comic.. 4.99 and i can only read 10 chapter? we know you make a lot already so please lower the price or give other option,beside you'll also gain a lot from ads.. geez everything is greedy nowadays no more simple or fun
It's suprisingly really easy to use. There is a wide collection of stories with different genres to suit your taste. The app gives you a bunch of suggestions too which I personally love. You get to support your favorite authors by subscribing, liking their updates and even leaving a comment (you might even get the chance to be top comment). Some webtoons include soundtracks which makes the reading more enjoyable for me. Overall, this app is AMAZING!
Sarah Haque
it has a variety of awesome "comics" to where they should become an Anime now, its really awesome, i would really suggest anyone this app if they're looking for a relaxing yet awesome time to jus sit back and read, and the main story on there is obviously the reason i still have this app
Hawaii BOiis
The comics and readability are great! That I'd give 5 stars. Ad's here and there: okay I can live with that. Intentionally holding back episodes for 3 weeks and make us pay for it is what is a no go. Thus the 1 star, would give 0 for it if I could.
Yannis Vogel
i loved this app I've been using it for 1-3 years already and the only reason i loved it becuase it was unique it was "free" and created content from author's it was an open source. im not saying it isnt now still is but ever since the fast pass i let it slide at first but now that unOrdnairy got fast passed i got extreamly pissed the only reason ive been using this app for becuase their was no money needed to put into to read more. Also dont buy FP youll get into another cliffhanger.
I downloaded the app rather than reading through my browser with the promise that I'd get 3 new episodes, but you don't know you have to pay for them until you download it. App crashed constantly, too. Going back to browser.
Vertigo Zero
It's addictive and has many stories to check out. I do have a problem with the website where I can upload comics. I put the password into my account and it titled as incorrect, but when trying to change the password it said that the password I put was the one it has. I made a new account and I still has a problem with the password. I even resetted it and it still doesn't work.
Lowca % Studios
I love the app but lately it's been crashing and it suddenly comes out of the chapter and when i go in the chapter again it starts from the beginning. nothing major but it's still can get annoying. and about the screenshot policy, i get why it is there but i would like it if i could do it. Sometimes one scene is just too beautiful or too sweet not to take screenshots
emma symlone
Hi! I always read comics from this app and it's always amazing. I also want to translate some of my favorite comics into my comfty language, since it has been kind of my hobby. I hope I can translate the stories on mobile phone since I have little access to the computers and laptops. That's all, have a great day! ^^
Carine Boo
this app is great! there is many different stories and genres depending on what you like! and they upload daily. I think aome of these are better than comics about superheroes! you get sucked into reading and binging them. and its easy to use! 9/10
Lana Animations
I love this app! it does mess with your sleep scedual, but its SO worth it!(you dont have to mess up your sleep scedual, its a personal choice. the only reason why you would want to mess up your sleep scedual is to read the updated post INSTANTLY! buy now, they have fast pass wich is pretty cool) i spend HOURS binge reading these comics! the artists and writers are amazing, too!
Emerald Griffins
Overall, you can say that I am in love with this app. But I have a slight problem with just one thing, that you didnt gave a chance to free users to get Fast Pass. What i am saying is that, just add an an option to see ads and collect 1 coin for Fast Pass. I jope you'll look into this idea. Thanks.
Rushil Anand
It was great until the coins were added, i dont have the money to buy coins. The reason i originally liked webtoons was because you didnt have to pay to read, and now its like all the other comic apps which really sucks.
Proxy Error
Hey, can you guys help me? I purchased the coins but my first purchase didn't get me the coins even though i received an email. I tried the 2nd time and I got the coin but i still haven't received my first purchased.
Buff Riceball
I........... do not only love this app, i am in love with this app! All the comocs are great, qll the characters are so likeable and this has become one thing i can really look forward to for my next day. If you aren't sure if you want it, try it you will NOT be disappointed!!!!
Elise Schall
If you had money then you can view all the comic's eps without disruption. 'cause nowadays they put pricetag for every eps. you want to view.OR you can wait for 3 WEEKS to view that eps. for FREE . Pathetic!!! If you need money so badly GIVE US SOME SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS
A Ju
I really do enjoy this app, I haven't really had many problems with it, but I think there should be a way to turn off music while reading I didn't realize this until I had to have my bluetooth connected and I wanted to read at the same time. If there is a way to do this I couldn't find it in the help section.
Joejo Kaleimomi
Its great except the fact that when a new comic comes out after waiting the time it says it will come out it says "coming soon" ive been waiting an hour after the time said it would be out and its still not out, im dissapointed.
Little Dumpling
I really enjoy the website and using the app; it has fantastic content. But it crashes far too much on android to warrant a higher rating than this. if an update fixes the crashing issue I'll give it 5 stars.
Wayne Keen
Incredible comics. Each one has a specific release schedule and is constanly updated. I love this app. Different art styles, many different comics, the perfect app for a constant reader. Definitely suggest it over other apps.
Rustlord Frankie
I absoluetly love the Web Comics on here, or atleast I think that's what they are? Anyways, it's great, any genre you can imagine is available there. The only bad thing is updating sometimes takes long, but I guess that is to be expectec since their not just books, their complete comics, drawing can be hard...
Red Roms