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To begin downloading the APK file of Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji 10.47.177 ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji is better compared to other free Entertainment app and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji "10.47.177". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji 10.47.177.

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Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

What's new for v10.47.177

* First time using Bitmoji? Take a selfie to instantly create a Bitmoji that looks like you.

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Other versions

Version Min Android Version Date Size Download
10.47.177 LatestCurrent4.3 - 8.0December 7, 201846.4MB
10.46.1564.3 - 8.0November 29, 201846.1MB
10.45.2894.3 - 8.0November 15, 201846.1MB - 7.1, 7.1.1October 3, 201845.4MB
10.40.1044.3 - 7.1, 7.1.1September 17, 201845.6MB
10.38.1814.3 - 7.1, 7.1.1August 17, 201845.6MB
10.31.2024.3 - 7.1, 7.1.1May 15, 2018 35.7MB

Reviews on Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

I love my bitmoji!!! I took my time creating her and tried hard to make her look just like me. I did a great job! The difference between her & I is that she's way younger than me... but trust me, I don't mind that 1 bit!!! I use her all the time & appreciate all the different scenarios to choose from. I have made people laugh out loud & I even sometimes send her to myself! For ex.: to greet me in the morning when my alarm goes off. I really enjoy this app enormously!!!🤗💕👱‍♀️
Chris S.
every time i try to use a sticker, my only option is to "set up bitmoji". which ive obviously done otherwise i wouldn't have the bitmoji icon on my keyboard. when i try to set it up again, all it does is take me to the bitmoji app, with no further instruction. so i go to settings, set up, and it shows me the same thing, its a never ending circle. worthless.
Luke Palmer
I use bitmoji every night to visit my kids in another state. they all get a kick out of it and want to load it on their phone. I would like to see some of occupations like truck driver, machinist, waitress, policeman/woman, bus driver,, oil field worker, teacher, businessman/woman;, etc. it's really fun. others I've sent it to laugh and love it. Thanks for your splendid imaginationandxxv
A Google user
Looks just like me! Great appearance options, and the photo was super close to Bitmoji I ended up using. However, it definitely needs more eye colors, and the ability to layer a different color around the iris so you can make hazel eyes. It would also be better if I could save my favorite Bitmoji poses offline, for when my data's low. Still, it's super fun and all in all a great app.
Sarah Curry
there should be more hair styles for the latino group. I am a latino who has a good fade line up haircut, but the only faded line up haircuts on this app available are for African American males. also, too many lame clothes. need more dope clothes. and we should be able to choose what shoes to wear with what. for example, I should be able to choose from a list of shirts, then a list of pants separately, as well as shoes, watches, ear rings, etc.
A Google user
I love Bitmoji, but I have an android and you have to go to the app to use it, then type in the name of who you are sending it too. I got used to it. This morning, I went into the app and it offered the new keyboard. So excited, FINIALLY! As I typed, the bitmoji stamps would show up that go with what I was typing. I was so excited until I choose one & it threw it into a new text thread, I had to type in the names. I'll go back to how I'm used to doing it. Please make your app android friendly!
Danna Frederick
I love this app it is so good because I don't like having real pictures of myself as my profile pictures on any app so it is very safe to have these cute little avatars which nobody can identify you with but you can make it look like you. But here's a suggestion: It would be nice if you could add some accessories that you could hold like instruments, handbags or purses, maybe some weapons like a nerf-gun, a sword, just some accessories for a better look.
A Google user
I used to use Bitmojis all the time and in the past few months, I can see absolutely nothing on my app or my Chrome extension. Just broken image links. I have uninstalled/reinstalled. I have deleted my old account and created a new one. Your so-called support is completely useless and so I resort to commenting here to see if anyone can help me.
Sara Silletto
i had downloaded this app because i had got many good reviews abt it. after making my account, i took a selfi and stuff. then when you could customize it, it was an empty green screen and below that an empty white screen. i had no clue how my bitmoji looked. so i saved it and closed the app and opened it again. still no use. i tried uninstalling and installing it, i reset avatar, i went to my phone's settings and tried to clear data, but still no success. please fix it.
Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Have you tried reinstalling the latest version of the app today? Feel free to reach out if that doesn't work. Thank you for your patience!
The only problem I have is bitmoji won't allow me to use my same email and password when I change phones. There is no way to contact you to tell you the person is me. I'm upset about that. Otherwise, I love this app. It's alot of fun. I am on a new social media and would like to know how to put Bitmoji on my Smartphone. Ty. have a lovely day . God bless.
White Dove
Loved this app, but since last update it no longer let's me send text emojis from Message+, I just get a failed message. Too bad. I hope it is fixed soon. (Pixel XL). - OK, update attached functionality on Google Keyboard, which works, but my old bitmoji keyboard no longer worked. I had to uninstall and reinstall to remove old keyboard. Sort of a pain, thus only 4 stars. But I like having my avatar back.
Mark Chisholm
I have so much fun with it, some of them actually have the facial expressions and words that describe me, it would be awesome to see Bitmoji smiling gratefully, praising, the God Almighty. she has so many angry and ugly looks, I do recommend this app to others. Be well and be blessed, Debbie
Debbie Locklear
I really like this apo, however, i wouod find it so much more benifical if you could save your favourites. Often one searching i find some great ones i would like to use when apparent but have to scroll through many or forget about them. so being able to save unlimited would be great. I would like few more options for, have a nice day/week. Also have a save option foe clothes when tryong different ones, you have to try find the one you like once decided. I really like the app. Thank you
Natalie Mayers
Awesome! We need new of everything! More modren haircuts and color! More with eyeglasses. Different shapes. More with pet dogs, like different breeds. More sport things! Basketball, track, golf, volleyball, baseball, etc. Homecoming Court, Prom. poolside, ocean, picnics. Snow sports, fireplaces, rivers, streams. This is so much fun! we need more religious pictures. Churches, Crosses, bibles, different religious symbols, etc. Different arrangements of flowers. Keep up the great job!!!!! Love!!!!!!
A Google user
Love it! I love desingning my own Lil "mini me"! 😝Just wish it had more sayings... seems like when searching you can only find emoji pics for saying with two words or less. For example when entering: " Ok thanks!" the app may have something for that, but when entering: "Ok thanks, call you later!" app will state nothing found. Which means you will have to either send two separate emojis or write it in with emoji sent. But still a cool app!👍
One of my favorite apps to communicate with! It would be helpful if we could see the metadata of each bitmoji, what words you have to type for it to show up in a search. Typing couch doesn't get me the falling into the couch bitmoji, but I know it exists so then I have to go look for it. Thanks!!
Kimberly Usselman
How fun! So many personalization options! And a great variety of different Bitmojis to choose from. I wish the clothing options were easier to scroll through. Way too many sports themed clothes smack in the middle. And it's slow loading, refeshing & switching from page to page.
Julie Ward
this is awesome, how else would people be able to understand exactly what I'm feeling, without this!? And what is that..? I can add a somewhat relevant picture ro make it even more annoying too!!!!??? MY GOD how did I ever live without this piece of parc ! ❤❤❤
A Google user
I love Bitmoji. I wish it was easier to insert a Bitmoji when using my Android as compared to when I used my iPhone. When texting on the iPhone there was an icon I could tap & my personal Bitmoji's would appear making them handy to use. With the Android I have to exit the message I am creating & go to my Bitmoji app to find the one I want to send along with the message & insert it either before or after I send the message. If I'm overlooking an easier way to use it on the Android someone please
Connie Flanery
Oops something went wrong!! That's all I keep getting from this app. I try to open the app and it won't open it just freezes. I did really like this app but now it won't let me in. I'm very disappointed 😞 I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it didn't work.
tiffiny brickner
Sorry to hear that. Have you tried reinstalling the app and restarting your device today?
I'm having so much fun with this app! it did get me to switch keyboards since Swiftkey didn't seem to support it. As an aside, I now use and love Gboard. in this app, the pictures are amazing, and quite modifiable. stunning options as an emoji alternative!
Gary Sylvester
I'm hooked after I found out they had my unique new hair color! Now I've made one on 5 friend's phones so they can all use one, too! Some of them have trouble getting direct access through their messenger's keyboard, but other than that it's awesomely fun!
Starri Gnostic
What fun! I like that this app starts you off by having you take a selfie of yourself and then you can tweak it wherever you want to your liking. I've had people tell me that the avatar I created looks so much like me that it's creepy. LoL 😂 Yes!!!
Charles Mulherin
My experince with Bitmoji has been great and I personally love bitmoji. I think that in the game bitmoji there should be a bit more to do. eg. be able to play mini games in the game. An idea to think about in future is to be able to add friends and be able to chat to friends amd things like that. Ohterwise I love bitmoji and recommended it to users.
Isabella Froemel
The app itself is wonderful. However, I'm having trouble with them on Snapchat. I realize this may be a thing to message them about, but I figured I'd also voice it here. Like, all I get are "!"s where thr bitmoji images should be.
zack williams
I don't like the clothes options. They are all very masculine and bland. Add some cute clothes! Like dresses and some Gothic options. For soccer they are missing Alot of countries such as Italy and France. So add more of that as well. Otherwise, it's fine
Crimson Rain
love this app! it's corny and funny and fun, and it works with all my messaging and texting apps. the random and unexpected stuff you find when you really go looking is hilarious. keep up the great work!! ps I never write reviews.
Lil Tuffy
Very fun and easy to use. Lots of different options to express yourself. I love the search function so you don't have to scroll and scroll through bitmojis to find the right emotion or expression. I love how we can design our own look and how much mine looks like me.
Kia Walker
i love it enjoy it. Add to personal touch. Thank you. Especially during football season Holidays Birthdays. Races all kinds of Sports. Anniversaries. It's just a lot of fun. Thank you so very much. sincerely Maryjo Simpson.
Jojo Elicha
SO FUN! LOVE how they're adding new ones all the time. My friends and I have WHOLE CONVOS WITH THEM SOMETIMES! ... I WILL TOTALLY UPDATE TO 5 STARS IF YOU ADD MORE LOOSE CURLY HAIR STYLES (like mid-length loose and big, and half-up, half-down) and MORE HIPPIE STYLE CLOTHES! LOL!
Tina Gamblin Parker
Enjoying bitmoji. However, wish they had more braid hairstyles and more of a variety of colors. Also, it would be nice if they could give more than three body types. Maybe include apple shapes, pear shapes, tall and long Etc.
Mya Meighan
lots of fun anf more expressive thsn emoji. jusy need more hair styles. I wear locks and i'm looking forward to more clothes choices, i live in Florida. We don't wear a lot of long pants. would like to see more femanine wear and colors in the clothes. thank you for the experience.
shirley spencer
It's very funny and fun. It has a lot of varietys. (Optional) you can hook it to snapchat. But the hard part is making it look exactly like you. I wish that you can just take a pic of your face and it would make it exact. It kinda does, but it ain't exact, you might have to go back and make a few changes. Also they don't have a variety of glasses.
A Google user
absolutely love this app. it is so much fun to use and the filters keep it exciting. Will always have Snapchat on any phone I have. also great way to take lots of videos and pictures and still save space on your phone.
Tianna Gangloff
You can't even change the haircolor or anything else. And if for some reason you can, it's super hidden and difficult to find out how. They also discriminate on age. They make you type in a birthday, and if you're over 20 it won't let you do it.
Lacey Yudiski
My Bitmoji could be my twin and the selections of emoji feelings, situations, greetings, temperament, empathy, sympathy and sometimes a jab of humor seem almost limitless. I have not yet failed to find just the right one to convey or punctuate my message.
K Burdett
I cant create a bitmoji..... After i login i continue with snapchat and them the app icon shuffles and i am suddenly back to the homepage which tells to log in with email or snap account...I need an answer from the admins here my phone is intex cloud jewel android 5.1 I had used this a year or two ago and it worked perfectly on this phone but now it shows internet connection issue and server down..... this is a really critical situation for this app as my friends could'nt CREATE bitmoji either.
stupd idiot
Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Have you tried reinstalling the latest version of the app today? Feel free to reach out if that doesn't work. Thank you for your patience!
Since finding Bitmoji, I find myself having to force myself to actually type Text messages. My friend and family are having the same experience. A Picture is worth a 1000 words and a Bitmoji is All that plus the emotions.
Beautiful Affair
it's nice set a personal message to anyone and bring a bring a smile in a little sunshine with the bitmoji, if you're reading this it will be to your advantage the bring some smiles and sunshine to the people you know! it's an excellent way I'm letting them know you really care. this is a Five Star product guaranteed. to make you and your smile!
Dennis Campbell
only giving 4 stars due to lack of cute summer outfits. I love my bitmoji, and use her all the time. but the clothes are more hipster to business. needs to let you chose tops and bottoms separately, there are no bohemian/ hippie style clothes and only 1swimsuit option. no cute sundresses available.
Pamela Dale