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CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient Latest Version 5.61.1 for Android

by Cheetah Mobile Inc in Personalization

Version5.61.11 year ago
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CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient screenshots
CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient screenshots
CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient screenshots
CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient screenshots
CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient screenshots
CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient screenshots
CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient screenshots
CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient screenshots


To begin downloading the APK file of CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient 5.61.1 ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient is better compared to other free Personalization app and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient "5.61.1". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient 5.61.1.

CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient Android app is the property and trademark from Cheetah Mobile Inc and all rights reserved by Cheetah Mobile Inc. You have given direct downloadable connection underneath to download the original free apk file.

It would be ideal if you know that we just offer the roginal and free apk installer bundle for CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient 5.61.1 with no changes or any modifications inside the .apk file for illicit exercises.

Note: All the applications and games are for home or individual utilize only. On the off chance that any apk documents download encroaches your copyright, get in touch with us. CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient is the property and trademark from the Cheetah Mobile Inc team.


?CM Launcher 3D, 4.6 high rating on Google Play!

With CM Launcher 3D you can get:

★More Personalized—10,000+ free 3D themes, 2D icon packs, live wallpapers and contacts themes to personalize your phone interface. 3D transition effects to redefine your stylish launcher.
★More Secure—Hide & lock apps protects your privacy.
★More Efficient—Quick search, intelligent app sorting and phone booster make your life more efficient.

?CM Launcher 3D is a slim, speedy, smooth and secure Android launcher!

Main Features

?Themes & Icon Pack Center
10,000+ 2D/3D themes (icon packs) are offered for your customization with different stylish menus, wallpapers, icons and contacts themes. Customize your home screen now! (Themes for Contacts module are only available on compatible Samsung & Google devices)

?3D Animation Effects
Powered by 3D animation engine with graphic effects, 3D themes and widgets, CM Launcher enables 3D transition, and will bring you a magic transition effects experience

?3D Themes & Live Wallpapers
3D widgets, 3D themes and live wallpapers customize the default menu interface, make your Android launcher stylish. Here you can find 3D Fidget Spinner, 3D Wolf, Transparent Screen theme and other new 3D themes

?Unity Themes & VR Themes
Install VR themes to feel new VR dynamic effects on screen. Play fun games on screen after applying game themes, e.g. 3D Christmas Pinballing theme

?Trending Themes
Lots of hot topic themes can be found in CM Launcher 3D, such as Hello Kitty theme, Shrek theme, Kung Fu Panda, Penguins of Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon & Monster vs. Aliens themes, etc.

?DIY Themes
Become a designer, change the UI on your Android launcher, DIY and beautify your own icon packs, themes and live wallpapers

?Hide & Lock Apps
Ensure security of your apps with CM Launcher. You can protect your privacy from intruder and hide & Lock apps in a special folder without rooting. Swipe to launch and unhide apps are easy to manage as well

? Boost your phone
1 Tap Boost is provided to boost your phone for a faster and smoother experience

?Smart App Manager
Automatically organize your apps into smart folders (app drawer) and batch manage applications to keep your menu tidy and organized

?Notification Reminder
It helps you access new messages (e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.) directly on screen

?Handy Toolbox
Flashlight, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, brightness and many more handy tools are at your disposal

Update:Cortana, the Microsoft’s intelligent digital assistant is available in CM Launcher 3D!
1. Voice input: for searching the web, translation and news.
2. Instant info: top headlines, restaurants nearby and daily itineraries.
3. Cross-device: connect and sync your SMS to your Windows 10 PC (Version 1703 or later).
Notes: Supported in certain countries only. Certain permissions and manual updates would be needed.

Contact Us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cmlauncher
Please send us your feedback via [email protected]
For business/designer cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact
Email: [email protected]; Website: http://launcher.cmcm.com

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

Notes: This app uses Accessibility services for HEV Light Filter function. It protects users who suffer from poor eyesight from HEV light exposure.

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Version Min Android Version Date Size Download
5.61.1 LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 8.0December 7, 201819MB, 4.1.1 - 8.0December 2, 201818.8MB, 4.1.1 - 8.0November 22, 201820.1MB, 4.1.1 - 8.0November 15, 201820.3MB, 4.0.4 - 5.0August 16, 201818MB, 4.0.4 - 5.0May 23, 201814.1MB, 4.0.4 - 5.0May 18, 2018 14MB, 4.0.4 - 5.0May 14, 2018 14MB

Reviews on CM Launcher 3D - Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient

this application, does not work . it keeps stopping on me, is getting to be so annoying. can you guys do something about it. I'm sure this app is a good app, but how can we find out, if it keep ... stopping on us. it does not work. so I hope you guys fix the problem get a better upgrade or something, do something. thank you
A Google user
Delyla is greatly appreciated for her time and effort in the past. I miss those late nights and flashing lights. Sorry honey 🐝 for poppin' off shots Willie Nillie thus creating the over expendature of military nectar Being able to be strong enough to have a better understanding of what could 🐝 or yet to 🐝 would be a great virtue I am yet to hold.
A Google user
what they should do is just charge a small price for this app so they dont ruin it with ads. I absolutely hate it because it forces so many ads and random garbage onto my freaking home screen by adding apps that are ads all over the place. get rid of that and make this app a paid app and I would like it.
Silver Game
This by FAR MY FAVORITE LAUNCHER... I'VE BEEN USING IT FOR 6 YRS NOW.... it was one of the only launches that does not slow down my cell phone and that does not give it a virus it actually speeds up my phone it makes it run a lot smoother unlike go 360 or other wants to denature definitely five chocolate cakes for this launcher!!!!! 🍀☘BOSS LADY☘🍀
Kimberly Calderon
Huge memory hog for a launcher. Developer recently removed some of the best features (lock screen, adj. icon size & cool effects) making them paid version only. Like a drug pusher, they get you addicted on the free stuff then force you to pay. And ads stay with the free version. ONE STAR!
Greg Kibitz
This apps old version is much better than this new version. The old version can apply the theme even in contacts and skin for the phone. This new version has no features like that. please fix this and ill give you 5 stars. Thank you!
A Google user
I have used this launcher for a long time and now all of a sudden you took away icons from the icon package that I no longer can use them cuz you're saying now that they have to go pro you have a CM launcher that's already a pro I can't change the size of my icons that's not allowed now anymore I'm very disappointed.
jodie swenson
Had this installed since 2017 and oddly this month it nolonger functions properly, I wouldve kept my rateing at 4 stars, But i had to take 1 star away, Because it changes my icons on my homescreen of the theme that doesn't match with it which it has never done before, Im a little dissappointed by it nolonger functioning normally, Because the themes of choice are so pretty for my phone, For people that are into creativity and or decorating.
A Google user
This app is invasive and dangerous. several ads start as soon as the phone is turned on, if a user is not careful they could accidently open one of these invasive ads. The ads are not only from unknown outside advertisers but from CM Launcher itself. do not instal this it is malware disguised as a launcher.
Still getting Ads with the Pro (PAID) version!! I paid not to get ads but I'm still getting them. Great Launcher but because of the proplem going to say bye bye to it. Oh well word to this wise think before you buy.
Dan Mac
hi CM team, why my shortcut to whatsapp contact is not showing on the screen while using cm launcher. my whatsapp contact shortcut is shown if I am not using cm. Any solution please? And many would surely like it more, if the frequency of ads is decreased. Thanks
Lenovo Phab
It has nothing but adds, pop ups when I'm trying to look at messages. Pop up ad icons too. It glitches and runs my key board slow. And the stupid, permanent add bar at the bottom. Cool theme, but waste of time if its running my phone slow.
Phillipa Cameron
Not my favourite, but the almost out of others that I've tried. Please give an option to keep wallpaper when changing the theme. Also, my system sent me a notification that CM Launcher caused my phone to crash, and it was right after an update. Please don't let this happen again
Yu-Wen Feng
Awesome... I left and came back cause the themes r the best, I don't like ordinary things cause I'm an artist, so keep up with the beautiful artwork please, thank u 😁
Pennie Michelle
Nice launcher and some good themes. But stick your launcher you know where with your VIP and monthly fees to use it. Price your product for purchasing not for renting the use of it.
Mike Mpo
it's the worst program ever interferes with all my other applications does whatever it wants whenever it wants does not follow commands very difficult to use I would rate it a zero if it was possible.
Steven Swift
i do not use anything but CM Launcher 3D. i tried it about 4-6 yrs ago and haven't changed since. give it a try and you'll see what i'm raving about !! five stars *****
Regina North-Padron
i like this app very much.. first i installed and i again uninstall aftet using for few months. but after uninstall this no other app can be able to replace this app. so again i installed this and started enjoying now.. great app
Princess Suriyaa.R.M
first of all... the first minute I downloaded this app it only has 80 mb, but a few minutes ago...it was already 99 mb!
Xija Cassandra R.Pascuam
I would've given it a five but it hooks at times and stops responding. Pls do something abt it. But it's awesome!.
Haleematus Sadiya Isah
honestly I dont wish it was never created I just don't like how it changes stuff plus the ads. I like it personally but there are a lot of things that bother me
randomo hoomano
this launcher is the best launcher i have installed this launcher is not like those launchers that doesnt have any special effects like the features of CM launcher has what effects you want on how you swipe your screen and it even has s night shift! other launchers doesnt have that. and you can even boost your phone by not installing any apps that clean your device. Its amazing! install it,and you'll know it!!
Jet Lim
i like the app but the ads and inability to control the night shift is annoying. I can turn the screen dimmer on but i have to buy cm launcher vip to turn it off.
Azrael Archangel
i should rate it for 5 stars but sometimes when i open my tab it doesn't have icon frames then it doesn't have any screen effects but the wallpaper is still good like this once i open it all my hidden apps are not hidden i can find it in all apps it have so many adds when im opening my hidden apps it will show add and all the screen is covered pls fix this its good..........
A Google user
mind blowing 3d themes!!!! Love it! It provides personalisation at high level and provides privacy that's what everyone love about cm
A Google user
Well, it's pretty neat. Not too complicated to use, and not too many issues. There are settings for disabling stuff you don't like/want. Nice themes. Lucky wheel is just plain stupid. Two problems, however. I don't like how it changes the app layout. It should keep your original folders and app layout. Lastly, sometimes when I unlock my phone, I cannot swipe left/right to see my apps. I used a 3rd. party task killer to make it work proporly.
Robo Puff
ruined my life die in a hole peice of **** took over my phone gives me random adds app is only in it for the money with adds
Agnès Damay
its pretty good though makes your phone a bit slower. and the adds are irritating. it makes your phone look very interesting
A Google user
My only real with the launcher is that since i downloaded a new keyboard for it, the new keyboard app has to learn everything all over again. On the other hand, the more i use it the better its getting. Im sure it'll be fine in a couple days.
A Google user
satisfactory no stress, little Ads but absolutely under control. Use it you will definitely like it. Thumps up!
Wilfred Iorhemba
I want a refund please. I paid for no ads but I still get ads. "Sponsered" ads or not, ad is an ad. No matter how small, from an icon to half a page. Give the customers what you claim to be selling, or dont advertise! Great app, but I rate this from a 5 down to a 1, you immediately lost me as soon as you dont back up what you claim to be selling; An ad free app.
It's an awesome app, no dout about it, there's wallpapers, themes(just more active wallpapers), you can customize almost your entire home screen with it, and there's even a little bar for flashlight and stuff. The only problem I'm having is you can't set a wallpaper, it's an option, but doesn't work. All around I'd say it's a pretty good app, has its issues, but I'd recommend it.
Collin Vandruff
only half the features will apply to my phone, I had to download ten other apps to get a skin for my contacts, and dialer, and keyboard. I'm sure for for some phones, it is everything it is advertised to be. I don't mind all the ads that come with it, I just wish I had the full launcher that is advertised, I mean, after all, if the ads pay for the improvements, then if I have to have all the ads that come with it, then I am paying for the launcher with my data, and the memory, and battery on my p
A Google user
I really like the graffiti wall theme and having the option of customizing my phone to have a theme I choose is nice. Though, navigating and having the option of customizing seems to be lacking. When going to the settings menu I would expect to be able to change my settings. Instead, there is a limited amount of settings options.
Brian Hughes
I love your themes the dialer themes used to work on my phone and know they don't it will only let me have my phone app that came with the phone app. I don't get why? I went through all my settings and there's nothing on there to change it and the CM launcher settings don't have anything in the settings to turn on the dialer. Your dialers are the best but I just wish I could use them. I could for a while and all of a sudden I couldn't and I don't have any idea how to fix it.
A Google user
I like some of the themes but the app sorting seems to be too random in the placing of them. I also I don't understand why I am supposed to use the free AND the Pro version at the same time. Other than that the 3D THEMES / LAUNCHERS look good have a lot of options. Oh also l am getting a lot of stupid adds but don't know what their source is. Thanks
Chris Nicassio
So, this is good, but, when it says that my battery will remain for 8 hours, it just seems to end in like 30 minutes, make it more exact, also why does it say that it is teen+ because it has violence, but it doesn't, it may have gun wallpapers but no blood no other stuff that is violent.
A Google user
My hat goes off to all the hard working people @ Google!!!. CM Launcher is one of the best launcher"s out there.from the first day Google put this app out there ,i was spectacle of what it had to offer 'much to my surprise' C M Launcher has never failed me. and the perfect plug in for this app is Cheetah keyboard. i found some amazing 3D wallpapers and keyboards that look excellent and i never stop getting compliments about my phone 's wallpaper. i change it almost everyday .i love them all
A Google user