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To begin downloading the APK file of Amazon Prime Video ensure you pick one of the server areas beneath. Subsequent to downloading the APK file of Amazon Prime Video move the downloaded package to your SD card or your Android cell phone's inward memory and after that utilization any Android File Manager you want to peruse and install it.

But ensure you device empowered the third-get-together application establishment by going to:

Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable obscure sources > Tap 'Ok'.

Amazon Prime Video is better compared to other free Entertainment app and you are going to download exceptionally most recent version of Amazon Prime Video "". In this way, to begin downloading the APK record of Amazon Prime Video on your Android cell phone, we give coordinate download connect underneath to Amazon Prime Video

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Stream and download popular movies and TV shows including Amazon exclusives like The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, and Emmy award winner Tumble Leaf.

Customers in India can enjoy hundreds of Bollywood and regional hits.

Select titles are available to download at no additional charge.

App features:
-Download movies and TV shows over Wi-Fi or cellular to watch anywhere, anytime.
-Customers in India can enjoy hundreds of top Bollywood and regional Indian hits like Sultan, Baar Baar Dekho, Kabali, Dhoom series and more!
-View IMDb data about the actors, songs and trivia related to your videos during playback with X-Ray.
-Stream the first episode of select TV shows for free. First Episode Free videos include advertising before and during your videos.
-With Amazon Channels, Prime members can subscribe to over 100 premium and specialty channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax. Only pay for the channels you want, no cable required, cancel anytime. (not available in all countries).
-Purchase or rent videos from our catalog of hundreds of thousands of titles including new release movies and current TV shows. (not available in all countries)

What's new for v3.0.240.28441

Enjoy Amazon Prime Video in over 200 countries and territories around the globe!
Download movies and TV shows using Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

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Version Min Android Version Date Size Download LatestCurrent4.1, 4.1.1 - 8.0December 11, 201826.7MB, 4.1.1 - 8.0November 20, 201826.7MB

Reviews on Amazon Prime Video

Great app. Easy to access, and use. No issues with it's functionality. Sound is great. Visuals are of high quality. I'd enjoy being able to rate/review/comment the movies, and shows through the app.. I tried, but I think the reviews come from IMDb., and would mean I have to log in there, too much trouble. But, other than that, I am happy with my experience. Needs more Science Fiction movies in the library too. It's much better than Netflix.
Joe Perez
This app crashes more than any other app I have ever used. Period. Beyond that it is extremely slow functioning. Also I like to download shows to watch later since I don't have wifi at home. Sadly once a person has reached their download limit, this app is too poorly programmed to stop trying to download things so everything in my to be downloaded list become error files and need to be deleted and set up again. This happens everytime I use this app. It's the worst.
yeshua aloha
It works fine but the menu is terrible. There should be an option to eliminate movies and never have to see that title come up again as you are searching. also, recently added movies with Prime are generally old movies that no one wants to watch. new releases are not actually new. why isn't there an option for me to cast this to my television directly from my smart phone? either make this option available or don't charge for any movies at all
Email Private
I am enjoying many of the shows available to Amazon members. Unfortunately, the ap just makes them more difficult to find by allocating approximately 50-60% of the screen real estate to shows that you must purchase additionally beyond your membership. Like many viewers, I have no interest in these. I really wish Amazon would stop trying to push them so hard. I have already purchased the product I want now get the other shows out of my face so that I can enjoy it!
Singing Bananas
The fact that I open the app and get ads right away, frustrates me. the only reason I have this app is it allows me to watch the content I ALREADY PAID FOR on Amazon and have from my Amazon prime subscription THAT I ALSO PAID FOR. and I do not appreciate that my merely opening this app causes another random video to play. When I'm teaching in a classroom setting and I want to get a video ready for the next activity but I still want them to stay quiet for a bit longer, I do not appreciate this!
Emily Weir
their series are good but, the movie selection is terrible. Having to pay money to watch a 20 year old movie is ridiculous, even some series like Veep, you can watch the first 3 or 4 seasons great but when then you have to pay to watch last years season, same with other titles. to add a lot of thier series are Canadian or BBC . I'll keep the app only for the shopping experience, but as far as content I think Netflix or Hulu is probably a better choice.
Wireless User
I did not like it because y'all keep on putting Telgue,Marathi movies and I don't set a chance to watch any English or Hindi movie. you people are wasting my money and if y'all don't put any new English or Hindi movie I will take serious action. please do something about it. and now my holidays are going on and I do not have anything to do so please take action and remove any Telgue movie and put English movies because I don't understand any other language other than English or Hindi.
Nathan William
A perfectly decent video player. Downloads content well and quickly. The videos play well without any lagging and are excellent quality. The only reason I'm not giving five stars is i find the interface a little clumsy sometimes. It frequently takes up a lot of the screen. The full screen adverts for shows i don't want to watch when I boot it up are a little irritating and it can be harder to navigate around the content than perhaps it could be.
Reuben Williams
Years later, and still absolutely no support for the Google Chromecast. They somehow even prevent you from casting your entire screen when you are on an Android device. AND this is even somehow difficult to do from a PC, where you can generally cast almost ANYthing. Why do I even pay for this increasingly expensive service; Prime is less and less worth the expense.
Steven Andrews
"Oh, cool, I'll save these movies to a watchlist for later viewing!" Later: "This video is currently unavailable" "This video is currently unavailable" "This video is currently unavailable" I have watched a few movies using the app, but the revolving-door-library makes it hard to give it anything more than 2 stars.
Akshay Singh Jamwal
Pleasantly Surprised! I wasn't sure if paying a monthly fee for the ability to use Amazon Prime was worth it until I found out that it's not just for shopping! You get videos, tv, & music along w/the shopping. Then I found out that you can pay a few $'s more & get access to some premium cable ntwks too! I can now watch what would cost me much more to upgrade the cable pkg at my Apt. I'm enjoying the variety of "medias" made available w/Prime & I don't spend more than $20 month to do it... cool!
Kristine Park
Apps UI is not very good, first row should be currently watching, next wish list , then new movies then new tv, next should be recommended. The banner at the top needs to be removed and replaced with one two that make up the recommended line one for a TV show and the other a movie. options for these and others should be add to wishlist and add to play next list.
Brian Kenny
I love prime, precisely because it does not focus on big blockbuster movies that I can see anywhere and am not usually interested in. I like that harder to find films that are a bit off the grid often show up here. As they change their model and seem to look for more mainstream movies I will have to reconsider but for now I can get my fill of Christopher R Mihm films and other off the beaten path movies.
Joseph Richards
worst viewing experience. it defaults to her 4k then says my internet connection is too slow for 4k but won't let me choose another resolution. I tried to read the closed captioning but it went by too fast so I tried to use the rewind function, that was infuriating. why is there no 10 seconds back function or 30 seconds? please fix these problems for a good rating
Yes! Finally! Finally You people listened and at least updated the search which now actually shows all the movies when searched you searched for a particular language, genre or artist. But your genre and language categories still doesn't shows all the movies that are available on the website. I hope that with the next update you people will aort this out too.
Jaydevsinh Raol
I have been an Amazon member for awhile,music,prime video,and shopping on Amazon. The one thing I don't like about Amazon prime video is the auto play doesn't work I have set it up but it doesn't work my CBS app autolay work's great. Maybe Amazon can fix there's, in the settings menu you have to turn on autoplay which I did but it doesn't work.
linda mcclure
Unable up CAST the show to my TV because apparently Amazon doesn't like playing nice with Google. Have to use the laptop connected to the TV which means using remote apps that barely work to control the laptop or getting up whenever we need to pause/play/change shows. Just saying, it would be easier to just Cast the show but this app doesn't do that due to corporations ridiculous fueds. It's amazing what technology can do but terribly sad as to what it CAN'T do due do human pettiness.
J. Allen Rager
If this app was a puppy, i'd choke it. Dont get me wrong, Amazon prime video is 10/10 service, great collection of shows, the UI is beautiful and i can still get past the fact that there is no chromecast support. but when the DAMN app crashes every 10 secs, tells me theres no wifi even though my tablet is connected and takes me to the download section, makes me want to pull out my hair, im a very patient person but this persistent nonsense caused me to punch my trusty tablet and break my screen.
Crab Synth
the app is great, ui is cool. but the collection of movies and series, come on. and honestly i haven't gotten anything that i have typed in the search bar, not even once and yes i realise that you have to type everything exactly as it is. This could be so much more...
Vipul Singh
Downloads dont work offline. I downloaded the latest Grand Tour episode last night. I get on my plane today and it says I have to connect to the internet to authenticate the episode before I can watch. Same thing happened with season 4 of Carastrophe. I have a screenshot but can't upload it here.
Greg Ryan
Correct me if im wrong, but amazon doesn't categorise the shows you are CURRENTLY watching; I can only ever see recommendations, even on "your videos"- which seems like the perfect place to list all recent watches. Netflix has done a better job here, maybe amazon just don't want us binging seasons!
Oli Hangartner
It is a great app and has a lot of movies and also includes the latest movies. I would recommend to download the app, very helpful when you are bored. THE ONLY DRAWBACK I FEEL IS THAT IT DOESN'T INCLUDE THE OPTION TO CHANGE PLAYBACK SPEED IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL AND DESERVING 5 STAR IF U CAN INCLUDE THAT FEATURE.
Shreyas DG
Buggy as [email protected]!k. One would expect Amazon to deliver high quality apps, if not the highest, but no they deliver garbage. I have a mediocre Samsung s9+ phone, and I can't navigate through the movie properly. Clicking the playable area just shows the expand to fit or crop options and I can't pull up the play controls.
Matt Bemis
I loved this app for all of a week before it all went bad. It worked perfectly on my tablet and I could watch my content and be happy. There were no audio or playback issues, until last week. Now I can't watch a show on my tablet because the playback pauses every 10 seconds or so - audio and visual. I've tried clearing the app data, uninstalling and re-installing and sending feedback every single time the app stalls. I've heard no response on the issues I'm having. This app sucks!
Suzi J
I dont have anything bad to say about the content or the price. But get over yourselves already and enable casting. IDC if Google hurt your feelings. Grow up. Lack of casting is the biggest reason i typically choose other things to watch.
Andrew Nordstrom
Stop the trailers. I don't want to watch Hanna no matter how much you try to brainwash me into watching it. Before every episode i have to endure this. Would you rather I cancel the service or give me the option to turn off trailers?
Harshone M
I signed up to Prime so I could catch up with The Expanse as it's now moved from Netflix, plus Good Omens is coming. Then I found out i can't use my Chromecast so need to use a workaround via my phone. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to watch as it stutters and buffers all the time. I've tried watching by casting from my desktop, but that's not much better. Even watching direct on the desktop suffers from occasional stutters. This isn't an issue with my broadband as I can watch Netflix any way I choose with no problems at all. And before anybody suggests it, I'm not buying a firestick when i already have a Chromecast.
Nigel Roberts
Wirh a TBI. its tough to follw even sinplle instruction This was implemented to be CLEAR! As to actions requested i.e. Are you sure you want to exit? simple to 99% of the World. For a TBI survivor. Much appreciated!! Thanks OBAMA!! lol. GoD Bless yall Amazon Prime! C .K .B ATLANTA GA.
Aaron Boston
Amazon Prime is All I Need. I have watched the most amazing array of movies on Prime; that I otherwise would have missed. And mini series: Schitts Creek, Indian Summer, Orphan Black, The Hand of God, Sneaky Pete, Catastrophe, West World, & I love BBC & Indi. And Masterpiece Theater. I have the greatest collection of shows. Never have issues... Never.
OC Strangest
So many more good things to choose from than Netflix, and I didn't even know this existed with Prime. My friend told me you get programs and films with Prime; I only signed up for priority delivery. Very nice extra!
Selesnya Conclave
It is great but it can still be improved for phones with notch displays as it is still not covering full display and even the subtilte should be allowed to adjust while playjng the video( some shows are having unsynced subtitles). Please allow to change the position of subtitle in the video.
Ashish Khemka
on my Android Tv the app is absolute rubbish. Netflix is perfect. Prime doesn't stream, video and sound is out of sync. Sure it's cheap but if it wasn't for The Grand Tour it would be cancelled. Please fix.
Andrew Fairweather
I was expecting a Netflix experience , smooth , straight forward instead I got a mixture of pay to play films and prime members how thats different to prime video? video's i own? half my time is spent wondering what i can watch. take them away and the content is poop
Warren Tolley
1 star is too much.. Downloaded this app 4 times now, keeps on crashing. I reported it so many times, nothing happens.. The customer service only has one solution- could u please uninstall and then reinstall all the amazon app again.. and believe me i did this so many times.. Also y cant we cast Amazon.. Netflix is so much better. only reason i have amazon is 'cause netflix in India doesnt have The office. 1/0 stars..
Satya Choubey
Horrible. This app isn't nearly as good as netflix. They charge you for all the good movies, when I am already paying money for my subscription. I am sad to say that if you are looking for a subscription service, look into netflix or hulu instead.
Felix Slipak
No doubt there are plenty shows and movies with very few ads but the app isn't chromecast accessible, can't project videos from your phone onto your tv screen, too bad, real shame, hopefully they repair this in the near future.
Dalie Jacks
overall a wonderful app.. good collection.. fast streaming. good quality.. could add more of bollywood movies. one thing i missed is that when i went to india i couldnt play a lot of the american series and Hollywood movies even though mine is a UK subscription..
murtaza bootwala
A few good TV series and that is just about it. I subscribed for the Grand Tour and except some new seasons for a few tv shows that is just about it, nothing new in 3 years . The movie library is a joke and again nothing new in 3 years. And you get adds before what you want to watch starts. BUT THE REASON THIS DESERVES A BIG 0 STAR RATING IS NOT ONLY THE APP DOES NOT SUPPORT CHROMECAST CASTING, IT IS BLOCKED EVEN WHEN YOU MIRROR THE SCREEN, YOU GET THE AUDIO BUT THE APP BLOCKS THE SCREEN.
Bogdan George Leonte
Worst app I have ever used. Never had to clear data or re-install an app before. Done it dozens of times. Often crashes during download. Tried others wi-fi and have no issues with Netflix so I it's not trouble with my wi-fi. Only a few Prime shows/movies are worth watching. Others have reported same issues but they have done nothing. So we little reason to keep subscribing. Will cancel subscription soon if it keeps happening. Learn from Netflix.
Great experience while streaming all you need is good internet connection and a good quality display mobile. prime is cool app do download it for great enrertainment. The best part is no irritating adds in middle of the video which is streaming.
Shreyas Mulgund